Expected Date for Patch 2.2, Greater Rift Score Screen, Reworked Item Powers

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Expected Date for Patch 2.2

Wyatt mentioned over at Twitter that the plan is for Patch 2.2 to be deployed on Tuesday, April 7th. On a similar note, a user over at the european forums has predicted the release date for the EU servers being April 8th. Vaneras also stated that is a very solid guess - fingers crossed for everything to go smooth!


Originally Posted by Blizzard

@Serpher @DiabloIncGamers The plan is to apply patch 2.2 on April 7th. Sunday:Season 2 Ends. Tuesday:Patch. Friday:Season 3 (Source)

In other words, we can expect 2.2 on Tuesday April 7th (US) and Wednesday April 8th (EU). That's my guess since it's between season 2 and 3 and is a typical maintenance day.
That is a very solid guess, that is of course if there are no unexpected complications that would require us to postpone the patch to a later date. We'll be sure to keep everyone updated if that happens though :-) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Greater Rift Score Screen

There has been some debate about the new Greater Rift score screen, with some people giving feedback that it might be a little too intrusive, and suggesting improvements. Wyatt Cheng even made a few posts on r/Diablo and Twitter explaining its purpose and even contemplating the possibility of us seeing some fun stats there in the future. Check the posts below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Is there some utility here other than a full screen toast?
I'm wondering if it's a way to tell players when they've increased their blood shard cap?
These are both great questions. Since this feature wasn't included in the current PTR patch notes, I can see how it may have caused some confusion.

The screen congratulating you for achieving a new personal best in Greater Rifts which now appears on the PTR for patch 2.2.0 is part of our goal of celebrating players' individual achievements better. Wyatt actually touched on this goal a bit in our last Tavern Talk, when he spoke about players comparing their progress to those on the Leaderboards rather than their own previous personal bests.

Aside from recognizing new personal bests in Greater Rifts with a pop-up notification (or "toast" as we call them), we're also increasing your Blood Shard cap by 10 for each Greater Rift level you complete. Ideally, this should make achieving new personal bests while climbing up in Greater Rift level feel more satisfying, regardless of whether or where you stack up on the Leaderboards.

While it can be fun to compete on the Leaderboards, at the end of the day, it's also important to us (as it is to all of you) to celebrate your personal achievements, too! Doing better than you did before deserves some fanfare, even if just a little. :)

Also, as a side note for those reading along, we're aware there's a bug that's causing the “close all windows” hotkey to close the Greater Rift completion screen as well, and we hope to have this fixed in the near future.

The window is huge yet there no info at all on it. Either get back to the old window, or add more info (ex : damage done in the Grift, number of deaths, time taken to kill the RG...these would be far more usefull than a huge useless window)
Great feedback!

Wyatt actually explained (via Twitter) that we might add this kind of info to the new Greater Rift completion screen. He even clarified later on r/Diablo (source) that we might also include your current personal best for the Greater Rift level you're doing and how this time compares to those of your friends or clan mates. We might even include your total distance traveled, skills you used, whether you got survival bonuses, and so on.

Reworked Item Powers

MeatHeadMikhail started a video series discussing the buffs inbound for some Legendary items on Patch 2.2. Items like Death Watch Mantle and Schaeffer's Hammer are getting reworked. In the video below, he discusses the Schaeffer's Hammer new effect and possible uses for it - check it out!




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