Making a new Barb need advice

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    First of all I am outright stating I will never play WW/Sprint even if they remove every other ability in the game. I dont care how good it is and if it can clear all of Act 3 in 15 minutes while I eat pizza and watch TV. To me a Barb is like the Berserker class from Everquest. I wanna swing a big ass weapon and cave in faces. Dancing around like a girly, sissyman-ballerina pooping out tornadoes is NOT a Barb. When I think of Barbs I think of Conan punching that camel out like no big deal. Not spinning around like a figure skater.

    So first of all what are minimum stats to do mid range MPs like 4-6? Im starting to piece together items now so I can snipe some good deals. Obviously I will be using a Skorn but can I leave off the Lifesteal so I can get a ton more damage? I will already have 2.8% from a IK belt I got for about half of what the others were selling for and then another 3% from Bloodthirst Passive. Is 5.8% good enough? I mean 5.8% would cost me like 75 mil+ on a decent skorn but if I leave it off I can get another 100 Str and also get up to 1400 DPS for pennies compared to a mediocre LS Skorn. I also noticced you can get life on kill Skorns for next to nothing as well. Would that be another alternative since I can just drag elites with me anywhere in Act III and find tons of whites to one shot for HP. Also what are my stat priorites for using a 2 Hander? I assume I need some IAS mixed in with my CC and CD but what about resist and health?

    This is the build Im thinking about using. Again Im not going FotM and Im trying to play whats fun. I mean this is a game right and they are supposed to be fun last time I checked. But will this build work for MP4-5. If not help me with what needs to be changed.!dYZ!ZYaZYZ

    I figure Leap will get me out of crap like being surrounded by arcane cutters or a bunch of molten mobs about to blow up and would be better than sprint.
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    IF you dont want ww barbs, make a 2 handed rend build and use whatever other abilities you want on the side: i personally use weapon throw with -5 ik belt (you don't need to kite anything if your res gear is good enough)
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    Been working on my gear and so far have 42K health, 525 resist all, 35% CC so will be 50% with Ruthless and Weapons Master, and 375% crit damage. Is that good enough for MP 4-5? Still have 1 ring left to buy and Im wondering if a stone of jordan is worth it? If I get one with more Cleave damage that would be nice since my IK belt has 10% and I plan on using Cleave.
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    not sure by what u mean doing mid range mp
    i dont think u dont need a lot to do mp5 on rend build. I think somebody did that on 6m budget on a thread a few page back and he made very bad purchases, bad IK belt, IK helm, IK glove (all 90 str roll with small vit) no movement speed and he survives mp5, although I think he takes maybe 40 minutes or even more on alkaizer run.
    but if u want to "farm" it u might want to consider 150k unbuffed dps at the very least while most streamers I see usually sits at 170-200k dps when farming mp5-6.
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