Artwork of Female and Male Necromancer Leaked

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Artwork of Female and Male Necromancer Leaked


The image above was uploaded to the Blizzard Gear Store a few hours ago, but was removed again shortly after. An image of upcoming (but still unannounced) Overwatch character Sombra has also been uploaded at the same time and since been deleted.
The image obviously depicts a female and a male Necromancer with a large group of summoned minions. Necromancers in Blizzard games and artwork have so far always been male, although one of the Diablo books does feature a female Necromancer. Of course, were the class - an old fan-favorite - added to Diablo III, there would also be a female variant, as with all other classes.

The artist behind the image is John Mueller who, according to his LinkedIn profile, has joined Blizzard as an Art Director in January and is rumored to have taken the Lead World Designer position on Diablo after Leonard Boyarsky stepped down.


While nothing is confirmed, the image and its quick removal could be a strong indication of what we can expect at BlizzCon this Friday and Saturday. If you want to watch all the panels live, you need a Virtual Ticket, so be sure to join our giveaway for one. We will also be covering the event live right here for you, should you not get lucky during the giveaway.


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