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"Empty" Legendaries

It's not new that some legendaries in Reaper of Souls are more "special" than others, as they greatly enhance skills or give specific character abilities (like healing from Fire damage). The feedback on this is usually that players want all Legendaries to have awesome affixes! Vaneras dropped by a thread yesterday to explain why they couldn't get them all done for the release of Reaper of Souls.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

"Empty" = no special attribute = usual 6 random properties - just like any rare.

I find so many legendaries and recipes that give you an item that is golden and does a nice sound when you drop it or find it. However these items are just like any rare with 6 properties. I crafted a few, and I don't see any difference. Even worse you have to pay a legendary material to enchant them...

So what's the reasoning behind this? I feel this is very dumb.

-forget the one obvious argument, "you get new skin for the first time".
20/06/2014 04:42Posted by Maulfurion
Those legenendaries are a stepping stone into Torment 1 difficulty IMO. After that you start to get legendaries with cool affixes and build changers etc. that allow you to progress further than T1.
Certainly there are a number of legendaries that serve as stepping stones into higher difficulties, but that isn't really the reason why there are some "empty" legendaries in the game. This is actually a topic that was also discussed in the recent Theorycraft Thursday Livestream (from approximately 31:15 in the VoD)

Making every Legendary special or game changing was a major goal for Reaper of Souls, but it turned out that there was not enough time before release to properly overhaul all the old legendaries since there were so many of them. Making all legendaries truly unique and special is still an important goal though, so over time with the release of future patches, we will continue to see older legendaries getting retrofitted or replaced with newer versions, and completely new legendaries with new powers will be added as well.

Increase Big Bad Voodoo's Effectiveness

Debosc2 made a quite enthusiastic video giving a tip on how you can get your Big Bag Voodoo to be more effective. Essentially the idea is that if both your hero and your pets are standing in its Area of Effect, the buff is considerably stronger. Check the video for more details!

Templar Gearing Guide

MeatHeadMikhail made very detailed guide on gearing up the Templar follower, for those who enjoy playing solo. He starts up with some comments on class synergy and skill specs, and moves on to what he considers to be the best legendaries for this follower.

Heroes of the Storm Alpha Moving Forward

As a friendly reminder to those interested in Heroes of the Storm, it will be moving onto its next stage of development, with invites to regions other than the US. Make sure you check if you haven't received one, and check the in-depth post on Heroes Nexus for more details on what will be happening at Blizzard's MOBA.



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