I need some help with my Wizard!

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    Here is my wizard:


    I'm currently playing in Inferno Mode mp1 and I have difficulty in keeping him alive!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Looking at your build, it looks like you're trying to do 2 things, kite, and Archon. I would recommend you pick one strat and focus on that.

    Your dps might be a little low to sustain Archon, and for progression Archon might not be the best option, but if you want to try that you should drop Hydra and Arcane orb for Magic Weapon and Sparkflint. I recommend the Blood Magic rune on MW for some life steal. I'd swap to the teleport glyph on Archon, and swap DS to teleport fracture for survivability outside Archon form.

    A kite oriented spec might work out slightly better for progression, and in that cast I'd drop Archon for Teleport, switch the hydra to Arcane, and drop galv ward for temporal flux.

    In general, if you're dying a lot, then you need to do a combination of changing strategy to avoid dying or utilizing more defensive skills that will help prevent deaths. Also, you seem to be a bit light on life regen, as I only see one piece with life regen, a little LoH from your helm, and the regen from Galv Ward. For kiting specs, life regen is very useful. For Archon builds, Life Steal is used more, since you can facetank elites in Archon form with sufficient dps, life steal, and defensive stats.
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    Thank you so much. I will follow your suggestions and inform how it goes!
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    I think you need to buy Skorn...its cheap DPS boost now! It will help. You also can sell your Tal Rasha offhad buy better helm and gloves.

    I think its better to be glass cannon first....you will farm faster and get more items....after that (when you have some hundreds of millions) you can buy more defensive stats (like allres).

    P.S. Ive got my old Skorn...its really good.... PM me if you want!
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    Thanks for your answer. I pmed you!
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    please help needed,too. I am fresh new wizard also. My profile is eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sophiemj-2745/hero/4143043 . All money spend to fix her armor now farming to get some gold. Ty in advance.
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    Hey Man

    Well, I am only a casual gamer, but as far as I can tell my gear is worse than yours. I am able to farm MP3, with deaths only to horrid affixes like mortar and fast/firechains. Been playing on MP2 lately with little trouble. Things take a while to kill, but they do die, before me. So I can agree that it is probably your build which is hurting you, and that your gear is good enough for MP1 (or even 3).

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    Thnxs mate I thought it is mainly of my weapon with no socket on, is true maybe the build is wrong i go change it and let you know, thank you ! Yea up to mp 3, 2 is good too, is more than enough for me !
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    Hey, I'm just going to use this topic because making another one seems redundant.

    I'd like some help with what pieces I should upgrade and what I should be looking for.

    My budget is pretty low I currently have just around 5m. I have a pair of Lacuni's in the bank, but they are overall worse than the current bracers and it seems I need the crit on them, but I would like the additional 12% MS from another slot.

    I don't have a goal as such I just want to get stronger, I can currently farm MP3 with very few deaths (reflect dmg -.-) and without falling out of archon to often. I'm mostly just looking for some goals to aim for that are within reach, don't think I will ever have the time to be able to spend 100m+ :P
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    I need some advice,too I keep on dying easily mp1 and 2,changed build to blizz seems better but still when touched I drop. Is it my low armor, little life regen or low res ?
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    You can only get the 12% movement speed from Tyrael's Might, Inna's Temperance or Lacuni Prowlers. Inna's Temperance has some crit chance and attack speed so they're a good choice but on EU auction house they're usually for 15mil + unless you're lucky. Lacuni Prowlers are the best choice even if you lose out on some crit it will make your runs go quicker overall and you can then afford some with crit which cost at least 43mil on EU as an example.
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    @ SophieMJ - I used a Hydra/Kite spec for a very long time, and know it pretty well. First as a disclaimer, now that inferno is easier, Hydra kite is not optimal at all. And you will be much better off learning how to be a CM Wiz. But you will need to redo a lot of your gear, 45% crit and 17+ APOC. (You can get away with little to no APOC if you run LL instead of ET)

    If you do want to keep using your hydra kite build, it is very good for survivability and progression. Here are a few tips:

    1) Don't use Living Lightning. It requires you to be too close to the mobs. you will really struggle with fast or teleport mobs. Use either Magic Missile - Penetrating Blast or Shock Pulse - Piercing orbs. Both of those have much longer ranges, and you will be able to kite much easier. You will nearly never be hit if you kire correctly.

    2) Replace Blizzard rune with Snowbound. You will be able to spem blizzard, and this is key for the hardest packs (teleport or fast) so you can keep 100% uptime on your blizzard slow. Hydra kite is all about keeping mobs in blizzard as your hydra blasts mobs and you throw Orbs at them.

    2a) Use Astral Presence instead of CM. CM doesnt help you much with this spec honestly. The hardest packs you will be moving constantly anyway and not getting many hits in. So the times you really need it it's not being used. Astral presence will allow you to keep blizzards casting as you kite away.

    3) Learn to use Teleport - Fracture as your defensive. It can beat any affix combo when running a kite build. The combined CC break with the images to distract is very powerful, just takes some time to get used to.

    3a) Optional - Use Illusionist instead of Galv Ward. This depends on your playstyle and how often you get hit. This is key if you find urself teleporting then getting jailored while teleport is on CD. When that happens, just spam teleport, when a mob hits u once, ur tele will reset and you can teleport away. Very useful against a wide variety of packs (specifically the ones that cause problems to hydra kites, fast teleport, vortex, waller, jailor.

    4) Use force weapon instead of Blood Magic, a hydra kite doesnt do enough damage for blood magic to help. Especially since the times you need it, you will be more focused on kiting away then doing damage.

    5) Use Cold-Blooded instead of Galv Ward - if you kite properly, mobs will be in Blizzard 90% of the time or more. 20% more damage makes a huge difference. (Other options are illusionist or evocation, don't use blur or temporal flux. You won't get hit often, and blizzard slow over-writes temp. flux anyway.) You can also replace glass cannon with any of these as well, depending on how much damage your doing. Remember GC reduces your defenses quite a bit.

    6) Get more resist. The rest of your gear looks fine. But your resists are way too low. Try for at least 350-400 before Prismatic Armor. You will see a huge difference.

    Recommended Build:

    If this isnt working, try using Diamond Skin instead of Magic Weapon until you get used to using teleport.
    Also, try this in a lower MP at first to get the hang of it. Alls you do is lay Blizzard in the path of mobs as they run at you, drop hydra, and when time allows, turn and throw an orb or 2 then run. Blizz and Hydra can pretty much kill everything, so Orbs is not priority. The better you get at it obviously though, the more orbs you can throw and the faster stuff dies.

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    Thank you friend for your effort and great advice,I will let you know of my progress !
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    Looking forward to hearing if I helped :)
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    Reporting from battlefront First I explain that I am no pro player and not young as many people here who have fast fingers . I am a total disaster at kitting build, hate it, I get panicked with elites and teleport lousy Athinamj my friend above loves it, I 've always been more tankie type of player. So we move to critical mass. I raised defences resistances about 635-756, hp to 35941, life regen to 1292, life on hit 1334, dps 65958.Adore freezing and bombing problem is if I stay too long close ofcourse again I drop, poison from trees is totally lethal, as also I can get jailed in small dungeons where the space to run is small. My wd on the other hand, from which I took much of the gear, is almost invincible with way less resistances for him life on hit does the trick.Got me a hat with 67 res on but drops both hp and dps about 5k each so I am not using it.Check my profile is not yet fully updated but you can see most of the stats. I used the critical mass build of Nmitty posted here few days ago. I think the problem is resistances mainly. Got lucky and had a wonderful strong amulet drop with my wd which I wear it with tons of int,vit and 93% crit ! I can raise attack speed more if I drop some res from bracers and wear my lacuni ones, my gloves as also I have a slorak's madness wand with more attack speed and crits but with no life on hit I will try now Diamond Shards instead of Crystal Shell and Evocation instead of Cold blooded rune. Have to play with skills a bit.
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    If you're more the tankie type of player, you should definitely go with CMWW. There are offensive and defensive CMWW builds - if you find yourself dying too often, go for the defensive spec: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VhXQYO!Zbg!YcaZZc

    Two of your passives are about damage, but if you're a tank your number one priority is to stay alive and have a good stunlock ;-) Also, teleport is a great defensive spell to escape things that you're afraid of, like poison tree. It also allows you to quickly run through levels (3-4 quick teleports in one second with the wormhole rune, then cast some WWs on mobs to reduce cooldown, teleport again...)

    I don't think your gear has updated yet, but do you have two pieces of APoC? Your life, allres, LoH is fine; dps is not number one priority. Right now it seems your armor is very low, and as you said you probably want some more attack speed if you feel uncomfortable. What you could ditch is the life regen - but it's a personal flavor, if you have that much you might feel that it's really good. I personally like to trade this stat against some more effective EHP like armor, life, allres.
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    Thank you I go check those changes, forgive my noobness what is APoC and EHP I know hp BUT NOT ehp, Yes I do prefer to stay alive and kill slow, freeze them to death, than run in panic and try to kill fast, I enjoy more seeing them explode around me!I think I should change the left ring with one with armor and attack speed and some intellect/vit, drop some dps and become more defensive.Is movement speed necessary ?I think armory got updated now. If I drop life regen I can use tal rasha head better with some dex on and tal rasha orbit but lower dps ?
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    My personal opinion: movement speed is not necessary. Teleport with Wormhole rune and a few WW casts on some mobs to reduce the cooldown will allow you to cross whole levels in a few seconds.

    APoC stands for "arcane power on crit", EHP for "effective health pool", i.e., it takes not only life but other stats such as armor and resistances into account. Here's some basic information: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6933915251 - to see your EHP you want to use a spreadsheet (see Loroese's sig) or another tool like d3up.com.

    For more abbreviations see http://www.diablofans.com/topic/77606-diablo-iii-urbandictionary/
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    Thank you, you save me !At last now I can understand the abbreviations ! :kiss: Go to study !
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    At last I survived the big bulls !Thank you I move on on more vicious creatures I raised my armor more and is way better even with lower life on hit as I try my Slorak's madness for good attack speed, even if it is low 805.
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