Upcoming Changes to CC, Uliana's Monk In-Depth Guide

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Upcoming Changes to CC

Wyatt Cheng replied to a Reddit thread about the state of crowd control on the Patch 2.3 PTR and previewed a few changes as well. Read it below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Twitter)

Hi Emitz, great stuff.

It is not intended for Charm to be excluded in CC resistance. I'm not in the office today but we'll look at it this coming week. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!

Good work putting together this build. This is why we have PTR's - so members of the community like yourself can check out the new mechanics and call out things that aren't working quite right. Followed your twitch channel, I'll try to stop in sometime and and say hi. (N.B. this is not an opportunity for a Q&A, I just love this game and its community). I'm hoping that some elements of the build still prove to be useful even if the charm component is gone.

As long as we're on the topic of CC resistance I want to share some changes coming in the next PTR patch. We've received lots of feedback that the 20% minimum penalizes short CC's too much, as well as feedback that the interaction with knockbacks and the new CC rules need additional iteration.

  1. We are reverting the 20% minimum CC resistance change and going back to what is currently on 2.2 live. Combined with the increased CC cap and the knockback change (#2 below) we feel this is likely enough. This means if you stun a monster for 1.5 seconds you will add 15% CC resistance as on 2.2 live rather than the 20% on PTR. Similarly if you CC a monster for 0.8 seconds you will add 8% CC resistance (again, same as 2.2 live, as opposed to 20% on current PTR).

  2. Knockbacks will add CC resist based on exactly how much time the monster spends being knocked back. For example, if a monster goes through a knockback/land/recovery animation cycle that lasts 0.7 seconds, then it will be treated as if it had been CC'ed for 0.7 seconds, which adds 7% CC resistance. This is a large reduction from what is currently on PTR in which most knockback effects would end up adding 20% CC resistance.

As a footnote, some people have suggested we separate "hard CCs" from "soft CCs" and that knockbacks and slows should not be in the same diminishing returns as stuns and charms. In a sense, we already do this. Slows are treated separately - they have no effect on the DR experienced by stuns. Regarding knockbacks we classify it as a hard CC because it is every bit as effective as a stun when it comes to disabling the monster's ability to act. Of course it has a number of differences from stuns but for the purposes of DR it's important that it share a CC category or you could combine repeated knockbacks (such as from Halcyon's Ascent) with carefully placed stuns in order to CC an enemy indefinitely.

Uliana's Monk In-Depth Guide

Thang N has made a pretty awesome video guide going over all the important information about the Uliana's set. The great thing about his video is how much detail and useful information is shown over its 24 minute duration. He also talks about how good the set is on higher Greater Rifts and Torment X. Check it out!




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