StarCraft 20th Anniversary!

StarCraft 20th Anniversary!

This month, Blizzard is celebrating the 20th anniversary of StarCraft! As Diablo players, we get a really awesome Battlecruiser pet in game if you play Diablo III after March 6th! You can view the full set of rewards below:



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An Interstellar Anniversary Approaches - Celebrate 20 Years of StarCraft!




Video Feature - Available on March 31


In StarCraft is Life: A Celebration, some of StarCraft’s biggest fans look back on their favorite memories from the past 20 years. Subscribe on YouTube!


Anniversary Stream - Live on March 30


On March 30 and 31, your favorite StarCraft personalities will celebrate the 20th Anniversary with a special event on! Follow on Twitch!



A Cross-Franchise Celebration - 20th Anniversary Rewards


This month, your favorite Blizzard games are getting in on the StarCraft 20th Anniversary action, with epic rewards including a Sarah Kerrigan Overwatch skin, a Battlecruiser Diablo III pet, and more!


StarCraft: Remastered - StarCraft 20th Anniversary UI Skin

Begins March 6

Log in to StarCraft: Remastered after March 6 to receive a commemorative 20th Anniversary UI Skin for StarCraft: Remastered.



StarCraft II - StarCraft 20th Anniversary UI Skins, Portrait, and Decal

Begins March 6

Log in to StarCraft II after March 6 to receive a special UI Skin for each race. Additionally, log in between March 6 and April 3 to receive a Portrait and Decal.



Diablo III - Dominion's Revenge Pet

Begins March 6

Log in to Diablo III after March 6 to receive Dominion’s Revenge, a fearsome Battlecruiser-themed Pet.



Overwatch - Sarah Kerrigan Ghost Skin

March 6 - April 3

Log in to Overwatch between March 6 and April 3 to receive the Sarah Kerrigan Ghost skin for Widowmaker.



World of WarCraft - Salute to Starcraft

March 31 - April 6

Between March 31 and April 6, /salute one of the following StarCraft-themed companion pets – Zergling, Grunty, Mini Thor, Baneling, or Zeradar – to receive the “Salute to StarCraft” Feat of Strength.



Heroes of the Storm - StarCraft 20th Anniversary Portraits

March 27 - April 7

Log in to Heroes of the Storm between March 27 and April 7 to receive a 20th Anniversary Portrait for Protoss, Terran and Zerg.



Hearthstone - 3 Kobolds & Catacombs Packs

March 21 - March 25

Play a StarCraft-inspired Tavern Brawl between March 21 and 25 to receive three Kobolds & Catacombs packs!






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