Invis' Need for Speed RoS Monk Build, More Teasing: "Awesome" Weeks Ahead, D3 on PS3: Special Offer, Curse Weekly Roundup

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Invis' Need for Speed RoS Monk Build
Long time Monk strategist invis has a preview of a build he has been working on in the Reaper of Souls Beta. Currently the build looks pretty overpowered, but we'll let you decide. The highlight of the build are the gloves that let you keep shrine effects for a full hour.

Small update: The name of the build looks to might have been taken from the streamer zisss, though he uses it for his Wizard build. Invis is sorry for borrowing the name.

More Teasing: "Awesome" Weeks Ahead
After Grimiku's mention of the PTR coming"Soon" a lot of people requested a more detailed explanation. Today Vaeflare decided to put the fire out, but instead fed everyone's curiousity even more.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Grimiku has now posted twice in a short period of time mentioning this. I know it's Blizzard but this got my hopes up that it could be sometime this week...maybe even within the next 24 hours. I'll probably be kicking myself for getting so excited =/
We're glad you're so excited to test out what's coming in Patch 2.0.1.

I don't have a date to offer you for either the Closed Beta for Reaper of Souls (if you haven't opted-in yet, you can do so here), or the upcoming PTR for Patch 2.0.1, so you';ll have to wait a little longer yet. But hang in there, because the weeks and months ahead are going to be awesome.

D3 on PlayStation 3: Special Offer

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Want your PlayStation 3 friends to join you in Sanctuary? On Tuesday December 3 and Wednesday 4, invite them to check out the PlayStation Store to grab a Diablo III special offer as part of Sony’s “12 Deals of Christmas” promotion.

Curse Weekly Roundup
On this week's Curse Roundup: Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar Games, Steam reaches new record numbers of users, Ghostcrawler leaves Blizzard, and more.


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