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    So I've reached Inferno and have pretty much found a build I really like to use... there is just one skill slot that is still up for grabs.

    Here is what I have: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#W.YXgk!YdZ!Z.cbac

    I've been switching mainly between Sweeping Wind/Blade Storm and SSS/Sustained Attack. But I also liked using Dashing Strike/Quicksilver a lot, especially against bosses. Also, Mystic Ally/Earth or Air Ally seem to be awesome additions to my build.

    Dash for the extra mobility, closing in on targets, getting away from mobs, etc.
    SSS for burst damage and the invulnerability.
    SW is my favorite for the constant damage.
    The Allies are great and I'm always torn between them. Air has Sweeping Wind and can recover spirit, so damage and regen, but Earth gives me sorely needed HP and some beefy tanking quality.

    Not a home right now so stats are probably a bit off:
    21k HP
    10.3k dps (unbuffed)
    3.5k armor (with Seize the Initiative.. yeah horrible, but not a gear thread so forget it)
    2.61 AS (and loving it)
    ~40% dodge
    ~400 LoH (leftover stats on gear, not relying on it whatsoever)

    And that's all I remember... also, I dual wield.

    TL'DR: check my build and tell me, if you want to, which skill would you prefer to close out my build.

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    Sweeping Wind. Many of the runes work great (I like Firestorm for the increased range). Its very good passive area damage that is not hard at all to maintain.

    I know you said not to go to gear, but, that ~400 LOH that you are calling a throw away stat is probably keeping you alive more than almost any of your other stats =) Especially if you are dual wielding. Don't be too quick to give it up!
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    I'm not taking it for granted, just trying not to rely on it. I have lower quality gear that gets me near 1k LoH, but that slows the kills too much. I am definitely going for that nice LoH number but with better gear.

    Thanks for the input. I've used Firestorm for a while, the added radius was very nice, but that extra damage from Blade Storm won out eventually. Firestorm is visually more appealing though, looks awesome.
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    fire storm because some bosses are so big, that it's hard to get into bladestorm's range... Really was a problem with azmodan for me.

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