Art of Diablo Book: Updates

The Art of Diablo Book: Updates

Earlier this year, Blizzard announced a new art book "The Art of Diablo" that will be releasing later this year. While there hasn't been any official updates from Blizzard since then, the Amazon listing for the book has undergone a couple of changes. Previously the release date for the book had been listed as October 31st, but now it has been moved back to Nov. 3rd. While this new date is far from final, it does ensure the book won't be out until after BlizzCon. It should be noted that this book encompasses the art of the entire Diablo series and not just Diablo III, even though all currently shown art is from Diablo III. While I doubt that it will contain art from any of the unannounced Diablo titles, it could have some interesting insights into the current art direction Blizzard is setting for the future of the franchise.


This past week we've also had a collection of new preview images from the book added to the listing:









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