Monk 1.0.4 Guide, 3D Fan Art, Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway

Diablo III Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway
Our weekly Inferno booster pack giveaway is currently going until Monday. Make sure to check out the official contest thread for information on the prize on how to enter.

Monk 1.0.4 Inferno Guide
tryhardenmity has continued his patch 1.0.4 updates to his guides. With his new Monk guide, there is not much change to the class but he goes over tips and tricks to maximize your DPS and goes over other changes he would like to see made to the class. He even asks for other players to submit other viable builds that compare to the cookie cutter build presented. You can check out his original post for comments here.

Diablo 3D Model Fan Art

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Check out this incredible fan artist's 3D model of #Diablo!


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