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Wizard In-Depth Guide

Our very own Bagstone has written an amazingly detailed, organized and easy-to-use guide on the Wizard class. Current end-game viable builds, the value of all sorts of stats (offensive, defensive, healing, etc.), specific items for each build, paragon point distribution - well, prety much everything you need to know about the class in its current state in Reaper of Souls.

There's a small preview of it down below, but you just have to check the full guide.

1) Introduction

Déjà-vu anyone? Yes! This is nothing but a remake of my old D3V Wizard Gear Guide. I was hesitant to make this at first, but when I wrote this post I figured that we have actually come to a point in RoS where we can make general gear statements, and therefore it's time to remake my guide. Maybe it helps one or two people. I will try to keep this updated from time to time, especially when major patches hit, so please make this a community effort - reply when you think something is missing or wrong.

In this guide, I will first explain some of the basic terms and abbreviations that will be used later, introduce some of the main builds and summarize some of the main points to consider when gearing up by categorizing stats into different types. The main part consists of a list of all useful items (which will of course be growing as it's difficult to make such a list ever "complete") and explains for each item why and in which situations it will be helpful for your wizard. For those who prefer TL;DR version I'll also have a list of items in the subsequent section without explanation. Obviously, there have been other people pursuing similar efforts and I would be a fool to not acknowledge them – I'll link to them in the last section, and also try to cover questions that have been asked (and answered) previously on these forums or elsewhere.

I'm also well aware that much of this guide might change with 2.1 - but that patch is still far away, and I will just update it for 2.1. For some items I'll foreshadow 2.1, but since all of that is subject to change and we know as much about 2.1 as Jon Snow (i.e., nothing) it is too early to draw any final, comprehensive conclusion.

4) List by slot

For each slot, I'll list the items to consider, why they're good and in which situations it might be good to aim for them. Those who know the old D3V guide know my style - I like to point out not only why the item is good and what it's good for, but also what the drawbacks are (if any). The difference to my D3V guide is that there are so many sets right now and there will be lots of redundancy - therefore I'll keep it shorter.

Note that there are maaaaaany set items for almost every slot; I just copy/paste the description - which of those items you use to get the set bonuses is totally up to you! There are simply too many variations to go into detail for each of them. Keep in mind that the most important item in order to acquire as many set items as possible is the Ring of Royal Grandeur. No matter how many bounties you have to do in act 1 to get one - some people had to do as many as 1500 to finally get there - it's totally worth it and opens up dozens of different combination of gearing.

There is also no ranking for any slot - the items are just put there in arbitrary order. There is no "BiS ranking" of items since there are quite a few builds; and even for one specific builds players might argue about which sets to combine. Therefore: embrace the options and pick a gear set of your liking!

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

T6 Equivalent to What Level in G.Rift?
07/02/2014 11:24 PMAnyone has any rough idea.
There isn’t a direct correlation between Greater Rift difficulty and the usual difficulty modes. They are independent from one another, though you can make rough comparisons through your own experimentation.

However, we do plan on tweaking the difficulty scaling in the next PTR patch, so you may find those lines different from what you’re experiencing now and perhaps a bit easier to draw. We really appreciate the feedback we've received on Greater Rifts so far, and we look forward to seeing your thoughts in the next PTR patch! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Horadric Cache Question
I've been farming RoRG for my WD wich has been painful but i dont want to do it with WD since it is very slow instead im using my sader, does anyone knows if i keep all the caches then open them with my WD if the RoRG comes out will it have STR or INT?
I tend to farm all of my Horadric Cache's with one class, but I open them up with the other characters who still need a Ring of Royal Grandeur. Legendary items found in a Horadric Cache will be smart loot, and will roll based on the character opening them. 

So, yes you can farm Bounties with a Crusader (for example), and open them up with a Witch Doctor to have any Legendary items found focus on Witch Doctor stats. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Crafting Materials for Legendary/Set Gear
So I've come back after having a bit of time away from the game and I've noticed crafting sets and legendary gear doesn't need the specific materials found in the field. Moreover, said materials are now worth a whopping 50k each. Am I to understand that those parts no longer have any other use or is it worth keeping them for some future development?
We don't have any current plans to use the Legendary crafting materials any more. They're no longer supposed to drop, (however, there is currently a bug that allows some of them to continue to do so) so feel free to sell them to a vendor. Welcome back to Sanctuary, and have fun in your adventures! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Question About Transmog in UEE
In D3 console, will D3 characters with few legendary in stash/wearing be able to transmogrification in UEE?
If not, can we just drop it then pick it up in order to get transmogrification?
Are you asking if legacy Legendary items (ones that you currently have) will unlock as a Transmogrification option once you import your characters to Ultimate Evil Edition?

This is a good question, and it turns out the console version is going to work differently than the PC counterpart. Legacy items from the original Diablo III will automatically be unlocked as Transmogrification options in Ultimate Evil Edition. You won't need to find those items again, so be sure to hang onto any Legendary that look the way you want.(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Optimizing Holy Shotgun

MeatHeadMikhail has posted a guide on youtube on how to get the most out of your Holy Shotgun Crusader, with what he considers to be the best items and skill runes for the build. It also has considerations on the builds limitations and efficiency on solo/group play, and how to optimize the damage potential with proper positioning.



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