INSANE legendary drop rate?!

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    just hit lvl 13. and nothing -.-
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    The first day I played since the patch - legendary butchers sickle. Thought to myself awesome I got really lucky =) That was yesterday lol. Today, with 4 stacks of NV and only Plvl 2, just found pus spitter. I'm thinkin yea drop rates are awesome now =P
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    screw my luck, ive done at least 10 act 1 runs with 230 BASE mf and havent seen a single legendary, and pre patch i probably logged 30+ hours of play time before i saw one.
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    Quote from egg3rs

    screw my luck, ive done at least 10 act 1 runs with 230 BASE mf and havent seen a single legendary, and pre patch i probably logged 30+ hours of play time before i saw one.

    Just found Lacuni Prowlers =D terrible roll thoughlol
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    The drops arnt any better ive logged like 300hrs and only gotten 1 ledgendary and im paragon lvl 7
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    I got 2 legendary since the new Paragon patch, Hellrack and barb waist ilvl 58 nothing special. I think drop rate of legendarys is the same as it was before.
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    With paragon 3/3/4 levels on my characters, on act1 runs, with 127/225/130 mf no legendary found since the 1.0.4 patch
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    nothing really special happaned man, i have days with 2-3 leg/sets and than month with nothing - so just you lucky bastard =]
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    I actually found my first legendary-quality item after the patch. (Cruddy GF gloves, if anyone was curious.) Sooo... yeah, not enough evidence one way or the other for me. :(

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    Just hit level 15 i have 210% unbuffed MF, 0 legendaries or sets since the patch
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    2 legendaries / 6 runs, before patch averaged at 1 per run so dunno, imo definetly not increased.
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    Last Legendary i saw was about a month before the patch. Now at Plvl 9 i have not seen ANY Legendary or set drops. Maybe someone can post some areas in act 3 where theres a good place to start a run.
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    My legendary finding has come to a halt.

    It was fun while it lasted.
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    3 crappy legendaries in one act 2 run, plevel 6, with about 125% magic find total:

    The Tormentor (~850 dps)
    Xephirian Amulet (high mf/gf, other stats sucked)
    Izzuccob (low level)

    My mate I was playing with has never even seen a legendary drop for him. :P Just lovely.
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    You're fortunate. I've yet to find one this patch. Prior, I only found one set of gloves.
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    i think it was luck, the more time you play the more chance u get to drop a legendary, i only got 1 so far since i started player, but people say that A3 is the best farming area in the hole game... Good luck to all!
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    never found legendaries in act3 and now found 3. skorn, a bad 1 handed bow and grandfather twohander.. overal seeing as its been a while since i saw a legendary, droprate seems higher for me.

    could be that now legendaries are better they might more often in act3 while when they sucked they dropped more in act1 being lower ilevel and all..

    overal set pieces seem more legendary then legendaries, only 1 ever in all time played. Always seem to get alot of good stuff in the keep and up to azmodan. there so many mobs there, that u just seem higher chance for a recipe or stuff to drop since your killing so many at a time.. whenever i started farming act3 its keep level1 till azmodan that dropped the goodies.. goblins, chests, lotsa mobs, so
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    Paragon 16 and nothing yet. Before the patch, I got 2-4 legendaries by the time I'd fill my stash with items - consistently. So just a horrible run of probability so far.
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    yeah I was getting them like crazy the first few days but then after servers went down the other morning i have not seen one. idk if it is luck or if they nerfed the drops.
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    Wasn't having much luck but put in 15 hours this weekend farming A3, 300 MF and...

    Balefire caster 
    Pus spitter
    Danetta's spite (sold for 12 mil)
    The tormentor 
    Flint ripper arrowheads 
    Zunimassa's Marrow (sold for 60 mil)
    Tal Rasha's allegiance
    Tal Rasha's relentless pursuit 
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