Navigator at CATHEDRAL LEVEL 4 before?

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    As soon as D3 was available again after patch 13, I chose a female wizard and went through the game to CATHEDRAL LEVEL 4. While I hoped to find the right and short way to the next destination, THE ROYAL CRYPTS, A yellow arrow at the mini map came to my sight. I believed it would lead to the next place wondering if it had been in before or not. Was the navigation feature at CATHEDRAL LEVEL 4 before? I remember it was not there before. Am I right? So I have mixed feeling playing the rest of the game. The yellow guide looks helpful at the floor because the map is the most complicated one in D3 beta until users get used to it. At the same I feel users have lost a chance to develop their abilities to find a shortcut to the next destination in complex maps like CATHEDRAL LEVEL 4. What do you think of this? By the way, the yellow arrow does not always seem to appear at the floor. I guess there are some requirements for that.

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    Didn't think anything of it before, but yea... I noticed the arrow while in the cathedral too and i'm pretty sure it wasn't there.

    Now, I actually kind of like the arrow.. and the funny thing is, it's because I will know where the exit is and I will be going in the OPPOSITE direction in order to explore :)
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    Quote from KageKaze

    I will be going in the OPPOSITE direction in order to explore :)
    I thought the feature would make the beta much easier. There are some players who think that is a bug because the yellow arrow appears at the floor sometimes. At this point, I am not sure if that is a bug or a new feature.
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    i agree! its kinda cool!
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    Its one of those things added in for the casuals who get lost and frustrated, should be a feature to turn it off imo.
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    Wow really? Casuals were getting lost in Cath level 4? God help them with the rest of the game then.

    All this will do is promote the stupid zerg rush to the SK and other end objectives. I HATED that while grouping with people in the beta. everyone just runs right for the SK. Whats the point?
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    Just thinking here since you mention (or at least imply) that it was your first after the patch, could this be related to the fact that the patch reset chars and you were doing the level for the "first" time for your account?

    I seem to remember a similar thing happening the first time I ran this level on my friends account, but didn't see it again since then, and haven't played post-patch so can't say one way or the other.

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    Guys, let's not judge the feature/system (as some are already doing by taking potshots at casual gamers) before we know if it's indeed a feature, or a beta bug. And even when we find that out, let's see what the devs have to say about this.

    If this becomes a flaming only thread (instead of a good one to find out how that works and if it's an implemented feature, and discuss whether it's a good change), it will be closed.
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