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    There have been a mind-numbing amount of people in the community saying that this game lacks the customization of Diablo II. Sidestepping ignorance, I would like to present you with an example of ONE spell from Diablo III and it's many applications compared to ONE spell from Diablo II and it's... limited applications.


    In the right corner, weighing in at 500 lbs, representing Diablo III, we have:

    Arcane Orb
    Costs 35 Arcane Power
    Hurl an orb of pure energy that explodes when it hits, dealing 250% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies within 10 yards.

    In the left corner, weighing in at 98 lbs, representing Diablo II, we have:

    Frozen Orb
    Cost x Mana
    A pulsating orb that shreds an area with ice bolts. (Basically an orb of frost would shoot out straight that pierced through enemies while spinning around hurling ice spikes at other enemies in a 360 degree radius- it was totally cool.)

    So, say it's 2012, you have just gotten your hand on Diablo III (inb4 2014 joke), and you have made your Wizard. You play a variety of ways: solo, with friends, hardcore, and PvP.

    Without a rune, Arcane Orb serves as a solid leveling tool in the early stages of the game. It provides high damage and a small AoE that is efficient on early mobs.

    Frozen Orb stays the same.

    Now you are level 60, you have unlocked every rune for Arcane Orb, and it's time to solo. You want a solid AoE ability that you don't have to stand in the middle of enemies to use because maybe you haven't focused on armor spells (or maybe you have?) so you use the first rune:

    Arcane Nova
    Modify the orb to deal 250% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies within 20 yards.

    The damage stays the same- high- and the AoE increases DRAMATICALLY giving you a MUCH better long range AoE ability so you can clear monsters faster while you farm for items.

    Frozen Orb stays the same.

    Then you reach a boss and you decide you like the damage that Arcane Orb causes but not the high arcane power cost. Since you have some decent ap regeneration, you decide to go with:

    Tap the Source
    Reduces casting cost to 23 Arcane Power.

    Now you have a much more spammable version of the spell that can be cast after even less time of being out of arcane power, making those last minute casts to kill the boss before he kills you clutch.

    Frozen Orb stays the same.

    Then your buddies say, "Hey, wanna do some arena?" So you say sure and decide to change up Arcane Orb yet again. You go with:

    Increase the damage of the explosion to deal 325% weapon damage as Arcane.

    Now it may cost the normal amount again, but you have increased it's damage by 75%. You have become the killing blow leader of your team. The enemy cries in fright as they see your freight train of an ability racing towards their face. You can nuke down players in record time with this skill.

    Frozen Orb stays the same.

    Some time has passed and you have made some changes. You are trying on the melee Wizard for size and you have found great use in:

    Arcane Orbit
    Create 4 Arcane Orbs that orbit you, exploding for 100% weapon damage as Arcane when enemies get close.

    Sure you may have lost 150% of the damage, but now you have an offensive shield that does extra damage to the enemies you are most likely attacking with Spectral Blade. In PvP it even works as a quasi thorns ability.

    Frozen Orb stays the same.

    You are deep within the bowels of Hardcore. You are on inferno. You and some of your buddies are going to CAREFULLY attempt the narrow corridors and room openings in this particular act. Everyone has chosen a specialty- DH on snares and slows, Barb on distractions, Monk on mantras and back-up heals, and you on finding a way to soften up those hallways and doorways, so you pick:

    Celestial Orb
    The orb will pierce through targets, damaging any enemy it passes through.

    Now they let you peak down hallways so you can fire off a few of these bad boys down the hall so the orb can pass through every enemy in it's path while dealing damage so everyone else, including you, can charge in and mop up all the monsters once they have lower HP.

    Frozen Orb stays the same.


    Ladies and gentlemen, this is ONE spell of ONE class in Diablo III that provided FIVE uses for FIVE scenarios. And those scenarios aren't the only scenarios that these runes will be useful for. There are countless more scenarios we aren't even aware of yet because we haven't played the full game. AND some of the scenarios are I presented are interchangeable with the runes I presented.

    Every spell in Diablo II provided ONE use per spell.

    If every spell in Diablo III provides FIVE uses per spell, you tell me: Which game has more customization?

    Oh, and didn't I mention how passive abilities could effect this?

    No, I didn't.


    Math is math, numbers don't lie. Stop living in nostalgia world and please see what is right in front of you: massive customization.
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    Let's hide under the rug that Frozen Orb was one of the best slow spells in the game, covered the whole screen and did piercing aoe damage with an intensitity peak on where it exploded.
    So roles of Frozen Orb:
    - CC
    - moderate damage on the whole screen
    - large damage in one central point
    - pierces through enemies.

    Uhm... that's 4 effects and it takes skill to use them all properly.
    Arcane orb only has 1 effect per rune.

    so cool story bro.
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    By the way, I think Arcane Orbit creates 4 orbs each dealing 100% weapon damage, so that's like 400% damage if a Monk tries to jump to you. I don't believe they would nerf a skill (in the sense that it loses range and AoE) and still decrease its damage.

    I get your point, but of all the spells you've had to choose Frozen Orb (one of the coolest and most versatile spells of the game, like ^ he said ^), but we get your point. Try doing the same with a Barbarian passive or Leap (just Leap, no Leap attack) or a comparison between Fireball and Magic Missile, or even one arrow ability of a Bowazon and Hungering Arrow's variations.

    Still, I think we all get the point.
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