WD Build focused around Sacrifice

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    Okay, the idea of this build has been attracting my attention more then any other build for me and yes a few people have suggested similar builds revolving around the Skill Sacrifice.

    I'd like to call this one 'Sacrificial Lambs'. This is an end game build and I'm curious at what point during the game it would be capable of being used. Because its focused towards endgame and runes only show rank 4 percentages and equipment is unknown for the end game it is subject to changes once the game is actually released.

    Basically the whole point of the build revolves around dealing a major chunk of your damage through Sacrifice. As a part of this I take anything that will increase the amount of Zombie Dogs spawned or the amount of Sacrifices performed. Due to this, staying within 12-8 yards is necessary and through this.. staying alive.

    In the build I've considered the need for the following: Mana Regen, Crowd Control, Single Target Damage, Damage Reduction, Damage Modifier, Minor Health Regen, and a Meat Shield with a DoT.

    Priority of skills and their effects:
    # Dogs being Sacrificed > Killing the Leftovers > Health and Mana > Boosting Damage of Dogs and other Spells

    Current Concerns and Thoughts over the Build:
    Consistent Damage output for single target and bosses.
    How much could the build benefit by gaining some items with + to Gold Pickup Radius.
    Big killer combo would be to gather a large group of mobs.. Mass Confusion, run in Soul Harvest, and then Sacrifice Spam.
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