Dev Stream Summary, [T6] INVIS' Monk Pure Dashing Strike, Diablo Inspired Hearthstone Cards, Witch Doctor DoTs Mythbusting

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Dev Stream Info Summary

Today was the first Theorycraft Thursday Live stream with D3's Game designer Travis Day and one of our own mods - MrMonstrosity! Angzt collected the more interesting and important info from while watching the live stream, since the VOD will be available tomorrow at the earliest or on Monday.

  • Old Legendaries are going to get revamped in 2.1, but not retroactively, so hoarding them now is pointless
  • No ETA for 2.1 yet, but some information about the patch will be shared 'pretty soon'
  • Details about Legendary Gems are coming 'very soon' in a blog post
  • The aforementioned Legendary gems will most probably fit into Rings and Amulets
  • The devs are currently looking at how the Infernal Machine events can be improved (both as process and reward structure)
  • The so-called "Hellfire Amulet" will come with 2.1
  • Hellfire Amulet will unlock a randomly rolled Passive for your class
  • Tiered Rifts are not going to be static dungeons: they are random - same as Nephalem Rifts, but the devs are working on toning down the amount of randomness that can impact the time for finishing a Rift
  • Reduction of Conduit Pylon's power is being tested internally for Tiered Rifts, because the devs don't want players at the top of the Leaderboards to be there just because of luck
  • The monsters in Tiered Rifts will drop no loot, but the bosses at the end will compensate with huge amounts of loot, including a very high chance for Legendaries, gems, crafting plans, and so on
  • Cindercoat used to be even stronger internally and already was tuned down, but Blizzard is aware that it is still REALLY strong; no plans to nerf it though
  • Invoker Set was originally intended to be a Crusader set as Thorns was a larger theme for Crusaders
  • The devs are working on a new Crusader set that will buff Phalanx or Shield Bash
  • Kadala is supposed to have a more positive attitude, but there's a bug that causes her to only speak the lines associated with getting Blue items, while she would be much nicer if you get a Legendary item: she should say stuff like "Have fun with your paperweight" when you get a Blue item while she should congratulate you on getting a Legendary

  • Travis Day Quadboxes Crusaders, sometimes while watching TV and playing Hearthstone at the same time
  • The Theorycraft Thursday tends to not feature the current high Torment builds because they're already well known
  • New Theorycraft Thursday streams will be conducted every 6 weeks or so

[T6] INVIS' Monk Pure Dashing Strike

INVIS uploaded a video to youtube where he demonstrates the improved Raiment of a Thousand Storms Monk set on a Torment 6 Rift, using just Dashing Strike. He clears it on his own in about 5 minutes and 30 seconds. HaxD3 also posted an even faster run @4min20sec with a similar build (but not using only Dashing Strike). Check them out!

Diablo Inspired Hearthstone Cards

Redditor Fulla2 shared his thoughts and some really well crafted ficticious cards base on Lord of Terror hero in a Diablo version of Hearthstone. Check some of the cards below, or visit the full gallery.

Witch Doctor DoTs Mythbusting

FrozenCure posted a video where he analyses commons myths regarding some of the Witch Doctor's damage-over-time abilities. The main focus is showing how attack-speed in general has no effect on how hard (or how fast) the skills hit.

Elemental DPS Shown in Character Sheet

Just in case someone missed it, if you hover over an elemental damage type (in the detailed section of a character's profile sheet), the game will calculate your average DPS taking into account the bonus elemental damage from your gear!



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