smash (hota) build guide, simplistic one

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    hopefully this makes some people try out this build, dubble tornado is so overused and I think this build needs some more attention !

    Works fine with less overpowered gear too :)
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    I am nowhere near to having the necessary gear to make this work....but it's still awesome to watch. I'm making a point of using a 2-hander, though.....don't know if this would work well.
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    Why the video is called "smash(hota)", if you are using thunderstrike rune, not smash :P

    But from my experience, DW hota builds does require a very good weapon to outperform 2Hs

    Anyway, impressive video, thumbs up for unusual builds )
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    this build really doesnt need much to work (in reletaive mp's to your gear). I started running this the day i got back ( couple weeks after 1.05 came out) by changed ONLY my skills from ww>hammer and OPCA > Rend Bloodlust

    Attackspeed is huge
    CC is huge
    CD (like ww) is your damage but not neceisary for the build to work

    Anyone running ww can run this build.

    For those who do not have wtfpwn gear like kongor, DO NOT GET AN EF!!!!! if you are not insta gibbing elites like he is, they will be taking you on a long long long long long long long path around the world of diablo XD

    In respone to the guy above this post, DW is superior in terms of being able to have perma zerk up, or at least have it up longer. 2H may have superior dps for the average person (dw probably has higher potential) but the reliability and ease factor of permazerk is very important.
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    While I personally favour a throw build, this one does have rather comical results when you see stuff explode left and right while a Super Sayan runs at things to hammer the living crap out of them. Haha!
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    ye, spec is bad ass. totally looks like mario smashing donkey kong barrels from back in the day. hmm, donkey kongor? xD
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    I laughed at that image! :lol:
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    I see some very high lvl barbs using HoTA with a ranged barb, switching out ancient spear for HoTA. I am also noticing to play any HoTA build you need a considerable amount of gear. Is it just a common trend that above a certain gear level HoTA is just a must have ability? Does it just scale very well with gear or something so it is a good choice for a fury burner?
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    Close to what I use for farming Ubers or MP9-10 for keys. HotA Is extremely good and you do not need great gear to make it work (though great gear helps).

    Interesting revision of the HotA build for farming though. I'm gonna try it out, though I feel smash would be better than thunderclap since everything dies so fast.!eYZ!cZZbYc is the HotA build I use for higher MP, if your DW or even SnB OP can be kept up almost 100% making it very effective.

    2 hander can be used for hota but will be much harder to keep WotB 100% (though you can by using superstition and standing in poison, molten, desecrate, ect.)

    Oh one thing I want to point out in this video that I find to be completely misleading. SoJ is great for damage, the the reduced HotA cost is not necessary. I have absolutely zero trouble maintaining full rage when I am on a target with zero HotA reduction, and have 2 lesser geared friends that converted to the build and have no issues either.
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    I can vouch that this build is extremely fun and works well for lesser geared players.

    To test the build I used two weapons I had sitting in my bank: an Echoing Fury with 1k dps and DEX and no socket, and a pretty nice 1k Sever with STR and socket. I had 110k sheet dps with my old weapon (Skorn) and build (Slam/Rumble). With the new Smash/HOTA build and DEX Echoing Fury, my sheet dps drops to 86k but I can plow through Alk's Run at MP0 faster than before... And it is much more enjoyable! with better weapons and an SoJ I can see that this will be beastly.

    I think the Sever I have is good for this build on non-├╝ber mobs. Every once in a while Sever procs on the killing blow on demons and does crazy damage (like 1+M). 9% of this massively over-heals me.

    I will link in my profile so people can see my gear once Blizzard's servers let me log in.
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    My profile is Mogget#1909
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    Thanks for the video Kongor !
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    thanks guys ;)
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    Just tried it out on MP4, seemed to be working pretty well. Nice with a change from the WW/sprint build I'm used to running. Was having quite an easy time keeping up WotB, easier than when I'm running the WW build. Will definately give this some more testing, and see how it compares to the WW build for me. But one thing is certain the elites drop alot faster with this build!

    However in terms of gearing, I'm thinking that some of the cc is wasted due to the increased cc on HotA from the remaining fury.

    My gear:

    Thanks for the inspiration Kongor!
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