Blizzard Working Hard on 'Loot 2.0', Exclusive Merch at SD Comic Con, Blue Posts, Code of Conduct Clarifications

Reminder: Exclusive Fansite Console Info From Blizzard HQ

Blizzard Working Hard on 'Loot 2.0'
Instead of the elusive Patch 1.0.9 Blizzard is concentrating on a lot of new D3 content in different forms, among which is 'loot 2.0' and some changes that 'will greatly impact many areas of the game, including core gameplay elements'. More information is promised to be coming... Soon™.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Bad news......forget 1.0.9.
That's good news. They should Take their time and come up with something really great.
Whether or not this is good news is in the eye of the beholder, as some are obviously not too happy about having to wait longer than they expected to get new and improved content.

It is important to emphasize though, that patch 1.0.8 is not the last and final update to the game! In fact we are working hard on new and improved content for Diablo III, including loot 2.0, and I can assure you that you guys will get more detailed information about these things we are working on as development continues.

I know we have been saying this a lot lately, but the changes we are working on will greatly impact many areas of the game, including core gameplay elements, and we have to work meticulously and carefully to get things right because we want to be absolutely sure that they live up to your expectations :-)

Do you have an ETA (ballpark figure is fine)? 3 months, 6 months, a year...
I do not I'm afraid. Providing ETAs has always been quite difficult for us due to our iterative development process... this is also one of the reason why we say Soon™ so often.

ETA of the blog then? :)
That will not be possible I think because I am not yet entirely sure that we will be ready to share detailed information on all the things that is being worked on at the same time. Some information will most likely be available sooner than other information, so I can imagine that there will be more than just one blog. Also, the developers would like to do more Q&A sessions and talks about the game on various Diablo community sites in a similar manner to what we recently saw in Archon the Wizard's stream.

All I can say for now is to keep an eye on our blog pages on a regular basis :-)

Exclusive Blizzard Merch at San Diego Comic Con

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

If you're headed to San Diego Comic-Con in July, don't miss out on the exclusive merchandise we'll have at the Blizzard booth! Whether you're looking for some sinister Diablo Papercraft, an adorable StarCraft collectible, or something special from World of Warcraft, we have you covered!


This soft, huggable, and slightly murderous Zerg buddy is ready to keep you company at night! Transforms (at will) from Zergling to Baneling with the pull of a zipper. The exclusive San Diego Comic-Con color scheme is limited to 2,000 pieces.


She’s cute. She’s deadly. Mini Sylvanas is the first in an exclusive new series of micro action figures. Limited to 2,000 pieces, so you’ll have to act quickly to snatch up a Banshee Queen of your very own.


With his big, adorable eyes and bold colors, Funko’s vinyl Shadow Illidan is sure to find a way to adorably corrupt your soul. Shadow Illidan is a Comic-Con exclusive variant of the upcoming Funko POP! Vinyl Blizzard line of toys and is limited to 750 pieces at the Blizzard booth and 250 at the Funko booth.


Blizzard will be the exclusive retailer for the Hardcover Edition of Udon’s new art book collecting fan-created tributes to the Warcraft universe. Only 300 copies of this Comic-Con exclusive will be available.


Show off your impressive item level by equipping our new Epic Purple Lanyard in your neck slot! This lanyard features a custom-embroidered stat tag, four-color purple ribbon, and a rotating lobster claw clasp. These lanyards are available on a first come, first serve basis to visitors at the Blizzard booth.


Korean Papercraft comes to the United States with Diablo, Thrall, and Raynor models. Comic Con will be the US premiere of the new Korean product line by MOMOT.

Our San Diego Comic-Con exclusives are a limited run produced only for the convention, so make sure you're ready to grab them early. We hope to see you there!

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Brawling is The Only PvP Content For Console
The console version of Diablo III has all of the PC content up to patch 1.0.7 (and then some), so it'll have the Brawling feature, but no additional options for it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

PS4 Version Won't Be Compatible With PS3
Can i use my Diablo 3(PS3 ) disc on Ps4?
I thought I heard the answer to this at some point, but I double checked around the office (and in google) to be sure. The PS4 is not backwards compatible with a PS3 disc. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Custom Music Will Be Exclusive for XBox 360
By default all 360 games can play your own music streamed from your PC or hard drive.
Can this be done on the PS3 .
Each platform has its own set of features, and background audio is supported a little differently between the two consoles. They both have the original background soundtrack, but only the Xbox 360 will allow you to play custom music. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Code of Conduct Clarifications
A member of the Official Forums demanded an explanation on a few points of the Code of Conduct and Goroxxiggam took the job very seriously as is evident from the long post you can read below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

While reading the code of conduct (CoC) page I noticed that no warning/explanation is given and the user is left to figure out what they did wrong so that they don't repeat the offense.
When a forum account is penalized it should receive a note that is visible during the suspension period. When you log into the forum account you'll be informed that the account is suspended/banned. If you click the Learn More option you should see any related notes to that action. This usually includes details on the action taken, sometimes quoting the offending post and how long the suspension is for.

1) One will NOT be penalized or CoC enforcement will be slow, if one creates posts/threads that are inflammatory, peppered with discriminatory remarks, and/or littered with personal attacks, with the expressed intent to cause trouble, derail topics, and start flame wars.
No, reported posts are processed mostly in the order they are received though depending on the volume of those reports we have, a report may take awhile to get to.

2) One will be censored or penalized rather swiftly if one creates posts/threads that might strongly criticize and/or may cause doubt/uncertainty/distrust toward Blizzard (the company), its products, or its business practices.
We, members of the Moderation Team, primarily respond to reports submit through the forum reporting option. However, we also may spot check random forums, keeping an eye out for threads that may stand out as in need of moderation. Members of Community may also actively moderate threads while they are reviewing active posts.

For example, I made a thread titled "New Self-found ONLY server Please" and it was deleted.
This one? On the EU forum?
Or this one, that quotes the entire post and links to the EU forum?
If you had another one, I wasn't able to immediately find it but I'd say it would have been deleted as spam at that point.

Also, as noted, you can't compare moderation of your own thread to moderation of other threads, especially on the weekends! It all depends on if others report the posts/threads and if there are any mods at work. Weekends do have moderation, but it can be very sporadic.
Well said, MissCheetah. As noted we do have moderation on the weekends, but currently that coverage may be lighter than during the week. Obviously it may may take a bit longer to get to a report but each report submit to us is reviewed for possible Code of Conduct/Forum Guideline violations.

Forum mods need only to lock the thread.
In some situations we may, but most often in the case of duplicate threads or when there are already multiple threads on the same subject we may opt to simply remove the thread.

As noted if you wish to inquire about the moderation of a particular thread you'll need to write the us, however, the [email protected] email is primarily for the Warcraft forums. It will still work but Diablo III and StarCraft II forums should go to [email protected]

For feedback on forum moderators, the community team or MVP's, [email protected]


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