Let's Brainstorm for a Good Solution to PVP

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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    I'd rather if they released it in its simplest form, and then work the problems out afterwards. Even if it has no rewards at first and they're introduced later. Better than causing such an outrage in the community :(

    Hear hear!

    on topic: I guess Blizz is gonna lean more to DOTA mechanics. I think balance is the main problem, not rewards...
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    Quote from Azidonis

    If the players need to inform Blizzard how to create PvP for their game, then the players should be getting paid for it, and the design team should lose its job, in my opinion.

    *not this*

    But close.... I would say blizzard's ego is too BIG to accept that "their design" has failed. Anything we say that could help the cause would either: drive them further in the wrong direction or get them to quit working on it all together. Instead of a "fiscal cliff" I call it the Blizzard Cliff....keep moving foward, sudden death surely awaits.... keep moving foward
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    Quote from GroentjeBE

    Hear hear!

    on topic: I guess Blizz is gonna lean more to DOTA mechanics. I think balance is the main problem, not rewards...

    Oh I very much hope this is the case. There have been some awesome ideas proposed here on the forums and DotA is one of the best. Get it done Blizz.
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    tbh i think blizzard is lazy and they hope that the PVP scene in diablo 3 will be driven by community. so they have nothing to do with it. We gave you duels now go make something out of it. And i would love to see a pvp only server for all regions. Without AH. or even paragon levels just start on lvl 60 and go. Something like wow tournament realms
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    Quote from Ashbinder

    Without AH. or even paragon levels just start on lvl 60 and go. Something like wow tournament realms

    Sorry but a fight between a lvl100 parangon DH vs a lvl1 parangon DH is way more balanced than a fight between a lucky DH using a 2 sockets manticore vs a DH using a good rare weapon.
    Parangon levels are very small upgrades (even 1 vs 100) compared to the gear.
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    I feel like there is a lack of incentive to continue playing after a while. Even though team deathmatches have the possibility of getting old, I still feel like it should be an option. I think it would be nice to be able to set up custom matches. Even something as simple as a time limit and a kill counter would be enough. Or being able to set gold and or gear wagers with your opponents. Part of what makes pvping fun is bragging rights and some good smack talk. When all parties can die endlessly and there is no way to really determine a winner it makes the pvp experience feel like its missing something. We know that balancing isnt really an option, but at least give the players some simple tools to help take their experience to another level without the balance. At this point I am really enjoying digging in and finding new skills and abilities that were useless in pve but are great in pvp, but the novelty of that coupled with no real incentives in dueling is going to make me lose interest relatively quickly I feel. I am definitely enjoying pvp atm. I hope that Blizzard adds just a few more simple pieces to make pvp continue to be fun for much longer than it looks like it will be at present.
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    PvP needs to be fattened. I know they have said they still wish to add weight to the PvP experience, but I feel we as a community could give them some suggestions. Here is a list of a few of my ideas. I would also like to see others ideas. Give me some constructive criticism of my ideas so they can be adapted to a better overall PvP experience.

    1.) The Obvious - More types of PvP. Free for all is fun, a lot of fun, but can get old fast with little rewards. Would also like to see a Capture the Treasure Goblin (Diablo version of Capture the Flag.) Arena matches with 1v1, 2v2, and 1v2, and 1v3. Another cool idea would be “Protecting My Zombie Family” from other players. The idea would be to try to kill other players zombies while keeping your zombies alive. Zombies would be elites so they don’t die when we look at them. Last Man Standing.

    2.) A Rewarding System - Many players will not PvP if there is no reward for it. D3 is about efficient use of time, PvP to them will be time wasted. So we need to create a reward system for them to that gets them interested without making current gears worthless. This will be complicated as we can see Jay Wilson and crew had a lot of trouble with this.

    2a.) We need a goal. Something to grind towards. I know some people just want to PvP, so for them we open a practice mode PvP that is set up like current 1.07 PTR. They get full access to all types of PvP without consequences. This would be a good place to try builds and strategies as well fight friends or coop with them. For the more serious PvPer on a mission for the godly loots, PvP Career mode. In PvP Career mode all characters start off with starter gear, but keep their stats and skills. This will give people with higher paragon skills a slight advantage, but more on that later.

    2b.) What happens to my farmed gear? Its still available for PvE and as the character gains experience in his/her career, some farmed gear will be able to migrate to PvP. I believe a good number for this to peak at would be 6 of the 13 slots can come from PvE experiences. Also some PvP gear, 6 of 13, will also be allowed to migrate to PvE gear set. This will allow those worried about wasted time from efficient farming the mindset that yes, I can get gear from PvP so this is not a total waste of my time.

    2c.) How do I obtain gear from PvP? The loser gets an amount of credit for the PvP armory, the winner gets slightly more credit for the Armory... Plus the ear of the loser and sometimes a piece of gear from the loser with the losers name engraved on it. (Example: Heyseus’ Lacuni Bracers.) Credits can be used to buy the equivalent of medium rare gear of the players level. Ears are used as trophies you can place in your PvP display or as payment to buy PvP legendaries. You must win to get PvP legendaries. PvP legendaries cost some armory credit plus a number of ears. The higher the PvP level of the former ear owner, the more the ear is worth and the less are needed for a PvP legendary item. Now what of that piece of gear that is sometimes dropped by the fallen PvPer? The loser keeps his gear, but receives a message that a piece of his gear is looted. The winner can mount gear in trophy room, equip it, or salvage it. Both for the winner and the loser, the piece of gear looted loses some of its stats and bonuses. Does this mean my godly legendary I farmed or bought from AH/RMAH and migrated to pvp gear degrades as well? Yes, yes it does. This helps remove items from stagnant economy. This also prevents people or bots from just joining games and allowing other players to kill them to quickly grind some PvP credit/experience. Looted gear is bound to account. Edit: After sleeping on this, to avoid people duping their gear too much even with decay from duping, looted gear can not be used in PvE and can only be used in 5 pvp matches. After that it disappears. So if you want to hang in trophy room or salvage it, use the item 4 times tops.

    3.) The Journey of PvP. Each class will start off in the classes starting point. For the first levels, you will only be able to fight the same class as you. As the character becomes more skilled at fighting and learns the tricks of the trade from others of the same class, he/she sets out to Caldeum for Arena. This is where the different types of team matchups take place. Protect My Zombie Family is outside of Tristram. Capture the Treasure Goblin in Act 3. As a player gains PvP experience, he unlocks the ability to use more powerful gear and unlocks the ability to migrate up to 6 pieces of gear. The most powerful gear will be equivalent to upper end PvE legendaries. The best farmed gear will be better than the best PvP gear however. You must win matches and ears to gain legendaries. Migration is not permanent and can be reversed. Any decay from gear being looted from PvP loss is permanent. Finally, the only way to advance is to kill. Each kill during a match gives you experience.

    4.)The look and the interface plus some restrictions. I think it would be nice to have a PvP hub (call it The Pub?) where many characters (more than 4, less than 100 can interact with each other. About the size of the chat channels is perfect but add visuals to each character. Important to size up potential opponents. In this hub, the armory is available. The ability to travel to any PvP zone including practice. A room off to the side is the players trophy room. Trophy room can be viewed through profile page as well. Profile page will have PvE and PvP tabs. In the Hub, the player has access to his PvP gear tab. The Hub is the only place the player can change his PvP gear or migrate gear from PvP to PvE or vice versa.
    4a.) There is no PvP stash. Only PvP credits and open gear slots to place gear. This is to prevent people from using PvP stash to hold their godly gears while they grind credits and PvP experience with crap gear. Migrated gear must be used or its passport is revoked. For example, won’t be able to keep your PvP gear in your PvE stash. PvE gear can not be turned in for PvP credits.

    4b.) Matches can be viewed in Hub. Up to 10 people can watch a match take place.

    5.) Joining a match. Players can join a match a number of ways. Speak with other players in Hub and set up a match. Compete with friends in a created match. Choose from a list of players waiting for an opponent that match their gear/ pvp level and paragon level. Create a game where the player waits for similarly geared players who are allowed to join. This list gives players who use the matchmaker system some control and freedom over who they choose to fight. Final option is to let the matchmaker automatically choose opponents.

    5a.) In the beginning players are only able to fight same class, however to curb the PvP balancing cries, players can choose to only fight their own class or exempt one class from opponents.

    5b.) Teams are able to be created from hub and can join team based combat.

    6.) Hardcore players take a knee at 10% health. Option of Fight to the Death is available.

    That is my current list of ideas. I’m sure many of you won’t read because its too long. That’s ok. This is a creative process. Its not for everyone. I would like to see some detailed responses. The good, the bad, and the ugly of my ideas. I would also like to see how you could expand on my ideas or come up with your own ideas that might work as well. I know that these are big ideas and would take a lot of work to implement and some time do so, but if we are going to dream, dream big and start from the top.

    Thank you for your time.
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