INSANE legendary drop rate?!

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    I found 2 on SC and 2 on HC all in about 40 hours of gaming, next to no MF (maybe 30% at best, idk), I've played about 200 hours total (you can check the total time in my profile, do the math if you care)- only found 1 before patch 1.0.4. Legendary spear (The Threehundredth Spear) got me though A4 inferno with little difficulty, still struggle a bit with ponies. HC char is still alive A2 nightmare- noticed game is better (though easier) with better drops. All in all I think the difficulty is about right now- for those that disagree I'd strongly recommend hardcore before you talk crap. Patch 1.0.4 brought the game more in-line with D2, all in all I still can't understand why the game wasn't released this way in the first place (other than the now blatantly obvious cashgrab). I think rares and legendaries are better balanced now (legendaries were never OP they just have unique abilities- I still think they can gimp a set overall and have no idea why ppl blow as much as they do on them- I'm wearing better rares I bought for 300k than legendaries I've seen on sale for 30m).

    TL;DR Well, I'm glad I didn't spend a dime on the RMAH ;)

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    paragon 57 + 100mf, 15 since 1.0.4
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    Quote from sssdrawr

    paragon 57 + 100mf, 15 since 1.0.4

    Shit, now bots are posting on the forums.
    "When I die, bury me inside da booty club."
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    Paragon 19 + 300%MF. 12 legendaries found, all crap.
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    I had one on my second day and after that I had no luck at all :(
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    bout 10 so far, found both set rings (Wailing Host + Litany of Undaunted)

    The rest have been weapons, like windforce, polearms swords, waiting to find some legendary armor tbh,.. But i get a legendary every second run of act III

    paragon 17, 331 MF with 5 stacks.

    Our last act III run, every single person picked up a legendary. 3 players. Seems like a retarded drop rate to me.. The Ah is choked with good quality items right now, if this keeps up prices will plumet pretty quickly i'd imagine.
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    Quote from sssdrawr

    paragon 57 + 100mf, 15 since 1.0.4

    how can one person be Lvl 57 just a few days after the release of paragon levels?!

    Really dude, go outside, its summer :P
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    Paragon lvl 5. Found 2 legendaries yesterday in a single run. I'm running with 190 base MF.
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    Popcorn lvl 7. 120mf with stacks. no legendary. and i dont expect it for like 50 more popcorn levels.
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    I have found fair amount of legendaries before patch 1.0.4 but I was only using MF set for roughly 2 weeks before the patch. Im now running full-MF set that started at 220 MF baseline and was steadily increasing as I gained more Paragon levels and purchased some more gear with MF (for the last few pieces that did not have it). I'm now running Act3 with 255MF baseline and 80k DPS without buffs. The quality of items (ilvls) and experience is so much better than Act2 there is no turning back.

    I have found 7 legendary items, of which 3 were found in Act2 and 4 in Act3. Those worth mentioning were: (1) well rolled Depth Diggers' pants, (2) Sun Keeper mace with above average rolls, (3) Hellcat Waistguard belt with usable rolls and just this morning (4) Empyrean Messenger with above average rolls but nobody will use it unless desperately in need of All resistances buff.

    Looking only at Act3, I tend to get 1 legendary per 2-3 days of playing. This means 4 to 6 (maybe even 7) full Act3 clears for 1 legendary. That is not bad but still lots of time in between drops. On the other hands, experience gains are good and rare drops are plenty.
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    Popcorn lvl 7 ( :P nice - i think i'll stick with this one) and actually for the last 5 days i got 1 legendary/act 3 run. that is 110 base MF. too bad i only have/had time for 1 run a day. but the downside is that all the legendary i got so far are crap/non usable.
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    Quote from MXDoener13

    Quote from sssdrawr

    paragon 57 + 100mf, 15 since 1.0.4

    how can one person be Lvl 57 just a few days after the release of paragon levels?!

    Really dude, go outside, its summer :P

    maybe he is from australia :)

    anyhow - probably insane damage, speed, sprint build, xp gem, xp on follower, full nv, all day playing, etc, etc...
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    I found 1 low level chest I use for my alts when leveling pre-patch.
    0 post patch.. Paragon level 5, but just running Act 1, too scared to go to act 2 since I'm playing Hardcore style.

    Need some upgrades before I start doing act 2 ;-)
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    Leveling to 10 paragon doing my usual elite farming route has yielded me 1 legendary so far, a level 54 DH item with lots of useless Int. :P So either OP is incredibly lucky or I am incredibly unlucky. Should note I run with about 250% MF.
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    I got 4 since 1.0.4 with 0% MF, only my paragon levels (7 atm) and 5 stacks of NV. Got 2 stormshields one night from Act3, and Bulkathos ring and Butcher sickle one night from Act 2. But some of my friends say they're not so lucky, so it could be RNG or they icnrease it.
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    drop rate is pretty low for me
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    finally I got my first legendary post 1.04, a decent rolled stormshield for my barbarian friend
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    Some ppl are lucky.. and im not. I have maybe 500 hours played and i have found 2 very crappy legendarys. Now at paragon lvl9 and havent found any legendarys since patch. Blah!
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    Nothink for me post patch. Plvl 10 atm and stacks = 330%mf, running full act3 with 2 friends. All we have is one set wand :) We are may be unlucky
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    Paragon 15, I've found fucking ONE legendary. This is bs, everyone else is finding tons of em. It must be my barbarian got bad luck or something.
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