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The Waypoint

Blizzard has started a new series of blog posts called The Waypoint. The purpose of it is highlighting a couple of interesting discussions every week, to make sure players don't miss the opportunity to participate and provide feedback on important topics. Check the blog post below!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

While there’s no question that slaying hordes of demons and looting heaps of shiny trinkets from their corpses is a ton of fun, sharing and talking about these experiences with other players on our forums and elsewhere on the web can be equally as entertaining. Many of you go beyond just sharing experiences, though; you offer advice, provoke thoughtful debate, and sometimes even cause us to laugh our Hammer Jammers off. With so many different places to chat about Diablo online, it can be easy to miss some of these great conversations. So, to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the community, we’ve created The Waypoint! Rather than try to cover every great topic that comes up in the Diablo community (which would be too much for a single column), we’ll be highlighting a handful of engaging player discussions each week. Then, we’ll open up the floor to you, so that you can share your thoughts in the comments below. What discussions caught our eye over the past week? Let’s find out!

What Legendary Gems Would You Create?

Gordon#1827 and Saidosha#1136 posed an interesting question on our official Diablo III forums: What type of Legendary Gem would you create if you could? We think this is not only a fun, creative exercise, but a great way to get valuable feedback on what kinds of Legendary Gems you’d like to see. So, if you could create any type of Legendary Gem and add it to the game, what would it be?

A Quick Guide to Organ and Key Farming

If you’ve ever wanted a handy guide for farming keys and organs to craft a Hellfire Ring or Hellfire Amulet, /u/thelehmanlip of Reddit Diablo has you covered. His “Concise Key and Organ Guide” breaks down all the essentials, including where each Keywarden spawns, what keys said Keywardens drop, the realms and bosses accessed from each Infernal Machine, and the different organ pieces said bosses can drop when defeated.  Know of any other great Hellfire crafting guides? Share them in the comments below!

What Does Your Best Hellfire Amulet Look Like?

Speaking of the Hellfire Amulet, have you rolled a great one since patch 2.1.0 launched? That’s what Redditor /u/podboi wants to know. Recently, he asked his fellow players to show off their best Hellfire Amulets (and has received some pretty amazing screenshots in response). But what about you? What does your current best Hellfire Amulet look like?

Got an Idea for a New Community Buff?

Haeos#1932 and WarMonkey#1467 have encouraged players in the official forums to put on their thinking caps and share some ideas for future community buffs. Haeos has done a wonderful job of compiling previous suggestions for buffs people would like to see, while WarMonkey#1467 is provoking new conversation around holiday-themed buffs. What are your three favorite ideas for new community buffs? Create your own, or show support for existing ideas included in the two threads above. 

Explaining How Bane of the Trapped Works

In his helpful video "Bane of the Trapped Explained," YouTuber Meathead Mikhael explores what types of skills will trigger this Legendary Gem's effect, the other Legendary Gems that complement it well, and how it works in action. There have been a lot of questions on the forums about how these powerful new gems work, so this video guide is certainly appreciated.  Have you all seen other great guides on Legendary Gems? Which are the best?

Conclusion: Share Your Best Threads!

We could easily fill up another column with our favorite discussions, but we’d rather hear what your favorites are instead. Who helped you with a tough gearing question this week? Who posted a constructive thread, or collected a lot of cool info to share with everyone? Send us a link to a thread, article, tweet, or video that caught your attention (along a brief explanation of why you think it should be included in our next column) to [email protected]! That wraps up the inaugural Waypoint. We’ll see you next week!

Developer Comments on Major Issues

Nevalistis explained on reddit why sometimes there is no replies from the developers on certain issues that are considered very important by the community. Read it below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Reddit)

Why are there not comprehensive posts like this for all the major issues?
A lot of reasons really.

Sometimes we might not be ready to talk about a topic because the iteration and philosophies are still in fluctuation. Sometimes we don't have the answer just yet. And other times, it's just that there isn't time to spare, especially when our developers could be, you know, developing. ;)

We (the community team) do our best to speak in their stead when we can, but a lot of the same applies to us. Only instead of developing, we might be working on blogs, future projects (BlizzCon's a big example), internal reporting and communications (like passing on feedback), or other Community oriented initiatives.

Uber Diablo and Maghda Bug

Redditor Tyrlith shared what a major bug with the Uber versions of Diablo and Maghda, for those playing a Pet-Crusader. If the pets get the kill, the bosses drop no loot! Nevalistis replied saying they are checking the issue asap. See the post below!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Reddit)

if you fight uber diablo and magda spawns, if you play as a lord commander crusader and your PETS get the kill, no loot will drop(this includes the organ!).
I was able to replicate results more than once, Phalanx AI is at the core of the problem.
  • Edit, For safety ask any crusader you're playing with to avoid using lord commaner petspecs untill it is hotfixed. if you dont, you might miss out on an organ drop.
  • Stampede/unruned spam builds are fine, it's the AI pets that are an issue bowmen/Baleful Remnant procs
Checked in with our QA gurus and they're already on top of investigating this one. They're so pro. :) Thanks for the report!
took me 4 kills worth of organs lost to figure it out, but im pretty sure my phalanxes are the cause of it.
as soon as i changed to direct dmg via stampede, it completely stopped occuring.
glad it's already being worked on, hopefully this notice will help people avoid the problem untill its fixed!
Your dedication and sacrifice are appreciated, sir. /salute

INVIS Versus GR 50

INVIS and his teammates managed to break the EU record for 4-player Greater Rifts, by clearing a Level 50 GR. A really close run, as they cleared it at 14 minutes, 59 seconds~!

While they did not record footage of the clear, he shared a screenshot taken right as they killed the GR Guardian. He shared a video on our forums with some of his thoughts on how to get to these higher levels and clear them - a worthy watch for anyone aiming to reach these higher GR levels - as well as some suggestions for improving GRs based on his experience. Make sure to visit the thread and post your thoughts as well! Check the screenshot and video below.



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