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    I made 120 mil off a recent sale and would like to ask everyone what I should be aiming for. This can be seen as a "help me upgrade" thread although I have a pretty good idea of what to get, just not enough to do it without some opinions. I'll link my dude for those who care.

    Sage#1376 Vviktor is the character I'm talking about.

    I'm mainly looking at Chest/Helm upgrades, but if you see anything else that's urgent feel free to let me know.

    My main problem is discerning what the deciding factor is between gear pieces. For instance, between Andy, Mempo and IK helms, what makes one better than another? They all seem pretty damn good (and expensive) And what ones should I be aiming for? Between Tyrael and IK? Lamentation, IK or Witching Hour? Thanks in advance for opinions and advice.
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    I am by no means the best barb, but it's been my main class since release so I would like to think I know 1 or 2 things. :) I would ask first why you have no run speed, but seem to be running the WW build. My recommendations on upgrades would be IK 2pc and then rare gloves with crit % and crit dmg. The IK belt can get you the extra life steal you need for higher lvl Mp's. The IK boots can get you the same stats your boots have now, but with run speed as well. Lacuni Prowlers are always a good option to max your run speed which is a huge boost for WW build. Like I said I am no uber barb, but I hope any of that helps. This is my barb, and as you can see I am not #1 in the world, but I surely am not the worst. :P


    Edit: Just saw the movement speed on chest. So if you got movement speed on boots you could save yourself from the really expensive Lacuni Prowlers, until you replace your chest.
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    Well I looked into IK chest and gloves, Ice Climbers a new Vile Ward and rare Bracer and I'm in better shape than before. Lacuni's don't seem like a good upgrade as they lack a lot of the stats I've been told are important (Str, Vit and Res All) besides Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Am I wrong? I am now lacking movement speed but I don't feel burdened by it. My character sheet might not update for a while but whenever it does I am still interested in opinions on future upgrades. I'm hopping back and forth between HoTa and WW builds, mainly for key farming but that's not important. Thank you for your advice and I thank any future advice.
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    as a barb lacuni is probably the only option you have to get the second movement speed. Inna's legging or tyriel's might will gimp your stats even more than lacuni. And you have to see what the lacuni offers, attack speed, move speed and crit all together, no other item can offer that on that slot. lacuni even with stats they are low anyway thats why you pick it up in other places like over 200str firewalker or ice climbers. forget about vileward you can get better rare shoulder for barb for less look for 220-250str 100-150vit high AR and you will pay less than a vileward with no VIT (you probaby will lose the armor).

    i use andy for mp2 farming but on 3 or 4 i get owned using that, not sure if its really the extra fire damage or the lack of defensive stats, andy is insane dps boost for such a cheap item. IK and Mempo are quite similar. IK is more defensive and it adds up with 1 or 2 more piece, other than that you are just trading crit for attack speed. You can get mempo with crit but it is very expensive but you cannot get IK helm with attack speed, so end gear mempo will have better DPS.

    Your ring with the gem is to be replaced first, yes 50% crit damage is huge but stam and vit only? I think you could do better. look for average damage 40-60 those adds a lot of dps too even though the main stat is really now. overall I think I like it, its a shame to replace the belt with IK belt. I would go boots helm if I were you or boots chest if you can afford it. Chest IK is quite expensive
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    Thanks for the advice. I did unfortunately spend it all already on the gear I mentioned before and my character sheet STILL hasn't refreshed. I got IK Chest/Gloves both relatively higher end, 180str on both and 80 vit chest 140 vit gloves. But I see what you mean about Lacuni, but couldn't I forego run speed? I know it's nice but is it necessary? Couldn't I just get some nice rare bracers with Str, Vit, Res all, Crit and AS? I know that would be expensive, but I could at least get the Crit/AS with some bonuses unlike what I'm seeing with the Lacuni's. Like I said, I'm thinking out loud so please argue and correct me so I don't convince myself otherwise and make a bad purchase.

    Also, I replaced that ring just now 30 Min Damage, 120 Str, 70 Vit, 4 Crit Chance and 30 Crit Damage. The belt isn't going anytime soon I don't think as I am back in the gutter with gold. Waiting for the next find to sell you know. I'll update more once my character sheet stops acting up.

    Overall I'm sitting at 2500 Str 1100 Vit and 140k DPS unbuffed (counting passives) will update as we go.
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    Also my sheet refreshed so you can go take a look at it.

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    Dps is nice but no movement speed on ww barb is a fail... More movement; more tornado's more fury, more dps, more life leach and way faster for farming low mp's...
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    Quote from GroentjeBE

    Dps is nice but no movement speed on ww barb is a fail... More movement; more tornado's more fury, more dps, more life leach and way faster for farming low mp's...

    I might be wrong, but i distinctly remember reading recently that assumption of more MS = more tornadoes is incorrect and the quantity of tornadoes spawned is in fact unaffected by the MS. I'll try to find and link it, it was some testing / theorycrafting recently, either here or on some other barb forum
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    its not for spawning tornados, its from jumping pack to pack and speed clearing. right now he has 0 extra movement speed
    time to change your boots. i guess u have to go IK since you are broke
    high end ice climbers and firewalkers are too expensive
    at least IK is pretty standard even with vit/str random roll it wouldnt be as pricy as good firewalkers. good ice climbers is the best u can go for but the most expensive (300m ish)
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    oh u could forgo lacuni. but lacuni would be your end gear when all your other gear are all godly. is it necessary? for efficient farming people would say hell yes. if you can live with it then its okay. everyone has personal preference. i like ice weapon on my off hand just because those pesky runaway monster and goblins are more manageable.

    i wished you went for mempo or IK helm though... andy is not really the go to item for barb. very lacking of defensive stat. though running low level mp with andy is fun, the nova helps you clear monster faster.
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    Quote from iSage

    Also my sheet refreshed so you can go take a look at it.


    You are on the right track, but i'll parrot what others have said here, +MS is going to help your WW build a metric TON, you really, REALLY want to hit that 25% is boost on MS, esp on a WW build.
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    I've had this Andy for a while actually so no worries there. It was one of my major upgrades back in the day. Right now I managed to get IK Chest/Gloves, Ice Walkers, new Vile Ward, new ring and rare bracers for 120 mil so I took the opportunity. I am taking everything you all say into consideration though and I will be working on Attack Speed/Movement Speed in the future when I'm not so broke. For now I'm just farming when I have the time. Thanks again.
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