Possibly providing new quests?

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    Is there any chance for Blizzard to add new quests to the current D3 beta test?

    What about in the past? O_O
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    no sir. The beta is not to test in game content, as they have been doing that internally for almost 2 years. The beta is almost solely for their servers. As such, they won't add anything new =P Which of course isn't bad imo, I want as much fresh as possible.
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    No, the next quest they said is a massive part of the story, Which they want to keep a surprise for live.

    We def will not see new quests. ( feel free to see datamined info for next quest and why we won't see it)
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    Right after Skeleton King you find out what actually is the fallen star, which would be too spoilerish, so no more quests in beta. I doubt they would add new ones even if it wasnt spoiler, they just want to release the game.
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    I think the only content they might possibly add in the beta is pvp arenas (for the porpuss of testing the match making system in massive scale).

    I'm not saying they will (and I'm not starting a rumor!). I'm just saying, if they would put more content in the beta (theres no reason to think they will) i guess they would put Arena.
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