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    First time poster. I got scammed today (November 2).

    I dont use personal trades to buy my items because of scammers (got scammed way back on patch 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 when they were doing the gems stack switch), so since then I havent done any personal trades at all. This time it was for a belt, witching hour, luckly it was just 80m. The person (Notloc#1462 and maybe johanfenix#1656) put the right item, I checked it, put my money in there and after the few seconds delay I hit accept. It seems that I should have checked AFTER I put my gold in, oooops.

    My issue is this, Blizzard doesnt take any responsability for scammer, which I understand, but dont tell me that there arent steps they can take to help it prevent it, much like they did with the 1-2 seconds delay on trade chat. For example, a visual effect and/or sound when an item is being replaced on the trade window, or when the gold ammount has been changed (as to protect both parties).

    In every patch Blizzard fixes dozens of issues, including some animations and visual effect, how hard would it be to add simple changes like the one suggested when it could help fix one of the biggest issues in the game today.

    Economy is a big part of Diablo, and one I enjoy a lot, however I miss on a big part of it (player to player trade) because of the distrust that system inspires.

    Any thoughts?
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    It would be too easy to implement, and games like Entropia Universe has it already:

    1. After putting items/money, players will click "ready to trade", if one player changes an item the box will be unchecked again for the other player.

    2. When both players have clicked ready to trade, open a new dialog displaying what items will be traded where nothing can be changed and both players have to either accept or cancel.
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    It would be nice to have one more step to trades. Can't see why there would be any argument against it. Sorry to the OP for seeing these scams take place. Players who take advantage of other players degrade the game in a way that is reprehensible. Hope Blizzard acts on this type of behavior.
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    I used to play D2 as a kid, so I learnt all about being scammed the hard way. I never make any assumptions anymore, and always double check what I'm doing.
    There's no rush when it comes to trading, and if the other guy is pushing you to hurry up, all the better reason to be weary.
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    A guy tried to scam me like 10 minutes ago but it was obvious, he changed the IK belt he was offering which had 190+ str / 70+ vit / 80 all res for some crappy one with crap stats, but i caught him and was just like "dude you cant use these old tricks on me, i come from D2 mofucka!" lol not really but yeah.

    I am guilty of scamming someone back in d2, he thought im giving him anni but it was just a meph soulstone xD

    Damn, thats a classic. Luckily it was only for like 1 high rune so the guy didnt commit suicide i promise you guys.

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    Back in D2 I had a dubious scammer on my F/L. I wasn't too keen on him and had meant to remove him after hearing some of his comments.

    One evening he messages me frantically, wanting me to park in a game with him while he transferred some gear. He starts throwing an unbelievable amount of godly items on the ground using some other account. He quickly tells me he had stolen the account by pulling one of the oldest tricks in the book. He was in game and asked some random what his character rating was. The guy responded "?". He told the fella to type rating /* account name password

    Of course the poor saps account name and pass flashed across the screen and my "friend made a note of it and logged in to steal this guys items. As if by divine intervention, he got DC'd after dropping everything and I helped myself to the loot. I later messaged the victim and gave his goods back. As a reward I was given 2 near perf EbotD's and some other loot. The guy became one of my best D2 friends for years.

    I am proud to report I've never scammed anyone.
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    Scammers are everywhere :/ D2 D3 WoW
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    Personally I think adding two layers of confirmation would solve trade scams. You both put up items / gold, and 'lock' them in. Then the next step would be to confirm trade. Switching items or changing values of good would require the player to 'unlock' the item or gold thus blocking any actual trading until its been locked again. A simple graphic notifying players when the trade has been unlocked would do wonders.

    ^ YouTube.Com/IceBleuGaming ! It's a thing! Check it oooout!
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