D3 Development Team Changes, More Ban Waves, Curse of Tristram Extra Cutscenes

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D3 Development Team Changes

Two big recent changes to the Diablo 3 development team were recently publicized: John Yang has been moved to the WoW team; and Leonard Boyarski, the D3 lead world designer, left Blizzard to work for Obsidian- as shown in his facebook timeline and on a post by Timothy Cain.


What do you think that means for the franchise? Some players seem to think that drastically reduces the chances of us seeing a second expansion. But what about the March news that Blizzard was hiring for a new unrevealed game in the Diablo universe?


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Twitter)

I move from the team to the team a few months ago. I've been focused on making Legendary Items for the Legion expansion.

Are you stationed with the WoW team for the foreseeable future?
Yep, I'm stationed on WoW for the foreseeable future.

More Ban Waves

Players are reporting on forums and Reddit even more ban waves hitting as we reach the end of S5 on April 15th - totalizing at least five known ban waves for players who made usage of third party programs. Cheaters beware next season!


Fourth Banwave

I'm seeing new ban reports on forums for both bots.

Looks like Blizzard is really taking care of business this time!

Curse of Tristram Extra Cutscenes

People seemed to really enjoy the preview video for the Curse of Tristram Starcraft 2 mod, so its creator egod has released another one with even more cutscenes - and they look pretty amazing! Check it out.





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