Diablo 3 an eSports?

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    Oh God no. That's all we need is for D3 to be balanced around PvP. I know another Blizzard game that tries to balance PvP and PvE, and you see how badly that works.

    Just, no. Leave Diablo 3 alone. If you want to PvP, fine. If you want to do it for some kind of glory or whatever, then play a different game.
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    In an interview with Jay Willson, he said over his dead body will this game become an ESport or in any way PvP dominated. He said Blizzard is happy with Starcraft being their ESport franchise, and Diablo is and always has been best in it's PvE element.

    While my opinion does not support this statement, this is just a direct quote from the man in the big chair.
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    Whhen I went to blizzcon with Jaco, we went through the d3 PvP line quit a bit. Not only is the gameplay extremely addictive (take my word for those who haven't played the PvP on it yet) but it's fast pace and very fun. With wow there is alot of micro management. Timers, mana, procs ect ect. With the d3 arena I felt like I could sit back, relax a little and COMPLETLY SMASH FACE. there were times where you had to clutch out or in, moments where you grit your teeth and all your muscles tense up. Not only does the gameplay style keep it fresh and exciting, but there are alot of underlying skills that you really have to pay attention to. Keeping health globes under your greedy control, watching cooldown timers (not only yours but your enemies). My point is, there are alot of aspects that are INSANELY fun about PvP, but there are also a ton of aspects that require skill, reflex, and attention to make it an eSport. I'm very confident that when it's released, it's going to catch fire and alot of people are going to demand blizzard to up the PvP presence. Alot of people haven't played it yet, they can only imagine and contemplate on their thoughts combined with others. But take it from someone who played this OVER AND OVER for 2 days. Your expectations will be met and more than likely exceeded.
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    I think it will become a good esport game simply because of the fact that its from blizzard^^ They know how to make games big in the esports genre! Arena will be the main source for this i think open world doesnt seem to work for that in my opinion.
    I dont think they will start to balance the normal game around pvp but arenas are definately going to be heavily tuned for that purpose.
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    While balance is important for eSports, the most important aspect is how fun it is to watch. Starcraft and League of Legends are very good for eSports are they are easy to follow even if you don't understand the advanced functions of the game. You can see tactics paying off and see how the momentum changes with a good assault or counter attack, or how someone sneaks in behind the defense and starts to wreck chaos, something an audience enjoys.

    How would this work for a fast action game like Diablo III? You might see two players charge in on each other, see some attack animations, lots of particle effects and how the HP drops. But can you see what is truly happening, what the players are thinking and if it's skill or luck that determines the winner?

    I am sure there will be a lot of YouTube videos and live-streams of PvP combat that the hardcore fans will enjoy, but I am unsure if Blizzard can make the game enjoyable to watch at a BarCraft or other event without making the game too slow or changing animations and effects too much.
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    Given that PvP is sepearate from PvE I think it would be inteesting if it was balanced for an E-sport. It would be a lot of fun. But they have said in no uncertain terms the will NOT balance it for E-sport because Diablo 3 is not meant to be an e-sport. Now that does not mean that it can't become an E-sport but that wont be kown until the game is released and we see how the PvP goes. I think it would be intersting as it woulb e unlike any E-sport out there. The only one close to it would be DOTA, but it would still be different because Diablo 3 PvP is much faster paced.
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    I think that now in диабло 3 balances won't be and it will be simple fun arena, but further with new addon or a patch, the arena can become a cyber sports as it was in wow
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    i actually dont think its gonna happen.What i totally believe in, are "Small" Community Events. Small Last man standing Tournaments or something. But who knows how the Dota mod or PvP in general turns out, maybe we like them so much that there will be indeed some kind of competitive gaming around D3
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    The lead designer of Diablo 3, Jay Wilson, mentioned in an interview that they are not planning to design D3 as an e-sports game.
    They definetly focus on PvE, so they will balance it as an PvE game. And its NOT possible to create a game, which is perfect in both, PvE and PvP.
    So PvP in Diablo will allways be just a fun mode. If you want a blizzard pure PvP game you will have to wait for the blizzard dota ;).
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    I know they are not planning on making it an eSports that is not what my topic is about. Would in not be fun to have a little more for the pvp. I know for a fact that they would do it (or at least try it) if there was enough people supporting it, I was there at Blizzcon I heard them. My topic is about how many people want it to be an eSport and why or why not.

    I do appreciate all of the constructive criticism and comments. It helps me know what people are thinking.
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    make it an esport without balancing the pvp. that would be sick.
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    Thank god this wont happen, the PVP will be kept light and wont dictate nerfs.
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    I would like to see d3 pvp growing slowly into e-sports. Even in d2 I seriously thought about it getting more competitive already. The existing leagues were decently organiced and balanced out the existing imbalance with rulesets (more or less ... ). It never happened though and I'm not sure if it will do in diablo 3.
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    I really like Diablo and yes it's not based on PvP, but would really be nice that once game is released with next expansion or something like that, we see much more balance and thoughts and work on PvP, i would really like to see that, i mean PvP is really fun thing to do, especially if they would put much thought/work in it and make many modes.
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    Hopefully never.
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    Seriously guys go watch Diablo3 panels from youtube you can have bunch of good information about the game from there, including answer to this topic.

    Someone asked if they wanted to support D3 to esport and so on, and Jay said that they will not, it will not be competitive like SC2 or into the whole esport scene.

    And i kinda agree there for this one since D3 is the kinda game you would need tons of balancing and all that gear farming for the best ones.
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    Maybe someday we will see diablo 3 in esports tournaments.Maybe some months after the release,the game will have a chance.
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    I am pretty sure Blizz will work on the PvP metagame a few patches after release.

    This will definitely be the case if all of a sudden one class totally dominates

    I think the best way to balance is to just mod skills when in arena -

    example: if the monk's heal allows him to top himself off every 15 seconds and it just proves too powerful they might add a 1min cooldown on powerful healing while in arena but keep it the same in pve
    am hoping they add some balancing (but only if one class really dominates) I am totally fine with a complete rock paper scissors - not every class should vbe able to beat their counter
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    I think balancing the skills just in the arena is a good idea. It would keep the PvE from being affected. Hopefully they look into it after the game comes out and if people don't like to pvp then they don't have to play it. And it is still not going to draw people away from the PvE part of the game because they still have to endlessly run through Inferno to get good gear.
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    Quote from CosmoBloodbane

    Someone pull me up and correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Blizzard stated that they arn't going to balance the classes around PvP?

    Yea, I believe so too. Jay mentioned that D3 provides so many character skills and so many different builds, it is impossible to balance them all. It's not SC2 - SC2 developers intentionally made their games smaller, to provide balance. Diablo 3 designers created very large game and they won't even attempt to balance it.
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