Bounty Bugs and Explosive Blast Fix, Quin's Itemization Rant

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Bounty Bugs and Explosive Blast Fix

Tsarnis is looking for information to solve a potential issue with the Bound Shaman or similar bounties, so if are testing Patch 2.4 on the PTR and has useful info feel free to share it. Also, Don Vu shared that a bug with Explosive Blast is being fixed in the next PTR patch. Read below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard

Hi Everyone,

If you happen to run into issues with the Bound Shaman or a similar bounty, could you try and post the names of any of the other bounties are/were active in that game session (across all acts, if possible).

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When casting explosive blast very quickly (approx more than once per second) the game is failing to cast all of the expected explosive blasts.

This is fixed in the next PTR client patch. We also fixed Debilitating Force stacking.

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Quin's Itemization Rant

Quin has made a ranting video! He argues that some of the recent changes to items, adding % bonus damage to specific skills, may greatly reduce player choice. It has spawned a quite interesting discussion on Reddit. After hearing his thoughts and reasoning on the video below, do you agree with him? Give us your opinion on our forums!


We still haven't heard from devs why the changes were made, so keep in mind there could be a reason for it. But since Patch 2.4 is on PTR, this is the perfect time to discuss and let the developers know what we think of the changes - before they're set in stone and go live.


Is blizzard ruining the game by reducing the amount of item choices? This is my opinion please let me know yours.
Oh and don't even get me started on what kind of an impact all this extra additive damage will have on the game... Rip the majority of damage talents, and half of the legendary gems.




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