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Rings and Amulets To Roll iLevel 63 Affixes and More Information
With patch 1.0.5 both rings and amulets will now be able to roll level 63 affixes.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Confirmed. In 1.0.5, rings and amulets can roll level 63 affixes.

Quick question. Does this mean that on MP1 and up a treasure goblin spawned by the puzzle ring proc will be level 63?
Treasure goblins that spawn from Puzzle Rings will still be level 61 (in all acts of Inferno). This is regardless of Monster Power.

Legendaries can roll two types of stats. The first type are kind like hard coded ranges. E.g. storm crow always has an int roll between like 90-100. The second are random magical properties. Could you clarify that when a legendary rolls a random magical property, that it is NOT being rolled w.r.t to monster level, but from the 1.04 method.
On the PTR right now, random Legendary affixes do not benefit from monster level (they still roll with the item level). As I mentioned previously, this is intended and how we believed Legendary items should continue to behave in 1.0.5, along with crafted items and vendor items. Due the feedback we've seen, though, we are currently considering changing how that works, so that the random Legendary affixes (the magical properties you mentioned, not the hard-coded ones) -- can roll at the monster's level.

It's not settled yet, of course, and it's something we'd want to test it pretty heavily if we do decide to move forward with the change, but it's definitely not something we're opposed to doing.

Actual xp values on mobs can still vary just like how a bowman has 3600 xp and a stygian crawler is 4500, mob density and clear speed, in terms of the actual loot itself, absolutely none, hope this clears it up for you, and yes i played the ptr extensively and can confirm this 100%
Play wherever you think is most fun for equal loot reward.

Nailed it. There will be still be some differences between the Inferno acts (due to the way the monsters are designed), but it's really up to your personal play style right now. If you feel more comfortable farming Act 1, do that. If you like the flow and pace of Act III better, then spend your time there. Since monsters in each act will share the same drop tables in Inferno at MP1 and higher, the idea is for you to play where you want without having to worry explicitly about which monsters drop what and how often. Some acts might be more efficient for you in the end, but that's really for you to decide.

Monster Power Not To Work In Public Games
Though you will be able to play with friends with different MP levels in private games, it looks like you will not be doing so in public games.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

It doesn't work for Public Games. If Monster Power is on, you cannot make your game public. Similarly, when making a public game, Monster Power is disabled.

As you've noted, there are a few issues with allowing MP in Public Games:
  • In general, harder content tends to be less enjoyable with random strangers.*
  • It would make matchmaking more difficult by increasing the number of matchmaking pools (one new pool for each MP level). In turn, that could increase wait times.
  • Issues associated with "leeching" or similar behavior could be exacerbated, especially if under-geared players chose extremely high Monster Power levels for the games they wanted to be matched into.
Although we love and support co-op, since Monster Power is a new system, we didn't want to open it up to Public Games just yet. We're definitely open to revisiting that idea down the road, though.

*Your mileage may vary.

Environment Objects And the Ilvl and Mlvl Change

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

So, two points:
  • Environment objects like chests, barrels, and loose tiles (we call them "gizmos) will all benefit from the iLevel/mLevel change. In patch 1.0.5, items you get from gizmos will now have their affix level determined by the gizmo's level and not the item's level.
  • In terms of Monster Power, gizmos will behave like monsters. At MP1+ in Inferno, gizmos in each act will be bumped up to level 63. (At MP0, nothing changes. They'll just keep their normal level, like monsters do.)
What about crafting
Legendary items, vendor items, and crafted items from the Blacksmith will not be affected by the change. These items will have the same stats in 1.0.5 as they do currently in 1.0.4.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

MP Difficulty
Not at all. I was asking contextual questions to get a better picture of what was happening (if someone is undergeared for a certain MP level, then they may have hard time), and just suggesting that if a specific MP level felt OVERWHELMINGLY difficult, then it's best to report that in the Bug Report so our QA team could take a look.

In general, though, Inferno on MP1 is going to feel a little different because all the monsters will now be level 63 right from the beginning. For some players, this might make MP1 seem a little too difficult at first if you're not expecting it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 1.0.5 Release (or lack of) Date
I already responded to you via Twitter, but I'll go ahead and reiterate here: we don't have a release date for 1.0.5 to share just yet. :) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Build Diversity
Thanks for your understanding and feedback. :)

We’re always striving to improve the balance of the game, but we’re not trying to do it by explicitly and constantly nerfing the most powerful build simply because it’s popular. The fact remains that we’ve buffed underused skills FAR more than we’ve toned down powerful ones, and our general rule will be to buff rather than nerf whenever possible.

In terms of Zombie Bears, it doesn’t even come close to causing as many problems as Run Like the Wind did when you consider the life gain and mobility factors the WW build afforded barbarians. Is Zombie Bears the most popular build for witch doctors? Yes. But, as it stands, does that alone make them too powerful? No.

Zombie Bears isn’t really in the same ballpark of out-of-balance that WW barbarians are/were. The tuning on Zombie Bears isn’t skewed far enough to cause us to have to consider completely reworking Monster Power just to account for the Bears. It’s also not far enough off that the game experience for witch doctor Zombie Bear players significantly and completely trumps all other classes and builds.

We’re always working towards build diversity, and (like I mentioned previously) we’d rather accomplish that by buffing rather than nerfing. But sometimes when one build/skill is so far out of line, we can’t really buff everything else to its level. In those cases, we’ll nerf when we have to because we believe it’s what’s better for the health of the game. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Pet AI
Good news everyone! (Imagine I said that like Farnsworth from Futurama.)

I spoke with one of our designers and he confirmed that summoned stationary "pets" which behave more like spells -- i.e. Hydras and Sentry Turrets -- will not be affected by this change. They will continue to attack targets as normal.

This change primarily affects followers, quest NPCs, and mobile pets like Gargantuans, Zombie Dogs, and demon hunter Companions. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

A Few Quick Ingame Looks At Unreleased PvP Arenas
Malu05 has returned with another great video showing off D3 in a new light. However this time around we get a great quick look at some of the PvP Arenas. We see these at around 1:15 in the video. Make sure to check out his thread here to leave any feedback.


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