Examples of Identify all, Multi-crafting and the Various Multiplayer Changes

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    Thank for this vid. All those new icons for multiplayer are quite nice. No one is quite communicative in co-op games anymore.... well..... no one was that communicative in Diablo 2 either.... all i can remember is: "PP", "TP pls", "Next Baal Run 023".... back on track!
    Those icons help a bit with the coordination of random parties, so it's just a thumb up.
    About auto crafts, i only find it usefull for gems, if you are one of those guys crafting them in huge chucks, but for blacksmith, i just check every single craft i do. I don't see myself letting good old Haedrig doing multiple craft at once while i take a sandwich! I want to see each one carefully and not waste further mats and gold if i got a great roll!
    And... Identify All, i almost forgot about that... Well.... a great quality of life improvement, nothing else to say. (Just.... wow.... a bit late to implement that, but better late than never).
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    Quote from overneathe

    Very nice Spinley, thanks a lot for your footage. :)

    Thanks again Overneathe! I was very excited to see my video posted on the front page! :D I'll post any other videos I make that are new and relevant on these forums as the feedback has been truly awesome.

    Edit: To follow up on your question;
    Quote from overneathe

    Hmmm... I was wondering. Have you had a legendary drop on the PTR? And if so... did it make the ID All cast longer?!

    It does NOT change the timer. I had a full inventory of rares with one set item in it and the cast timer was the same (about 4-5 seconds)
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