Fan Made Necromancer, Quin's Ranking Clears, Double Generator Monk Builds

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Fan Made Necromancer

As a reminder, if you missed our post yesterday, we featured a Fan Made Necromancer class by Nightcrest87, with complete active and passive skillsets and even some potential Set items. A very high quality and well thought out work - check it out!


Necromancer Fanart by Sammael

Quin's Ranking Clears

Quin is going bonkers this season. He started by getting rank #1 with his main Monk, then recently proceeded to rank #1 with his Crusader and Wizard. Should Alkaizer's Barbarian be concerned? If you're interested in seeing the highest solo level of those classes, watch the videos below. And to Quin: congratulations, sir!


Crusader Solo Rank #1


Wizard Solo Rank #1

Double Generator Monk Builds

evilrayman made a thread over at Reddit on how Dual Generator Monk builds have been picking up popularity over at the Chinese servers. It has some similarities, but also significant differences compared to the standard generator Monk Build.


Could that mean the end-game meta for the class is heading in a different direction? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Link (credit: Sayalol, S2 solo monk No.1 on Asia sever)

Original idea provided by another person. (credit: cainaonao)

The person (Sayalol) who promoted this build on Chinese D3 forum has beaten GR 71 using this build. He was still experimenting it and the limit it could reach is definitely higher than that.

Skill calculator (disclaimer: May not be exactly same. Do your own test.)

Wow, anyone else remember the old FoT:SC builds on PTR back when it procced from DoTs like submission, Sweeping Wind, and EP? (It bumped me from Torment 1 to 3, which was a huge back then!) But then they "fixed it" back then to only proc from direct hits; but it looks like FoF's DoT is able to work with it.

Here was my super-necro-pre-2.0 testing for static charge back in 3/2014 assuming FoT:SC only.... Gotta love the TF analysis!

In anycase, it seems like SC is proccing off FoT DoT @ 5 times/sec which is scaling pretty well with R2 builds. Something to keep an eye on even though the hit box is somewhat annoying to use. So a combat rotation of WothF>WotHF>FoT 3-hit combo might be the annoying part of this build? (total speculation) (Davlok)

The trick to this build is that you apply static charge to mobs and then use fists of fury to proc it, since it procs static charge so much. You still get the damage amp on the static charge. Fists of fury is also really strong versus single targets with this build. (ImArchBoo)



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