Archon on Demon Hunters and Powerful Builds, The Art of TeknoKyo Customs, Curse Weekly Roundup

Archon on Demon Hunters and Powerful Builds
Popular streamers and Wizard, Archon, has released a new video in which he delves into some of the problems Diablo 3 has. Specifically he talks about the Demon Hunter, why the class feels less powerful than other classes, the power of some Wizard and Barbarian builds and even brings up some potential solutions to these issues.

Check out his video below and feel free to discuss the topic in our comment section.

Fan Creation of the Week: The Art of TeknoKyo Customs

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The heroes of Diablo are men and women of action. From the smooth teleports of a skilled Wizard to the impressive acrobatics of a cunning Demon Hunter, these heroes know how to get the job done. Some particularly gifted fan artists have even taken up the challenge of crafting these dynamic heroes of Sanctuary in the flesh.

This week’s community spotlight shares the work of TeknoKyo Customs and his fully articulated Diablo action figures.

The first of these figures is a four-inch replica of a Diablo III Demon Hunter. It took TeknoKyo Customs around four months to complete this figure, and it includes many intricate details, including two ornate crossbows that are ready to shed some demon blood.

The second figure is a throwback to an earlier era in Sanctuary's history. It's an action figure based on the game version of the Diablo II Assassin. TeknoKyo Customs used contour putty in order to further modify the figure in the ways he wanted, and the results are quite intimidating!

Want to see more of TeknoKyo's custom action figures? Make sure to scope out his website's extensive gallery!

Curse Weekly Roundup
In this week's Curse Roundup Jess talks about Xbox One dropping all bad policies, War Z's name change, EA, Steam, Witcher 3 and a special Curse announcement!


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