New Datamined Patch - Class Changes, Passive Effects, Character slots, Stat caps, Quests, and MUCH more

New Datamined Patch - Class Changes, Passive Effects, Character slots, Stat caps, Quests, and MUCH more
  • SPOILERS AHEAD - We have lore, new quest objectives, New Story, you name it.
  • THINGS WILL CHANGE BEFORE LIVE - This is clearly a super early not ready for release build - A lot of class strings are even missing.
  • DATAMINING CAN HAVE ERRORS - We are dealing with unknown and new formats, stuff can be crazy.

New Strings
A lot of new strings have been added and it's very important to again stress that these are NOT FINAL. Everything can change.
  • 2 New Character Slots Added
  • Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack Speed, Block Chance, Magic Find, Gold Find and Movement Speed now have caps
  • Legendary Health Potions
  • New Monster Affixes
  • Cupcake Trial!

DiabloFans Quote:

New Character Slots
  • UndeleteFlow_HeroLimitReachedDescription - There is a 12 hero limit for every Diablo 3 account. To restore your deleted hero, you must replace an existing hero.
Clan/Guild Strings
  • Notification_NobodyToTalkTo_GuildOfficer - There are no clan officers online to hear you.
  • slashCommand_GuilfFinder_Error - You are already in a clan.
  • Permission_Modify_Ranks - Modify Member Permissions
  • Permission_Set_Search_Settings_Clan - Set Language
  • ReceivedGroupJoinRequest - {s1} has requested to join group {s2}.
  • Settings - Settings
  • GuilSettings - Clan Settings
  • GuildSettings_GroupSettings - Group Settings
  • GuildSettings_ClanSettings - Clan Settings
  • GuildSettings_RanksPermissions - Ranks & Permissions
  • LookingForMembersTooltip - Looking For Members
  • Permission_Set_Search_Settings_Group - Set Language, Category
  • DefaultRankName_Leader - Leader
  • DefaultRankName_Officer - Officer
  • HotKeyToggleClanPage - Toggle Clan Page
  • PlayInBGToggle - Play In Background
  • PlayInBGTooltip - Allows the game to continue playing sound when it is not the focus window.
  • BlockClanInvitesTooltip - Block Clan Invites
  • BlockGroupInvitesTooltip - Block Groups Invites
  • ItemTagsAsIconsToggle - Show Icons for Dropped items
  • ItemCannotBeEnchantedNoRandomAffixes - The mystic cannot enchant that item because it has no random affixes.
  • ItemCannotBeEnchantedSocketable - The mystic cannot enchant socketable items.
  • Critical Hit Chance - *You may have a maximum of +40.00% Critical Hit Chance from items.
  • Block Chance - *You may have a maximum of 75.00% Block Chance.
  • Critical Hit Damage - *You may have a maximum of +250.00% Critical Hit Damage from items.
  • Movement Speed - *You may have a maximum of +25.00% movement speed from items
  • Gold Find - *You may have a maximum of +300.00% Gold Find.
  • Magic Find - *This increase is diminished for rare and legendary and set items.
  • Magic Find - *You may have a maximum of +300.00% Magic Find.
  • Attack Speed - *You may have a maximum of +40.00% Attack Speed from items.
  • Unique_Amulet_108_x1 - Ira's Glass of Life
  • HealthPotionLegendary_02 - Bottomless Potion of the Diamond
  • DevilsHand_00_02 - Oath of Love
  • DevilsHand_00_03 - Oath of Sacrifice
  • HealthPotionLegendary_05 - Bottomless Potion of Mutilation
  • Unique_Mace_1H_103_x1 - x1_Mace_norm_unique_10
  • Flail_1H_000 - Rusty Flail
  • HealthPotionLegendary_06 - Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid
  • x1_Bog_AdriaBeacon_A - "Triangle" Passage
  • x1_Bog_AdriaBeacon_B - "Square" Passage
  • x1_Bog_AdriaBeacon_C - "Pentagon" Passage
  • x1_Bog_AdriaBeacon_D - "Equals Sign" Passage
  • PoisonEnchanted - Poison Enchanted
  • FrozenPulse - Frozen Pulse
  • Orbiter - Orbiter
Devil's Hand Tutorials
  • DevilsHandTracking - Left-click on an artifact to track it.
  • DevilsHandQuestObjective - You are tracking a Devil's Hand artifact! Follow this objective for a chance at finding it.
  • DevilsHandTracking_title -Tracking Devil's Hand Items
  • DevilsHandQuestObjective_title - Tracking Devil's Hand Items
  • ItemIdentifyAll_title - Unidentified Items
  • DisplayPossibleProperties - Display Possible Replacement Properties
  • EnchantItemSelectReplacementAffixCost - Select Property: {s1}
  • HighestUsable - Highest Usable
  • EnchantAffixWarning - WARNING: Enchanting an item will soulbind it to you. Continue?
  • EnchantOriginalProperty - Original Property
  • WindowTitle - Waypoints
  • Boss - Undiscovered Boss
  • LootRun - Undiscovered Loot Run Portal
  • DevilsHand - Undiscovered Devils Hand Item
  • Bounty - Undiscovered Bounty
  • Town - Town
  • Bounties - Bounties
  • ChallengeTypeZapper - {c_white}[TEMP] CUPCAKE TRIAL
  • [temp] Collect the Cupcakes to keep them safe from the monsters! Gathering the Cupcakes before the monsters do grants bonus experience and gold!
  • PossibleRewards - Random Rewards
  • SetDescriptionSevenDeadlySins - Azmodan, the Lord of Sin, had many minions, but foremost among them were the Sin Lieutenants—Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Pride, and Wrath.
  • Bounty - Bounty
  • DevilsHand - Devil's Hand
  • DungeonFinder - Loot Run
  • Start - Start
  • Started - Started
  • BountyDescription - [PH]Bounty description. Completing all objectives in a bounty will reward you with a lootrun token.
  • This will reset the game and warp all players to town.
  • DevilsHandDescription - Enable tracking for {s1}?
  • This will reset the game and warp all players to town.
  • DungeonFinderDescription - [PH]Loot Runs are fun!
  • This will reset the game and warp all players to town.
  • ResetPending - Game Reset
  • ResetPendingDescription - Reset the state of the game? All bosses will become available and the world will be respawned.
  • This will warp all players to town.
  • BountyDescriptionJoinExisting - [PH]{s1} has started a bounty. Completing all objectives in a bounty will reward you with a lootrun token.
  • This will reset the game and warp all players to town.
  • DungeonFinderDescriptionJoinExisting - {s1} has started a loot run.
  • This will reset the game and warp all players to town.
  • ResetPendingDescriptionJoinExisting - {s1} has queued a world reset.
  • This will reset the game and warp all players to town.

New Passive Effects List
The list with passive affixes we brought with the first datamining a few weeks ago has been updated! Many new have been added and some have changed slightly. Though these are marked as ring passive effects, this is 100% for testing on their end, and these passives can be attached to any item once they are ready.

DiabloFans Quote:

  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_521_x1 - Shrine effects last for one hour (instead of until death).
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_527_x1 - Your melee attacks hit enemies up to 40 yards in front of you for 100% weapon damage (range increased from 20 yards).
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_531_x1 - Automatically cast Smoke Screen when you fall below 25% Life. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds (decreased from 30% Life).
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_538_x1 - Reduce the cooldown of Breath of Heaven by 50% and increase its radius to 50 yards (added cooldown reduction).
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_550_x1 - 30% of any damage dealt to you is redirected to your Zombie Dogs (increased from 10% damage).
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Shoulder_002_x1 - [{VALUE1} * 100]% chance to explode in a fan of knives for 200% weapon damage when hit.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_597_x1 - While below 30% Life, all attacks are guaranteed Critical Hits.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_590_x1 - Increase the Knockback distance of your skills that cause Knockback by 100% and increase their damage by 50%.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_592_x1 - Horrify causes you to Fear and Root enemies around you for 8 seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_591_x1 - Threatening Shout has a chance to Charm enemies and cause them to join your side.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_589_x1 - Every time you destroy a wreckable object, you gain a short burst of speed.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_588_x1 -You take 25% less damage for each enemy that is stunned within 25 yards of you.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_593_x1 -Electrocute can chain to enemies that have already been hit.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_594_x1 - Wave of Light will refund its Spirit cost if it kills 4 or more enemies.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_595_x1 - Your Mirror Images have a chance to multiply when killed by enemies.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_596_x1 - Your Fetish Army lasts until they die.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_598_x1 - Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_602_x1 - Your Spike Traps lure enemies to them.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_600_x1 -Summons shadow clones to your aid when you are hit by a crowd control effect.
  • X1_Legendary_Potion_06 - Drinking Kulle-Aid allows you to burst through walls summoned by Waller elites for 5 seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_604_x1 - Frost Hydra now periodically casts Frost Nova.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_605_x1 - Arcane Torrent instantly lays mines on the ground.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_606_x1 - Automatically cast Diamond Skin when you fall below 25% Life. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_607_x1 - Explosive blast no longer has a cooldown.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_608_x1 - Reduce the resource cost of Fire skills by 30%.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_609_x1 - Meteor now homes in on enemies.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_610_x1 - Energy Twister now travels in a straight path.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_611_x1 - Frost nova is now cast at your enemy.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_612_x1 - Lightning skills have a chance to turn the enemy into a lightning rod, pulsing Lightning damage to nearby enemies.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_613_x1 - Black Hole Slows targets by 50% after it ends.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_614_x1 - Insect Swarm and Haunt now deal their damage in half of the normal duration.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_615_x1 - Healing wells replenish all resources.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_616_x1 - After earning a survival bonus, quickly heal to full Life.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_617_x1 - After earning a massacre bonus, gold rains from sky.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_618_x1 - Doubles the duration of Locust Swarm.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_619_x1 - While casting Town Portal you gain an immunity bubble.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_620_x1 - Bolas now explode instantly.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_621_x1 - Fan of Knives knocks targets back.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_622_x1 - You may have 2 additional Sentries.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_623_x1 - Hungering Arrow has 20% additional chance to pierce.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_624_x1 - Zombie Dogs instead summons a single gargantuan dog with the power of all other dogs combined.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_625_x1 - Ancient Spear pulls you to your enemy.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_626_x1 - Grasp of the Dead no longer has a cooldown.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_627_x1 - Periodically gain a shield that absorbs and reflects projectiles.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_628_x1 - Leap gains up to 3 charges.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_629_x1 - Wave of Light is now cast at your enemy.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_630_x1 - Plague of Toads now seek out enemies and can explode twice.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_631_x1 - Vault knocks enemies back.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_632_x1 - Heal to full Life and resources when you fall below 20% Life.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_633_x1 - Potions affect all allies.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_634_x1 - Blocking an attack Freezes the attacker.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_635_x1 - While moving your resource generation and damage is increased by 25%. While stationary your resource regeneration and damage is reduced by 25%.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_636_x1 - Health globes restore 20% of your primary resource.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_637_x1 -The world map is always revealed.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_638_x1 - Shrines will spawn an enemy champion.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_639_x1 - Warcry increases your and your allies' run speed by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_640_x1 - Completing an event grants a special reward.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_641_x1 - Chance on being hit to summon a protective pylon.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_642_x1 - Gain 10 Spirit per second while standing in Inner Sanctuary.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_643_x1 - Blocks have a chance of summoning a hell hound.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_644_x1 - Increase chance to find Health Globes by 100%.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_645_x1 - Gain a death aura that deals 1000% of your Life per Second to enemies within 20 yards but your Life per Second no longer heals you.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_646_x1 - 5% chance on hit to create a Spike Trap, Caltrops or Sentry at the enemy's location.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_647_x1 - Blocked attacks heal you and your allies for the amount blocked.

Class Changes
Class changes have been added in this build.

IMPORTANT - Chances are none of these will go unchanged before release
Remember this is not even a beta build - These are NOWHERE near finished / balanced. Expect to see many, many more changes to all of these abilities (and others) before release

Also Until we format each one of these by hands there can be datamining errors. Please keep this in mind if you see a super super weird number randomly there.

if a skill or rune is missing - this means it was not changed at all

DiabloFans Quote:

  • [wiki]Rampage[/wiki] Increase Strength by 1% for 8 seconds after killing or assisting in killing an enemy. This effect stacks up to 25 times. (Previously 4%, effect stacked up to 5 times)
  • [wiki]Earthquake[/wiki] Cost: 50 Fury / Cooldown: 60 seconds / Shake the ground violently, dealing 2000% weapon damage as Fire over 8 seconds to all enemies within 18 yards. (Cooldown reduced from 120 seconds)
    • [wiki]The Mountain's Call[/wiki] : Remove the Fury cost and reduce the cooldown to 45 seconds. (Cooldown reduced from 105 seconds)
  • [wiki]Weapon Throw[/wiki] Generate: 5 Fury per attack / Hurl a throwing weapon at an enemy dealing 120% weapon damage. (Damage down from 130%, slowing effect removed)
    • [wiki]Mighty Throw[/wiki] : Increase thrown weapon damage to 156% weapon damage. (Damage reduced from 169%)
    • [wiki]Ricochet[/wiki] : The weapon ricochets to 3 enemies within 15 yards of each other. (Distance reduced from 20 yards)
  • [wiki]Call of the Ancients[/wiki]
    • [wiki]The Council Rises[/wiki] : The Ancients deal 120% weapon damage with each attack and gain 100% additional Armor. (Damage increased from 110%)
    • [wiki]Duty to the Clan[/wiki] : Increase duration to 40 seconds. (Previously 35 second)
  • [wiki]Revenge[/wiki] Cost: 1 charge / Deal 220% weapon damage to all nearby enemies. You heal 5% of your maximum Life for each enemy hit. / Revenge has a 15% chance to gain a charge each time you are hit. Maximum 2 charges. (Previously had a chance to activate on hit, instead of gain a charge)
    • [wiki]Provocation[/wiki] : Increase the maximum number of charges to 3. (Previously increased chance to activate by 30%)
  • [wiki]Killing Spree[/wiki] Killing Spree
    • stat : Killing 3 or more enemies in the same 0.5 seconds grants 30 Fury. / This effect has a 5 second cooldown.
    • desc : "M-m-m-monster kill!" - TEMP
Demon Hunter
  • [wiki]Vengeance Is Mine[/wiki] Vengeance Is Mine
    • desc : Cooldown: 90 seconds / Turn into the physical embodiment of Vengeance for 15 seconds. / *Side Guns: Whenever you activate a skill, you gain 2 additional shots to the left and right for 100% weapon damage. / *Homing Rockets: Rockets shoot automatically at nearby enemies for 75% weapon damage.
    • [wiki]Training Drone[/wiki] : A mechanical contraption orbits you, dealing 150% weapon damage per second to enemies around you.
    • [wiki]Personal Mortar[/wiki] : Launch grenades at random enemies outside melee range for 200% weapon damage.
    • [wiki]Stimulants[/wiki] : Heal for 10% of maximum life each second.
  • [wiki]Mythic Rhythm[/wiki] Using a Spirit Generator grants increased Spirit generation from Spirit Generators by 2, stacking up to 3 times. / Using a damaging Spirit Spender consumes all stacks and has its damage increased by 7% for each stack consumed. (Down from 8%)
  • [wiki]Epiphany[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Sand[/wiki] : Infuse yourself with sand, reducing damage taken by 40% and increasing your damage by 3% for each enemy within 15 yards.
    • [wiki]Water[/wiki] : Imbue yourself with water, instantly resetting your Defensive cooldowns and reducing their cooldown durations by 50%. Using a Defensive ability also cleanses negative effects off of allies within 30 yards.
    • [wiki]AirWindwalker[/wiki] : Each enemy killed during your Epiphany increases your Attack Speed by 1% for the remaining duration of Epiphany.
    • [wiki]Fire[/wiki] : Engulf yourself in flames, burning enemies within 10 yards for 150% weapon damage as Fire and causing your attacks to assault enemies in front of you for 100% weapon damage as Fire.
    • [wiki]Lightning[/wiki] : Charge yourself with Lightning, increasing your movement speed by 10% and causing your next attack after moving 10 yards to Stun enemies for 1.5 seconds.
  • [wiki]Nirvana[/wiki] Nirvana
    • stat : Every 0.25 seconds you increase your Spirit Regeneration by 2 and your damage by 5%, stacking up to 15 times. / Nirvana stacks reset when you hit an enemy.
    • desc : TEMP Some quote from a Monk.
Witch Doctor
  • [wiki]Wall of Zombies[/wiki] Cost: 103 Mana / Cooldown: 8 seconds / Raise a line of zombies 28 yards wide from the ground that attacks nearby enemies for 640% weapon damage as Physical over 4 seconds. (Cooldown lowered from 20 seconds, dealt 800% damage over 5 seconds)
    • [wiki]Pile On[/wiki] : Summon a tower of zombies that falls over, dealing 550% weapon damage as Physical to any enemies it hits. Reduces the cooldown to 8 seconds. (Cooldown changed from 10)
  • [wiki]Piranhas[/wiki] Piranhas
    • desc : Cost: 98 Mana / Summons a pool of deadly piranhas that deals 150% weapon damage as Poison per second, causing affected enemies to also take 25% increased damage for 3 seconds.
    • stat : Piranhas
  • [wiki]Arcane Orb[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Frozen Orb[/wiki] : Create an orb of frozen death that shreds an area with ice bolts, dealing up to 125% weapon damage as Cold to enemies it pierces through and up to 175% weapon damage as Cold when it bursts. (Pierce damage increased from 100%, burst damage increased from 150%)
  • [wiki]Meteor[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Molten Impact[/wiki] : Increases the damage of the Meteor impact to 1560% weapon damage as Fire and the molten fire to 360% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. / Adds a 15 second cooldown. (Previously called Pulsar. Summoned a Pulsar that did 1820% damage on hit and 490% on nearby enemies every second for 6 seconds. Had 24 second cooldown)
  • [wiki]Arcane Torrent[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Cascade[/wiki] : Enemies hit by Arcane Torrent have a 30% chance to fire a new missile at a nearby enemy dealing 285% weapon damage as Arcane. (Previously did Fire damage)
  • [wiki]Archon[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Teleport[/wiki] : Archon form can cast Teleport with a 4 second cooldown. (Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds)
  • [wiki]Black Hole[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Blazar[/wiki] : Conjure a Black Hole at the target location that draws enemies to it and deals 160% weapon damage as Fire over 2 seconds to all enemies within 15 yards. / After the Black Hole disappears, an explosion occurs that deals 260% weapon damage as Fire to enemies within 15 yards.
  • [wiki]Vigilant[/wiki] Increase Life regeneration by 413 / Reduce all non-Physical damage taken by 2%. (Previously also increased Life regeneration by 3%)
  • [wiki]Long Arm of the Law[/wiki] Increase the duration of the Active effect of all Laws by 5 seconds. / Laws are: / *Laws of Fate / *Laws of Hope / *Laws of Justice / *Laws of Valor (Previously increased passive proc effect of Laws by 100%)
  • [wiki]Sweep Attack[/wiki] Cost: 25 Wrath / Sweep a mystical flail in a wide arc through enemies 18 yards before you, dealing 200% weapon damage to all enemies caught in the arc. (Arc range down from 20 yards, damage down from 230%)
    • [wiki]Frozen Sweep[/wiki] : The weapon is made of frozen ice, enemies hit by it have a chance to be chilled and slowed for X seconds. These chilled enemies take more damage.
  • [wiki]Fist of the Heavens[/wiki] Cost: 25 Wrath / Call a lightning bolt down from the sky, dealing 220% weapon damage as ligntning to any enemy within 8 yards. When the lightning bolt hits the ground, it splits into 6 piercing charged bolts that fire outward, dealing 550% weapon damage to enemies they pass through. (Damage is now Lightning, bolts damage increased from 50%)
    • [wiki]Tempest of the Heavens[/wiki] : Summon a lightning storm that covers an area of 8 yard radius for 6 seconds, dealing 25% weapon damage to enemies who move underneath it. (Storm timer up from 4 seconds, damage down from 80%)
    • [wiki]Tesla Coil[/wiki] : At the location that fist is cast, it leaves a ball of lightning energy that does 120% weapon damage to nearby monsters. If theres another ball of lightning energy nearby, powerful lightning will arc between the balls. (Previously called Lightning Rod. Enemies struck gave off charged bolts that deal 75% damage to monsters they pass through. Lasted 5 seconds or until enemy dies)
    • [wiki]Well of Retribution[/wiki] : Create a well of holy lightning at the target location for 4 seconds that will electrocute enemies within 25 yards dealing 25% weapon damage as Holy. (Damage up from 10%)
    • [wiki]Retribution[/wiki] : Becomes a piercing ranged attack that starts at the Crusader which flies through the air piercing everything 40 yards in front of you.
  • [wiki]Heaven's Fury[/wiki] Cooldown: 40 seconds / Call down a furious ray of Holy power that deals 1500% weapon damage as Holy per second for 6 seconds to all enemies caught under it. (Previously cost 80 Wrath, had no cooldown. Damage dealt up from 200% for 3 seconds)
    • [wiki]Fire of Heaven[/wiki] : The Ray is focused on the Crusader in a pulse, who deflects its power with his shield in a tightly focused beam of holy energy across the battlefield. / Also removes the cooldown but adds a resource cost.
  • [wiki]Phalanx[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Bodyguard[/wiki] : Instead of sending the avatars out away from you, you summon the avatars to protect you, who fight by your side for X seconds.
  • [wiki]Falling Sword[/wiki] Cost: 25 Wrath / Cooldown: 25 seconds / Launch yourself into the heavens and come crashing down on your enemies, dealing 550% weapon damage to everything within 15 yards of where you land. (Damage up from 400%)
    • [wiki]Superheated[/wiki] : The ground you fall on becomes holy for 6 seconds, dealing 100% weapon damage per second to all enemies who pass over it. (Duration down from 60 seconds)
    • [wiki]Rise Brothers[/wiki] : You land with such force that avatars of your order are summoned forth to fight by your side for 20 seconds. (Duration down from 60 seconds)
    • [wiki]Rapid Descent[/wiki] : Reduce the cooldown by 1 second for each enemy hit. Reduces the damage to 350% weapon damage. (Damage up from 200%)
    • [wiki]Swordnado[/wiki] : A flurry of swords is created at your impact location, which persists for X seconds.
  • [wiki]Blessed Hammer[/wiki] Cost: 10 Wrath / Summon a blessed hammer that spins around you, dealing 85% weapon damage to any enemy hit.(Previously hammers pierced enemies, damage down from 125%)
    • [wiki]Fire Hammer[/wiki] : The hammers are made of fire.The hammers have a 25% chance to drop pools of fire on the ground they travel over. Occasionally fire chains will spawn between two hammers. (Previously called Multi-Hammer. The hammer split in two when hitting enemies. The two smaller hammers went in random direction dealing 25% weapon damage)
    • [wiki]Orbital Hammer[/wiki] : The Hammers will now orbit you as you move.
  • [wiki]Retaliation[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Vacuum[/wiki] : As the retaliation charges up, it sucks in monsters. The closer it is to exploding, the more monsters it sucks in.
    • [wiki]Eternal Retaliation[/wiki] : For every monster hit by the explosion, the cooldown of retaliation is reduced by 1.
    • [wiki]Shattering Explosion[/wiki] : The damage area is increased to 20 yards.
    • [wiki]Unleashed[/wiki] : The explosion now goes off instantly.
  • [wiki]Blessed Shield[/wiki] Cost: 25 Wrath / Hurl a celestial shield at enemies, dealing 245% weapon damage and 10% of shield block amount as damage. The shield will ricochet to 3 targets nearby. (Damage up from 200%, ricochet up from 1 target)
    • [wiki]Staggering Shield[/wiki] : Blessed Shield has a 80% chance to stun the first enemy hit for 2 seconds. For each additional strike, Blessed Shield has a 20% decreased chance to stun. (Stun chance down from 100%, stun duration down from 4 seconds)
    • [wiki]Fiery Shield[/wiki] 60% Chance when hitting monsters to do a fiery explosion of 10 yards, dealing 210% weapon damage to all caught in explosion. (Previously called Deadly Nimbus. Increased your Block Chance by 20% and Armor by 50%. Blocking created an explosion)
    • [wiki]Shattering Throw[/wiki] : When the shield hits an enemy it splits into 3 small fragments which bounce between enemies nearby, dealing 25% weapon damage to all enemies they hit.
  • [wiki]Shield Bash[/wiki] Cost: 25 Wrath / Bash all enemies in front of you with your shield, dealing 270% weapon damage as holy, plus 270% shield block amount as damage as holy. / Enemies struck have a 20% chance to be stunned, increased by 25% of your shield's block chance. / The skill can also be used to reflect projectiles. (Shield block damage amount up from 10%)
    • [wiki]Pulverize[/wiki] : Monsters that are killed by Shield Bash have a chance to explode, dealing 270% weapon damage and knockback to monsters behind them
    • [wiki]Shattered Shield[/wiki] : The shield shatters into other smaller fragments, hitting more enemies, dealing 50% weapon damage and 10% of your shield's armor value as damage. / The skill can also be used to reflect projectiles. (Previously did not reflect projectiles)
    • [wiki]Shield Cross[/wiki] : Shields erupt from you in a cross formation. Enemies hit by any of the shields will take 40% weapon damage and 10% of your shield's armor value as damage. / The skill can also be used to reflect projectiles. (Previously did not reflect projectiles)
    • [wiki]Pummel[/wiki] : The range is reduced but the damage is dramatically increased.
    • [wiki]One on One[/wiki] : Either the monster that is targeted or the first monster hit is rooted in place. All other monsters hit are knocked back.
  • [wiki]Steed Charge[/wiki] Cooldown: 15 seconds / You are picked up by magical steed, allowing you to ride through enemies unimpeded for 3 seconds.
    • [wiki]Charge[/wiki] : Now does 200% weapon damage per second and knockback to monsters you run through and destroys wreckables.
    • [wiki]Marathon Steed[/wiki] : Increases the duration to 6 seconds.
    • [wiki]Healing Steed[/wiki] : Regen 3% of your life while riding the horse.
    • [wiki]Fiery Steed[/wiki] : Fiery horse, horses footprints leave a trail of fire.
    • [wiki]Drag[/wiki] : Pick a random 5 monsters near the location you start riding the steed. Those monsters are dragged behind you, dealing 0 weapon damage per second to them.
  • [wiki]Judgment[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Conversion[/wiki] : Enemies who are judged have a chance to be converted into an Avatar of the Order.
  • [wiki]Shield Glare[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Confusion[/wiki] : Enemies hit by the glare have their movement speed reduced by X% for Y seconds.
  • [wiki]Akarat's Champion[/wiki] Cooldown: 120 seconds / Channel the power of your order exploding into the burning fury of Akkarat's Champion. / When you convert, you will errupt with fire, dealing 200% weapon damage as fire to all enemiesnearby, and continue to explode with fire dealing 25% weapon damage every 3 seconds. / While you are converted, several of your stats will be increased for 20 seconds. / Armor: 40% / Attack Speed: 25% / Wrath Regeneration Rate: 100% / Movement Speed: 20% (Previously cost 50 Wrath, had no cooldown. Made the Crusader ignite, burning all enemies who touch him)
  • [wiki]Consecration[/wiki] Cooldown: 30 seconds / Consecrate the ground 20 yards around you for 10 seconds. You and your allies heal 2890 - 3716 Life per second while standing on the consecrated ground. / Heal amount is increased by 25% of your Life per Second. (Cooldown up from 20 seconds, range increased from 13 yards)
    • [wiki]Aegis Purgatory[/wiki] : The consecrated ground becomes sacred, and enemies cannot enter or leave sacred ground.(Previously also gave allies 20 resistance to all elements)
    • [wiki]Frozen Ground[/wiki] : The ground becomes frozen. Enemies that walk into the frozen ground will be slowed, and have a 5% chance to be chilled for 2 seconds. (Previously called Well of Healing. Summoned a healing well with 6 charges)
    • [wiki]Fearful[/wiki] : Enemies who are inside, or who enter, the consecration have a 20%chance to be feared for 2 seconds.
  • [wiki]Bombardment[/wiki] Cooldown: 60 seconds / Call in an assault from afar, raining balls of burning pitch and stone onto enemies around you, dealing 10% weapon damage. The bombardment continues on randomly targeted monsters nearby for the next 6 seconds. (Weapon damage down from 400%, duration down from 22 seconds)
    • [wiki]Moo-Splat[/wiki] : Instead of hurling burning balls of pitch, the carcasses of dead and diseased animals (cows) are thrown. When they land, their poisoned parts are scattered across the battlefield, leaving the area poisoned for a 3 seconds doing 250% weapon damage per second. (Duration down from 5 seconds)
    • [wiki]Targeted[/wiki] : If you have a target highlighted when you cast bombardment, that enemy will be the focal point of all the bombardments.
  • [wiki]Punish[/wiki] Generate: 5 Wrath per attack / Smash your enemy for 130% weapon damage, plus 10% of your shield's block amount as damage. Your strikes heighten your battle senses, increasing your block chance by 25% for 3 seconds. (Block Chance up from 2%)
    • [wiki]Retaliate[/wiki] : When you block with Heightened Awareness active, your attacker takes 10% weapon damage and 10% of your Thorns damage. (Heightened Awareness component added)
    • [wiki]Celerity[/wiki] : When you block with Heightened Awareness active, your attack speed is increased by 15% for 3 seconds. (Heightened Awareness component added)
    • [wiki]Rebirth[/wiki] : When you block with Heightened Awareness active, your Life regeneration is increased by 500% for 3 seconds. (Heightened Awareness component added)
    • [wiki]Roar[/wiki] : When you block you have a X% chance to deal Y% Thorns damage in a 15 yard radius around you.
  • [wiki]Scourge[/wiki] Generate: 5 Wrath per attack / Scourge your enemies for 100% weapon damage. Striking an enemy surrounds it in hallowed threads which have a chance to jump to 3 nearby enemies. (Damage down from 120%)
    • [wiki]Empowered Wrath[/wiki] : The chains explode after 0.5 seconds dealing 85% weapon damage. (Timer down from 1 second)
    • [wiki]Leaping Wrath[/wiki] : Increases the number of jumps that scourge can make to X.
  • [wiki]Slash[/wiki] Generate: 5 Wrath per attack / Ignite the air 5 yards in front of you with Holy fire, causing 100% weapon damage to all enemies caught in it. For every enemy you hit, your attack speed will be increased by 3% for 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 10 times. (Damage down from 135%, Attack Speed component added)
    • [wikiResourceful Slash[/wiki] : You gain an extra 1 wrath for every enemy hit.
    • [wiki]Lightning[/wiki] : The slash becomes charge with pure lightning, stunning enemies it hits for 2 - 2 seconds.
    • [wiki]Crush[/wiki] : The damage dealt by slash has a 40% chance to be crushing damage, dealing damage equal to 5% of their current hitpoints.
    • [wiki]Cleaving Slash[/wiki] : Change the payload to be a pie in front of you instead of a straight line
    • [wiki]Armor Up[/wiki] : Attacking increases your armor.
  • [wiki]Provoke[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Life Regen[/wiki] : For every monster taunted, you gain 1% increase to life regen for 5 seconds. This can stack up to 10 times.
    • [wiki]Flee Fool[/wiki] : Instead of Taunting, you cause the monsters to flee in fear for 3 seconds.
    • [wiki]Too Scared to Run[/wiki] : Taunted enemies have their attack and movement speed slowed by 50%.
    • [wiki]Charged Up[/wiki] : For 10 seconds after casting provoke, any damage you deal will also deal 20% weapon damage as lightning.
    • [wiki]Hit Me[/wiki] : For 5 seconds after casting provoke your block chance is increased by 50%.
  • [wiki]Iron Skin[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Lightning[/wiki] : You become electrified, dealing 20% weapon damage as lightning to nearby enemies every second.
    • [wiki]Steel Skin[/wiki] : Increase the duration to 8 seconds
    • [wiki]Explosive Skin[/wiki] : When Iron Skin expires, deal 210% damage as physical to enemies within 12 yards.
    • [wiki]Reflective Skin[/wiki] : Deal 50% of damage absorbed while Iron Skin is active back at attackers.
    • [wiki]Ethereal[/wiki] : While active, your movement speed is increased and you can move through enemies unimpeded.
  • [wiki]Justice[/wiki] Generate: 5 Wrath per attack / Hurl a hammer of justice at your enemies, dealing 115% weapon damage as holy. (Damage down from 140%)
    • [wiki]Sword of Justice[/wiki] : Whenever you hit an enemy, your movement speed is increased by 5% for 3 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
    • [wiki]Splitting Hammer[/wiki] : Chance on hit to split into 2 smaller hammers which fly out and deal 35% weapon damage to enemies
    • [wiki]Seeking Hammer[/wiki] : The hammer now seeks targets
    • [wiki]Exploding Hammer[/wiki] : On impact the hammer explodes, dealing 25% weapon damage as lightning to all enemies caught in the explosion, with a 30% chance to stun enemies hit for 2 seconds
    • [wiki]Holy Bolt[/wiki] : When you hit enemies, you and your allies within 60 yards will be healed for 826 - 1239 life.
  • [wiki]Bird of Prey[/wiki]
    • [wiki]Enrage[/wiki] : Active: The Gyrfalcon enrages, doubling its damage for a short period of time.
  • [wiki]Laws of Justice[/wiki] Cooldown: 30 seconds / Active: Empower the Law, granting you and your allies 600 increased resistance to all elements for 5 seconds. / Passive: Recite a Law, increasing you and your allies resistance to all elements by 300. (All Resistance buff down from 900 when Active, blocking gave a chance for 300 more All Resist for 5 seconds on Passive)
  • [wiki]Laws of Hope[/wiki] Cooldown: 30 seconds / Active: Empower the Law, healing you and your allies for 3303 life per second for 5 seconds. / Passive: Recite a Law, healing you and your allies for 826 life per second. (Previously Active increased resource regeneration by 20%, Passive increased resource generation by 10% for 5 seconds when a health globe is picked up)
  • [wiki]Laws of Valor[/wiki] Cooldown: 30 seconds / Active: Empower the Law, granting you and your allies 10% increased Attack Speed for 5 seconds. / Passive: Recite a Law, granting you and your allies 5% increased Attack Speed. (Previously Active granted 174 Strength and 15% Increased Attack Speed, Passive had a chance to grant 66 Strength for 5 seconds when a critical strike occurs)
    • [wiki]Invincible[/wiki] : Active: Empowering the Law also increases your Life on Hit.(Previously activating granted Life on Hit for 30 seconds, critting gave 10 Life over 5 seconds)
    • [wiki]Frozen in Terror[/wiki] : Active: Empowering the Law also stuns all nearby enemies. (Previously critting gave % chance to stun enemies for 3 seconds, activating increased the % chance further)
    • [wiki]Critical[/wiki] Active: Empowering the Law also increases your Critical Damage Percent. (Previously critting reduced cooldown of Law of Valor by 3 seconds, activating increased cooldown reduction to 4 seconds)
  • [wiki]Laws of Fate[/wiki] Cooldown: 30 seconds / Active: Empower the Law, increasing you and your allies dodge chance by 15% for 5 seconds / Passive: Recite a Law, increasing you and your dodge by 5%. (Previously Active increased Movement Speed by 10% for 5 seconds, Passive had a chance to grant 5% Movement Speed when you dodge)
  • [wiki]Lord Commander[/wiki] Lord Commander
    • stat : The cooldown of Steed Charge is reduced by 5 seconds and Bombardement by 20 seconds. / Damage dealt by Phalanx and Bird of Prey is increased 120%.
    • desc : "You will follow, or you will fall." - unknown
  • [wiki]Blunt[/wiki] Blunt
    • stat : Damage dealt by Justice and Blessed Hammer is increased 120%.
    • desc : "Its Hammer Time" - unknown

Even More New Strings
A lot of strings for monsters, items and areas can be found below.

DiabloFans Quote:

  • x1_PandExt_Time_Activator - Timeless Prison
  • X1_PandExt_ArmorRack - Decaying Weapons
  • x1_Catacombs_Spirit_Totem - Spirit Totem
  • x1_Bog_Ground_Clicky - Loose Stone
  • x1_Bog_Props_Bogpeople_Cage_D - Cage
  • x1_Bog_Props_Bogpeople_Cage_A - Cage
  • x1_Bog_Props_Bogpeople_Cage_B - Cage
  • x1_Bog_Props_Bogpeople_Cage_C - Cage
  • x1_Bog_LoreChest_Adria - Adria's Satchel
  • x1_Pand_Ext_Chest_Skirt - Chest
  • x1_Pand_HexMaze_Chest_Rare - Resplendent Chest
  • x1_Pand_HexMaze_Chest - Chest
  • X1_PandExt_Chest_Rare - Resplendent Chest
  • X1_PandExt_Chest - Chest
  • X1_Fortress_Chest - Chest
  • X1_Fortress_Chest_Ledge - Chest
  • X1_Fortress_Chest_Rare_Ledge - Resplendent Chest
  • x1_Fortress_Chest_Rare - Resplendent Chest
  • x1_Catacombs_chest - Chest
  • x1_Catacombs_chest_rare - Resplendent Chest
  • x1_BogCave_Chest - Chest
  • x1_BogCave_Chest_Rare - Resplendent Chest
  • x1_Abattoir_Chest_Rare - Resplendent Chest
  • x1_Abattoir_Chest - Chest
  • x1_Bog_CatacombsEntranceBlocker - Blocked Catacombs Entrance
  • X1_Fortress_DeathGate - The Death Gate
  • x1_Catacombs_Barrel - Vessel
  • x1_Catacombs_Rock_Pile_A - Stones
  • x1_Bog_Barricade_Breakable - Barricade
  • x1_Bog_CatacombsPortal_BeaconLoc - Nephalem Guidestone
  • x1_Bog_CatacombsPortal_BeaconLoc_First - Nephalem Guidestone
  • x1_Catacombs_AdriaBloodShrine - Corrupted Nephalem Shrine
  • a4dun_spire_AngelCorpse_Barrel_C_LootRuns - Impaled Angel
  • a4dun_spire_AngelCorpse_Barrel_A_LootRuns - Impaled Angel
  • a4dun_spire_AngelCorpse_Barrel_B_LootRuns - Impaled Angel
  • x1_Bog_Barrel - Barrel
  • LootRunKey - A powerful mage could use this unstable artifact to open a portal to the alternate reality that birthed it.
  • DevilsHand_00_01 - "From this day forward, I shall forsake my vows as a templar. I will seek power wherever it may lie, and the order will bleed for what it has done to me." —Jondar
  • DevilsHand_00_02 - Given to Mira by Haedrig on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.
  • DevilsHand_00_03 - "Best wishes on your promotion to Captain. May your blade be true and your nerves steadfast." —Inscription by Mayor Holus
  • Unique_Sword_2H_102_x1 - This massive holy weapon was once owned by an overzealous paladin named Cam. The blade earned its name when Cam was confronted by a strange warrior from the east who claimed that a darkness coiled at the heart of the Zakarum faith, one that threatened to undo its good works. Cam listened politely to the claims, then with a scream of “Blasphemer!” lopped off the shocked stranger's head.
  • Unique_Bow_101_x1 - Long ago, an outmatched hero defeated a great demon archer with a lucky shot and claimed its mighty weapon as his own. It was to be the last good fortune he enjoyed, as the dying demon's curse wormed its way into the bow. For the remainder of his short life, the hero never knew a day free from conflict. Strife and destruction have dogged every poor soul to bear the bow.
  • Unique_Mighty_2H_101_x1 - The storm of demonic destruction that thundered toward the gates of Harrogath was held back for what seemed like ages by a lone barbarian wielding this great weapon. But even the mightiest of warriors will tire and eventually fall, and such was the case with this nameless hero. Val Narian Greataxe was thought lost in the destruction of the sacred mountain, but has recently resurfaced intact.
  • Crafting_Training_Tome_01 - [temp] This weighs more than a telephone book, though nobody knows what that is anymore.
  • X1_A5_Challenge_Fortress_Sentinels - Ancient Sentinels
  • x1_fortress_entrance - Pandemonium Fortress Entrance
  • x1_fortress_level_00_entrance - Pandemonium Fortress Entrance
  • A4_dun_Garden_of_Hope_Master - Gardens of Hope 1st Tier
  • A4_dun_Spire_Master - Gateway to the Silver Spire- Herd Mentality
  • x1_A1_Challenge_OldTristram_TippingPoint - Cultist Legion
  • X1_LR_Tileset_Pony - Whimsyshire
  • A1_trOUT_Highlands_Southern_Master - Southern Highlands
  • A1_trOUT_Highlands_Northern_Master - Northern Highlands
  • X1_Graveyard_Crypt - Graveyard Crypt
  • X1_MooMooHalls - Slaughterhaus
  • X1_LR_Tileset_Exterior_Ramparts - Skycrown Battlements
  • X1_LR_Tileset_Exterior_GardensOfHope - Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier
  • X1_Slaughterhaus - Slaughterhaus
  • X1_LR_Tileset_Exterior_Wilderness - The Weeping Hollow
  • X1_LR_Tileset_Exterior_Highlands - LR Highlands
  • X1_Westm_AmbushReturnPortal - Return Portal
  • x1_Monstrosity_ScorpionBug_A_Small
  • LacuniFemale_C_OpenWorld_Unique - Aspect of Envy
  • ThousandPounder_C_Unique_DevilsHand - Aspect of Sloth
  • Treasure_Goblin_C_Unique_DevilsHand - Aspect of Greed
  • x1_LR_Boss_BogBlight - More Blight
  • X1_LR_Boss_Brickhouse - She's a ...
  • x1_LR_Boss_Despair - TEMP LR Boss Despair
  • x1_LR_Boss_Gluttony - Temp - LR Boss Gluttony
  • x1_LR_Boss_MalletDemon - Temp - go hammer go hammer go
  • x1_LR_Boss_SiegebreakerDemon - Temp - Siegebreaker LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_SkeletonKing - Temp - SkeletonKing LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_SpiderQueen - Temp - Spider Queen LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_ThousandPounder - Temp - Thousand Pounder LR Boss
  • X1_LR_Boss_Unburied - Temp - Unburied LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_Warden - Temp - Warden LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_WickerMan - Temp - WickerMan LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_FallenChampion - Temp - FallenChampion LR Boss
  • x1_BogFamily_brute_unique_familyEvent_A - Proud Father of Three
  • x1_Monstrosity_ScorpionBug_A_event_unique - The Vengeful Tyrant
  • X1_BigRed_TimeTrapped_A - Siege Runekeeper
  • X1_demonTrooper_TimeTrapped_A - Siege Runekeeper
  • X1_ThousandPounder_TimeTrapped_A - Siege Runekeeper
  • x1_Malthael - Deadly Apparition
  • x1_Malthael_Spirit - Deadly Apparition
  • X1_MastaBlasta_Rider_Boss_Event_ChronoTrigger - Siege Runekeeper
  • x1_demonMelee_A_Catacombs_Garden_Event_Unique
  • X1_BigRed_Event_Prison - Siege Runekeeper
  • x1_BileCrawler_Skeletal_A - Skeletal Crawler
  • X1_Event_WestM_HauntedManor_GhostLord - Lord Darius Brenden
  • x1_Ghost_Dark_A - Shadow of Death
  • X1_ItemPassive_Cow - Cow King's Minion
  • x1_ZombieFemale_Skeleton_A - Spitting Bones
  • x1_Zombie_Male_Skeleton_A - Rickety Bones
  • x1_WestmarchHound_Skeleton_A - Canine Bones
  • x1_ZombieSkinny_Skeleton_A - Hungering Bones
  • x1_demonMelee_A_Catacombs_Garden_Event - Chamber Guardian
  • ThousandPounder_C_Unique_DevilsHand - Bholen
  • Treasure_Goblin_C_Unique_DevilsHand - Snitchley
  • OmniNPC_Tristram_Male_E_angryBatsEvent - [TEMP] Researcher
  • x1_LR_Boss_BogBlight - Temp - Boss Blight
  • X1_LR_Boss_Brickhouse - Temp - Boss Brickhouse
  • x1_LR_Boss_Despair - TEMP LR Boss Despair
  • x1_LR_Boss_Gluttony - Temp - LR Boss Gluttony
  • x1_LR_Boss_MalletDemon - Temp - LR Boss MalletDemon
  • x1_LR_Boss_SiegebreakerDemon - Temp - Siegebreaker LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_SkeletonKing - Temp - SkeletonKing LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_SpiderQueen - Temp - Spider Queen LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_ThousandPounder - Temp - Thousand Pounder LR Boss
  • x1_NPC_Westmarch_KingJustinian - King Justinian IV
  • X1_LR_Boss_Unburied - Temp - Unburied LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_Warden - Temp - Warden LR Boss
  • x1_LR_Boss_WickerMan - Temp - WickerMan LR Boss
  • x1_bogBlight_Maggot_A_Challenge - Maggot
  • X1_LR_Boss_morluSpellcaster_Ice - TEMP Morlu Caster LR Boss
  • X1_WestmHub_BSS - Soulstone Sliver
  • X1_LR_Boss_morluSpellcaster_Fire - TEMP Morlu Caster LR Boss 2
  • X1_LR_Boss_SandMonster - TEMP Sandmonster LR Boss
  • x1_abattoir_fire_spinner - [TEMP] Fire Spinner
  • bastionsKeepGuard_Ranged_A_NPC_Super - [TEMP] Bastion's Keep Guard
  • x1_Crusader_Judgement_Phalanx - [TEMP] Crusader Phalanx
  • x1_Fortress_Angel_Trooper_A Angelic Host
  • x1_FleshPitFlyer_Pand_A - Crackling Stinger
  • Diablo_shadowClone_Crusader - Shadow Clone
  • X1_BigRed_TimeTrapped_A - Korchoroth
  • X1_demonTrooper_TimeTrapped_A - Dreznok
  • X1_ThousandPounder_TimeTrapped_A - Ghargantula
  • X1_LR_Boss_DeathMaiden - TEMP Death Maiden LR Boss
  • x1_MoleMutant_Melee_A - Blood Golem
  • X1_PandExt_TimeTrap - Timeless Prison
  • x1_MoleMutant_Shaman_A - Blood Golem Shaman
  • X1_Crusader_FistOfHeavens_TeslaCoil_StormCloud - [TEMP] Storm Cloud
  • X1_Challenge_Nephalem_LURETEST - [TEMP] Guard
  • WoodWraith_A_x1_rare - [TEMP] Wood Wraith
  • graveRobber_ghost_A_x1_rare - [TEMP] Grave Robber
  • WitherMoth_A_x1_rare - [TEMP] Withermoth
  • Goatman_Moonclan_Shaman_B_x1_rare - [TEMP] Goatman Shaman
  • Rockworm_D_x1_rare - [TEMP] Rockworm
  • azmodanBodyguard_A_x1_rare - [TEMP] Azmodan's Bodyguard
  • Treasure_Goblin_A_x1_rare - [TEMP] Treasure Goblin
  • X1_WestmHub_Guard_Convert_Malthael - Westmarch Guard
  • x1_Malthael_Spirit - Spirit of Malthael
  • X1_MastaBlasta_Rider_Boss_Event_ChronoTrigger - Rekkar
  • x1_demonMelee_A_Catacombs_Garden_Event_Unique - Door Guardian
  • Corpulent_A_x1_rare - [TEMP] Corpulent
  • X1_Pand_HexMaze_PortalChampSummon - [TEMP] Champion
  • x1_Crusader_Phalanx - Avatar of the Order
  • x1_DeathMaiden_Unique_A_Heaven - Maiden Lamiel
  • x1_MoleMutant_Ranged_A - Blood Golem Ranged
  • x1_Malthael_VO - Malthael
  • x1_Catacomb_Neph_Ally_Male - TEMP Nephalem Ghost

New Quest Strings
ALL Unique mobs in the game have been added as Bounties! They've not been included in the list, because there's nothing more to it then their addition into the questing system. On top of that we have all of them events for Act 5. Warning: This list is obviously super heavy on spoilers!!!

DiabloFans Quote:

  • Name - Herd Mentality
  • Step1Splash - Clear the incoming waves as quickly as possible!
  • Step2Splash - You Win!
  • Step1Meter - Wave Time Left
  • Objective3Desc - Waves Cleared: {Done}/{Needed}
  • Objective7Desc - Destroy the Jar of Souls
  • Objective8Desc - Time Bonus Earned: {Done}
  • Objective12Desc - Time Bonuses Earned: {Done}/3
  • Step13Splash - Speak to Orek
  • Step9Splash - Speak to the Ghost of the Cow King
  • Name -Tipping Point
  • Step1Splash - Kill the scavenger ambushers!
  • Step2Splash - The energies have faded
  • Step1Meter - Time left
  • Objective3Desc - Activate the four totems
  • Objective7Desc - Destroy the Jar of Souls
  • Objective8Desc - Scavengers Killed: {Done}
  • Objective10Desc - Slay the Rare Scavenger
  • Objective11Desc - Activate the Totems: {done}/{Needed}
  • Objective16Desc - Kill for a better boss!
  • Objective19Desc - Slay the Champion Scavenger
  • Step13Splash - Speak to the Ghost of the Cow King
  • Step23Splash - Speak to the Ghost of the Cow King
  • Objective25Desc - Kill the remaining scavenger ambushers!
  • Step26Meter - Time Remaining
  • Step26Splash - Slay the monsters who are enraging!
  • Objective28Desc - Halted Rituals: {Done}
  • Objective27Desc - Halt as many rituals as you can!
  • Objective109Desc - Find the Ruins of Corvus
  • Objective111Desc - Enter the Great Hall
  • Step110Header - Enter the Great Hall in the Ruins of Corvus.
  • Objective114Desc - Open the door to the Great Hall
  • Objective116Desc - Talk to Tyrael at the Survivors' Enclave
  • Step108Header - Search the Nephalem Ruins for the Ruins of Corvus.
  • Step113Header - Open the door to the Great Hall.
  • Step115Header - Talk to Tyrael at the Survivors' Enclave.
  • Objective122Desc - Eliminate the false Nephalem entrances using the Waystones
  • Objective123Desc - Entrance "A" eliminated
  • Objective124Desc - Entrance "B" eliminated
  • Objective125Desc - Entrance "C" eliminated
  • Objective132Desc - Use the Nephalem Guidestones to find the passage to the Ruins of Corvus
  • Objective133Desc - "Triangle" passage eliminated
  • Objective134Desc - "Square" passage eiminated
  • Objective135Desc - "Pentagon" passage eliminated
  • Objective136Desc - "Equals Sign" passage eliminated
  • Step67BNetTitle - Overgrown Ruins
  • Step67BNetText - Find the entrance to the Tomb of Rakkis in the Overgrown Ruins.
  • Step92BNetTitle - Guidestones
  • Step73BNetTitle - Passage to Corvus
  • Step73BNetText - Use the guidestones to find the correct Passage to Corvus.
  • Objective33Desc - Board the Ram
  • Step32Header - Board the Ram from the Siege Outpost.
  • Step9Header - Board the Ram from the Siege Outpost.
  • Step25Header - Breach the gate to the Pandemonium Fortress.
  • Step27Header - Kill Mordrath and destroy the Siege Hooks on the Ram.
  • Step29Header - Destroy the gate with the Ram.
  • Step22Header - Leave the Ram into the Pandemonium Fortress Entrance.
  • Objective4Desc - Kill the attacking chiroptera
  • Objective2Desc - Release the seals
  • Name - TEMP Angry Bats
  • Objective9Desc - Protect the researcher or he will die
  • Objective7Desc - Speak to the field researcher
  • Step10Splash - Event Complete
  • Step8Splash - Protect the researcher
  • Step3Splash - Save the man being attacked!
  • Objective27Desc - Protect the researcher or he will die
  • Objective29Desc - Protect the researcher or he will die
  • Objective20Desc - Kill the second wave of chiroptera and their companions
  • Objective30Desc - Kill the final wave of chiroptera and their companions
  • Objective31Desc - Protect the researcher, or he will die
  • Objective2Desc - Fight off the in coming hordes
  • Objective4Desc - Fight off the second wave
  • Objective6Desc - Destroy the final wave!
  • Name - Treasure of the Nephalem
  • Step1Splash - Aid the ghostly warriors
  • Name - Brutal Assault
  • Step4Splash - Open the Treasure
  • Step2Splash - Kill the Brutes
  • Name - Demon Prison
  • Objective3Desc -TEMP - Waves Complete: {Done}/{Needed}
  • Name - Morlu Prison
  • Step4Splash - Slay the remaining Demons!
  • Step8Splash -Defeat the Elite Demon and his minions
  • Step11Splash - Smash the crystal
  • Objective7Desc - Slay the awakening Morlu: {Done}/{Needed}
  • Step14Splash - Help the Angel Guard
  • Objective15Desc - Talk to the angel
  • Name - The Souls of Angels
  • Objective6Desc - Kill the Soul Scavenger
  • Objective8Desc - Go to the northern platform and call out the Soul Scavenger
  • Objective10Desc - Speak with Jamella
  • Name - The Angered Dead
  • Objective2Desc - Investigate the Brenden Manor Grounds
  • Objective4Desc - Defeat the Angered Dead
  • Description - The ancestral spirits of this manor have arisen in anger due to the deaths of their entire line. Put them to rest.
  • Objective0Desc - Something's afoot at Brenden Manor
  • UnassignedStepBNetText - Something's amiss at the Bredenbudder Manor
  • Objective2Desc - Release the seals or leave in peace
  • Name - Ancient Prison
  • Objective6Desc - Refused to free the demons
  • Objective12Desc - Refused to free the demons
  • Step5Splash - complete
  • Objective21Desc - Time to leave
  • Step22Splash - Release the last three seals
  • Step1Splash - Release the seals or leave in peace
  • Step8Header - Kill Malthael.
  • Objective40Desc - Go to Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
  • Objective43Desc - Go to Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
  • Objective57Desc - Go to Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
  • UnassignedStepBNetTitle - Begin Quest
  • UnassignedStepBNetText - Begin this quest.
  • Step30BNetTitle - The Fortress
  • Name - The Time Trap
  • Objective2Desc - Defeat the Timetrapped Demons
  • Step8Splash - Kill the attacking rock monsters!
  • Objective11Desc - Turn off the Timeless Prison
  • Objective12Desc - Get the Siege Rune from Rekkar
  • Name - The Demonic Prisoner
  • Objective2Desc - Kill Emikdeva to get the Siege Rune
  • Objective5Desc - Deactivate the Timeless Prison
  • Objective42Desc - Follow Imperius's trail
  • Step41Header - Follow Imperius's trail at the Path of War.
  • Objective44Desc - Get the Siege Runes: {Done}/{Needed}
  • Objective46Desc - Enter the Siege Outpost
  • Step43Header - Get the Siege Runes by killing the demons in Timeless Prisons in the Battlegrounds of Eternity.
  • Step45Header - Go to the Siege Outpost from the Battlegrounds of Eternity.
  • Step35BNetTitle - Journey to Pandemonium
  • UnassignedStepBNetTitle - Begin Quest
  • UnassignedStepBNetText - Begin this quest.
  • Step11BNetTitle - Speak with Imperius
  • Step26BNetTitle - Battlegrounds of Eternity
  • Step26BNetText - Explore the Battlegrounds of Eternity.
  • Step43BNetTitle - Siege Runes
  • Step1Header - Enter Tyrael's portal to the Pandemonium Gate.
  • Objective12Desc - Go to the Path of War
  • Objective14Desc - Defeat the Reapers
  • Objective16Desc - Talk to Imperius
  • Objective18Desc - Kill Malthael's reapers
  • Step15Header - Talk to Imperius in front of the Pandemonium Gate.
  • Step17Header - Kill Malthael's reapers at the Pandemonium Gate.
  • Step11Header - Go through the portal to the Path of War.
  • Name - Walk in the Park
  • Step1Splash - Slay the Reapers to unlock the Inner Gates
  • Step1Header - Exit the Survivors' Enclave to Westmarch Heights.
  • Step6Header - Go through Westmarch Heights to the Tower of Korelan. Stop the Fire Starters from burning down the city.
  • Step10Header - Talk to Urzael at the Tower of Korelan.
  • Step12Header - Kill Urzael at the Tower of Korelan.
  • Step14Header - Talk to Malthael at the Tower of Korelan.
  • Step16Header - Return to the Survivors' Enclave.
  • Step18Header - Talk to Tyrael at the Survivors' Enclave.
  • Step1BNetTitle - Westmarch Heights
  • Objective67Desc - Talk to Myriam
  • Step62Header - Go through Westmarch Commons to Gideon's Row, then find the Soul Crucible there.
  • Step57Header - Destroy the Corpse Piles in Gideon's Row.
  • Step60Header - Kill Drygha in Gideon's Row.
  • Step30Header - Talk to Myriam in Gideon's Row.
  • Step32Header - Go through Gideon's Row to Briarthorn Cemetery.
  • Step55Header - Search Briarthorn Graveyard for Nobles Rest Courtyard, then find the Master Soul Crucible there.
  • Step49Header - Destroy the Corpse Piles in Nobles Rest Courtyard.
  • Step53Header - Kill Catharis in Nobles Rest Courtyard.
  • Step34Header - Destroy the Master Soul Crucible in Nobles Rest Courtyard.
  • Step40Header - Talk to Myriam in Nobles Rest Courtyard.
  • Step42Header - Return to the Suvivors' Enclave.
  • UnassignedStepBNetText - Begin this quest.
  • Step62BNetTitle - Gideon's Row
  • Step62BNetText - Search the Westmarch Commons for Gideon's Row, where Malthael's reapers guard a soul crucible.
  • Step30BNetTitle - Talk to the Mystic


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