Skill Videos, New Moderators, Blue Posts, Wiki Digest #8, Beta Screenshots and Curse Weekly Roundup

In-Development – Class Skill Videos, Continued
Blizzard just posted on their blog about the skill videos we reported yesterday. We took the time to add them to one video to make them easier to watch.

Welcome New Moderators!
We have brought four new great mods to the team. Make sure to give Aerisot, Gnub, Nuvian, and Overneathe a big warm welcome!

Blue Posts / Twitter

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Let's say that I'm above average player who prefers solo play. Will D3 encourage me to find group to play with at some point?
It's generally more efficient so you may decide to jump into a co-op game, but you won't be prompted or forced to. (Source)

Hey Bash can you tell us if there will be Diminishing Return in magic find and if yes how is gonna work with Nephalem Valor?
Well I don't think it's a linear scale, if that's what you mean. We might share what it is on our game guide sometime after launch. (Source)

dude! When is an update coming to the Battletag system?! I can't register 'ultranorth' and I'm afraid someone else may take it!
Sometime before release. :) But BattleTags aren't unique, so there's nothing to worry about. (Source)

Nice HD images from the GDC. Do you guys have video of the panel to share aswell?
As far as I've been able to gather it wasn't recorded. (Source)

Wiki Digest #8 by PhrozenDragon

DiabloFans Quote:

As a quick pointer in this Digest, if you're looking to help out with updating the wiki it could be worthwhile to check out - Talk:Diablo III Patches Talk:Diablo III Patches. There you'll find a list of all the things that were changed in the most recent patch and that need updating.

In any case though, Sojourna continues since last time with correcting typos, grammatical errors, weird page layouts and other ugly and unprofessional errors in the wiki. However she has also rewritten much of the - Diablo III Diablo III page itself, which was in quite the need and showing out of date information.

For those of you who haven't read the - Sword of Justice Sword of Justice comic, we have a new page wit ha plot summary and information.

In the track of the recent beta patches, Apoc has as always continued to update our Diablo III related articles, such as the - Blacksmith Blacksmith, - Hall of Fallen Heroes Hall of Fallen Heroes and the hated and loved - Dataminer Dataminer. And with the recent patch 13 changes he's also revised some old pages, such as - Attributes Attributes, and making sure that all the links in the wiki regarding attributes point the reader in the right direction.

On the lore front there's been a slew of more and updated articles added to the wiki. Adding to this issue of the Digest we have the - Sin War Sin War, - Mage Clan Wars Mage Clan Wars, - Dark Exile Dark Exile, - Horadrim Horadrim, - Zoltun Kulle Zoltun Kulle and - Zakarum Zakarum pages. On the location front we also have - Aranoch Aranoch, the - Dreadlands Dreadlands, - Bastion's Keep Bastion's Keep, - Entsteig Entsteig, - Ivgorod Ivgorod, - Khanduras Khanduras, - Kehjistan Kehjistan, - Scosglen Scosglen, - Skovos Isles Skovos Isles, - Torajan Jungles Torajan Jungles, - Westmarch Westmarch and - Xiansai Xiansai. And with this most of the - Book of Cain Book of Cain content has been added to the wiki in one place or another. Happy reading!

And finally a legacy Diablo II edit. If you were ever wondering what affixes bows could spawn with exactly, wonder no more: Ebonmourn has added the complete list: - Bows (Diablo II) Bows (Diablo II).

Diablo III Beta Screenshots
Today we have some screenshots of the - Barbarian Barbarian working his way through Cathedral level 4 while running into treasure goblins and the chest event.

Curse Weekly Roundup
This week we have news on Mass Effect 3, WoW: Mists of Pandaria, Markus "Notch" Persson receives the Special Award at BAFTA, Call Of Duty: MW 3 releases new DLC, Brick-Force beta stress testing, Magicka's new wiki, Skyrim update 1.5 is out, our indie-game highlight this week, Fowl Space, and stay tuned for upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta content.


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