Make Boss Battles More Viable?

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    Just looking to get some feedback on what you guys think about this. I remember my first play-through of D3, and remember thinking, damn, these boss battles are fun!

    I also remember doing endless Baal/Cow/Diablo runs in D2 and still having fun, but being bored at the same time.

    They have spent a lot of time making the game about running whole acts at once, but I really feel that more emphasis in endgame should be about killing bosses.

    I know that killing ubers is a thing, but I have found the challenge to be frustrating and less than appeasing enough to run them over and over as I did in EQ, Diablo 2 and WoW...

    They put all that time into scripting fun boss fights... You know... Remember when you killed the Butcher on your first character after release. It was fun as fuck. Why not make it lucrative as well?

    I'm not saying make bot runs to bosses a thing, but why not make bosses drop shit worth your time? The whole "bosses drop the best gear in the game most frequently" model has been exceedingly successful for a long time, and I for one wouldn't mind seeing it make an appearance in Diablo again.

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    I wish bosses were a bit more engaging than they are presently. Seems like a Zerg-fest on inferno, perhaps I just don't play at a high enough MP, but there is no threat of dying. Now if the bosses were harder, I would agree that they should drop better gear.
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    I think if the bosses would drop better gear, we'd see a lot of bossruns. Whether that's a good thing or not is up for debate but I think they made a conscious decision to let the people farm the randomized elite and champion packs in the game instead for variation, because farming a set of bosses would bore people pretty fast.

    The best of both worlds would be to give the story bosses randomized abilities after normal difficulty as well, imho. On top of their programmed skills. It should not be too difficult to tap into the current elite/champion system I guess.
    And of course a better loot table that goes along with the difficulty and that will somewhat offset people running the bossfights all the time, after they're so much harder. But at the same time it will provide a true endgame.
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    It'd be really awesome if they made valor go passed 5 and added more things to use it for. Like for instance if valor went to 30 (or whatever is suitable for an entire act clear), and if you obtained that number valor and then killed the boss you got a guaranteed legendary, at least a really high chance 50% maybe?

    This could work well too with the loot runs if they added enough elites in those runs. I know they have a random boss at the end... Personally 15-20 sounds really short I'm surprised they didn't make them an hour or so...
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