Patch 10 - Unofficial Changes + Official Patch Notes


Official Blizzard Quote:

The currency-based auction house is back up! As noted in the patch notes, all beta participants have had their Balance reset to 50 Beta Bucks.

UPDATE Official Patch 10 Notes have been posted below.

UPDATE 2 Weapon Skill Affix List Added

Patch 10 - Unofficial Class Changes
Below we have the unofficial class changes coming with patch 10. We will be updating this post with a lot more in the hours to come as well was the official notes once posted. If you see anything that looks odd, point them out in the comments.

  • - Nerves Of Steel Nerves Of Steel: Your DefenseArmor is increased by 25% of your Vitality.
  • - Tough as Nails Tough as Nails: Increases armorArmor by 100%. / Thorns damage dealt increased by 100%.
  • - War Cry War Cry: Generate: 30 Fury / Cooldown: 30 seconds / Unleash a rallying cry to increase the armor ofArmor for you and all allies within 30 yards by 100% for 60 seconds.
    • Alabaster: Increases maximum Life by 16% and regenerates 122890 Life per second while affected by War Cry.
  • - Ground Stomp Ground Stomp: Shake the ground to inflict 70110% weapon damage to all enemies within 12 yards and stun them for 3 seconds.
    • Crimson: Increase damage to 136214% weapon damage.
  • - Ignore Pain Ignore Pain: Cooldown: 6030 seconds / Reduces all damage taken by 65% for 53 seconds.
    • Indigo: Increases duration to 108 seconds.
    • Golden: When activated, knock back all enemies within 8 yards and deal 50% weapon damage to them. Also reduces cooldown time to 4010 seconds.
  • - Ancient Spear Ancient Spear: Throw a spear with a maximum range of 45 yards, pulling an enemy back to the barbarian, slowing movement speed and dealing 100145% weapon damage.
    • Alabaster: Enemies hit with Ancient Spear will be tossed in the opposite direction and damage is increased to 130188% weapon damage.
  • - Furious Charge Furious Charge: Rush forward to inflict 100190% weapon damage to enemies at the destination and 60190% damage to enemies along the path of the charge.
    • Crimson: Increase damage at the destination to 234445% weapon damage.
  • - Wrath of the Berserker Wrath of the Berserker: Cost: 50 Fury / Cooldown: 120 seconds / Enter a berserker rage which raises several attributes for 15 seconds. / Critical Hit: 10% / Attack Speed: 45% / Dodge Chance: 20% / Movement Speed: 20%
  • - Earthquake Earthquake: Shake the ground violently dealing 2400% weapon damage followed by an additional 150250% weapon damage over 8 seconds to all enemies within 18 yards.
  • - Leap Attack Leap Attack: You leap into the air to inflict 70100% weapon damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the destination.
    • Obsidian: Jump into the air with such great force that enemies within 7.5 yards of the origin of the jump take 182260% weapon damage.
  • - Revenge Revenge: Inflict 150220% weapon damage to all enemies within 11 yards and gain 5% of your maximum Life for each enemy hit.
    • Crimson: Increase damage to 234343% weapon damage.
  • - Overpower Overpower: Cooldown: 15 seconds / Deal 150260% weapon damage to all targets within 9 yards. If Overpower critical hits, the cooldown on it is automatically reset. / Cooldown: 15 seconds
Demon Hunter
  • - Sentry Sentry: Drop a turret on the ground. The turret begins firing at nearby enemies for 40%% weapon damage. Lasts 3620 seconds
  • - Rain of Vengeance Rain of Vengeance: Fire a massive volley of arrows around you. Fires 1 waves of arrows that strike for 190385% weapon damage.
    • Crimson: Summon 20 Shadow Beasts to drop bombs on nearby enemies, dealing 247500% weapon damage each.
    • Indigo: Launch a massive volley of guided arrows that rain down on enemies for the next 12 seconds for 148300% weapon damage.
    • Obsidian: Summon a Shadow Beast that drops grenades from the sky for 14 seconds dealing 142289% weapon damage.
    • Golden: A group of 9 Shadow Beasts plummet from the sky at a targeted location dealing 296601% weapon damage and stunning enemies for 2 seconds.
    • Alabaster: Summon a wave of 11 Shadow Beasts to tear across the ground, knocking back enemies and dealing 247500% weapon damage.
  • - Rapid Fire Rapid Fire: Cost: 20 Hatred initially, and an additional 10 Hatred while channeling / Rapidly fire at 6 times your normal attack speed dealing 38for 228%% weapon damage as Physical with every shot.
  • - Impale Impale:
    • Golden: Every use releases a burst of knives centered on you, dealing 104% weapon damage to all enemies within 10 yards.
  • - Strafe Strafe: Cost: 1819 Hatred while channeling / Shoot at 4 times your normal attack speed at random nearby enemies for 140% weapon damage while moving at 65% of normal movement speed. Every shot deals 35% weapon damage.
  • - Transcendence Transcendence: Every point of Spirit spent heals you for 16.2118.6 Life.
  • - Seize the Initiative Seize the Initiative: Your DefenseArmor is increased by 25% of your AttackDexterity.
  • - Fists of Thunder Fists of Thunder: Generate: 6 Spirit per attack / Unleash a series of extremely fast punches that deal 100% weapon damage as Lightning. Every third hit deals damage to all enemies in front of you and knocks them back a short distance. Generates Spirit faster than other Spirit Generators due to the high attack speed.
  • - Breath of Heaven Breath of Heaven: Heal increases to 12999490 - 194914235 Life, and damage increased to 0 - 1 Holy damage.
    • Indigo: Increases the healing to 168912337 - 253418505 Life.
  • - Cyclone Strike Cyclone Strike:
    • Obsidian: The initial cast will also heal you and all allies within 24 yards for 292421352 Life.
  • - Serenity Serenity: Cost: 10 Spirit / Cooldown: 6045 seconds / You are enveloped in a protective shield that intercepts all incoming damage for 3 seconds and grants immunity to all control impairing effects.
    • Crimson: Heal yourself for 479134994 - 584742705 Life when Serenity is activated.
  • - Mantra of Healing Mantra of Healing: Recite a Mantra that causes you and all allies within 40 yards to gain increased Life regeneration by 81.2593.1 Life per second. Lasts 3 minutes. / For 3 seconds after activation the effect is increased to 406.12965.6 Life per second. / This is a Mantra. You can only have one Mantra active at a time.
    • Crimson: Increases the Life regeneration granted by Mantra of Healing to 162.41186.2 Life per second.
  • - Mantra of Conviction Mantra of Conviction:
    • Golden: You and your allies have up to a 30% chance to be healed for 2441779 - 3252372 Life when using melee attacks on an enemy under the effects of Mantra of Conviction.
  • - Inner Sanctuary Inner Sanctuary:
    • Golden: You and all allies regenerate 105.6771.1 Life per second while inside the circle.
  • - Seven-Sided Strike Seven-Sided Strike: Dash rapidly between many nearby enemies 7 times striking for 115160% weapon damage with every hit.
    • Crimson: Teleport to the target location for the strike, and damage increases to 149208% weapon damage per hit.
  • - Blinding Flash Blinding Flash: Blind duration increased to 97 seconds.
    • Crimson: For 53 seconds after using Blinding Flash, all of your attacks are infused to deal 35% additional weapon damage as Holy
    • Golden: Increases the duration enemies are blinded to 97 seconds.
Witch Doctor
  • - Gruesome Feast Gruesome Feast: Whenever you are healed by a health globe gain 10% of your maximum Mana and 10% AttackIntelligence for 10 seconds. The AttackIntelligence bonus can stack up to 5 times
  • - Blood Spatter Blood Spatter: (old: Grave Injustice): Whenever an enemy dies within 8 yards, regain 1% of your maximum Life and Mana and the cooldown on all of your abilities is reduced by 1 second. This range is extended by items that increase your gold and pickup radius.
  • - Hex Hex:
    • Golden: The Fetish Shaman will periodically heal friendly targets for 11378304 Life.
  • - Soul Harvest Soul Harvest: Feed on the life force of up to 5 nearby enemies within 15 yards. Gain 126 AttackIntelligence for each affected enemy. This effect lasts 30 seconds.
    • Crimson: Gain 3652669 Life for every affected enemy.
  • - Sacrifice Sacrifice:
    • Indigo: Gain 7715635 Life for each sacrificed dog.
  • - Locust Swarm Locust Swarm: Summon a plague of locusts to assault enemies, dealing 60180% weapon damage per second as Poison forover 3 seconds. The locusts will jump to additional nearby targets.
  • - Gargantuan Gargantuan:Summon a large zombie follower to fight for you. The Gargantuan attacks for 3025% of your weapon damage as Physical damage with every swing.
    • Indigo: Gargantuan gains a Cleave ability allowing its attacks to hit multiple targets for 5344% of your weapon damage as Physical.
    • Golden: The Gargantuan only lasts 15 seconds but is also more powerful. The Gargantuan's fists burn with fire, dealing an additional 11385% of your weapon damage as Fire and knocking enemies back with every hit.
  • - Fetish Army Fetish Army: Summon an army of Fetish creatures to fight by your side for 20 seconds. Dagger-wielding fetishes attack for 280% of your weapon damage as Physical.
    • Indigo: Adds 2 dagger-wielders to the army and increases their damage to 340% of your weapon damage as Physical.
    • Obsidian: Adds 2 Fetish casters to the army. The casters breathe fire that deals 320% of your weapon damage as Fire in a cone in front of them.
    • Alabaster: Adds 2 Hunter Fetishes to the army. Hunter Fetishes shoot blowdarts at enemies dealing 380% of your weapon damage as Poison.
  • - Firebats Firebats:
    • Obsidian: Enemies in the area are plagued. Damage is slow at first, but can increase over time to a maximum of 162% weapon damage per second as Poison.
  • - Wall of Zombies Wall of Zombies: A line of zombies emerges from the ground attacking anybody standing nearby for 0 - 02 physical damage per second for 5 seconds.
  • - Temporal Flux Temporal Flux: Whenever you deal Arcane damage, enemies are slowed by 2430% for 2 seconds.
  • - Illusionist Illusionist: Whenever you suffer more than 15% of your Life in a single hit, the cooldowncooldowns on your Mirror Image and Teleport abilities isare automatically reset.
  • - Galvanizing Ward Galvanizing Ward: Increases the duration of your Armor spells by 120 seconds. As long as an Armor spell is active, you gain 122890 Life per second. / The following skills are improved: / *Energy Armor / *Ice Armor / *Storm Armor
  • - Ice Armor Ice Armor: Surround yourself in a barrier of ice that increases armor by 500%, causing 0 - 0 Cold damage to attackers, chilling them for 2 second(s). / Duration: 120 seconds
    • Golden: Whenever you are struck by a melee attack the bonus armor granted by Iceyour Armor is increased by 5525% for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.
  • - Wave of Force Wave of Force: Explode a wave of pure energy that repels projectiles and knocks back nearby enemies. This also slows the movement of enemies by 50% and deals 205350% weapon damage as Physical.
    • Crimson: Increases damage to 266455% weapon damage as Physical, but reduces knockback.
    • Indigo: Enemies hit have a 70% chance to cause a smaller Wave of Force that deals 102175% weapon damage as Physical and knocks back enemies caught in its wake.
    • Alabaster: Increases the distance enemies are knocked back, and stuns all affected enemies for 3.5 seconds.
  • - Frost Nova Frost Nova: An explosion of ice freezes nearby enemies for 3 seconds and deals 6550% weapon damage as Cold.
    • Indigo: A frozen enemy that is killed has a 17% chance of exploding another Frost Nova dealing 3325% weapon damage as Cold.
    • Alabaster: If Frost Nova hits at least 5 targets, you gain 30% chance to critically hit for 12 seconds.
  • - Arcane Orb Arcane Orb:
    • Alabaster: The orb will pierce through targets, damaging any enemy it passes through, dealing 146% weapon damage as Arcane.
  • - Diamond Skin Diamond Skin: Increase damage absorbed to 203014828 damage. / Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • Obsidian: Increase the maximum absorption amount to 406129656 damage.
  • - Hydra Hydra: Summon a multi-headed Hydra for 15 seconds that attacks enemies with bolts of fire dealing 31.3% weapon damage as Fire per attack. You may only have one Hydra active at a time.
    • All runes re-worded to display that only one hydra may be active:
  • - Blizzard Blizzard: Call down shards of ice to pelt an area dealing 6550% weapon damage per second as Cold for 3 seconds.
    • Indigo: Increase the size of the Blizzard to cover 22 yards, and deal 5945% weapon damage per second as Cold.
  • - Magic Missile Magic Missile:
    • Indigo Rune is now named Split (use to be Fork):
  • - Magic Weapon Magic Weapon:
    • Crimson: Melee attacks poison enemies, dealing 30% of weapon damage as Poison forover 3 seconds.
  • - Ray of Frost Ray of Frost: Project a beam of frozen ice that blasts 270155% weapon damage as Cold to the first enemy it hits, slowing the target's movement by 40% and attack speed by 30% for 5 seconds.
    • Crimson: Damage increases slowly over 1.5 seconds to inflict a maximum of 369212% weapon damage as Cold.
    • Obsidian: Increase enemy slow amount to 46% for 7 seconds, but damage is reduced to 216124% weapon damage as Cold.
    • Alabaster: Enemies who die leave a patch of ice on the ground that causes 10560% weapon damage as Cold to enemies moving through it over 3 seconds.
  • - Energy Armor Energy Armor: Focus your energies, increasing your DefenseArmor by 20% but lowers your maximum Arcane Power by 20. Lasts 120 seconds. / This is an Armor spell. Only one Armor spell can be active at a time.
    • Alabaster: Also increases your Precisionchance to critical hit by 256% while Energy Armor is active.
  • - Black Ice Black Ice: Cold damage dealt to chilled and frozen targets is increased by 20%.
  • - Paralysis Paralysis: Lightning damage dealt to enemies has up to a 5% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds.

Diablo 3 Potion Update
The old potions have got a graphic update (top), while five new potion graphics have been added (bottom).

Diablo 3 Chinese Logo
It looks like the Chinese version of the Diablo 3 logo has been added.

New Skill Affixes
A list of new Affixes have been added related to class skills. There are currently 8 levels of each affix. We got a hint of these in Jay's System Changes article.

  • Skill_Barbarian_Bash: of Bruising
  • Skill_Barbarian_Cleave: of Sundering
  • Skill_Barbarian_Frenzy: of the Maniac
  • Skill_Barbarian_HotA: of Demolition
  • Skill_Barbarian_Overpower: of Conquest
  • Skill_Barbarian_Rend: of Evisceration
  • Skill_Barbarian_Revenge: of Vengeance
  • Skill_Barbarian_SeismicSlam: of Shattering
  • Skill_Barbarian_WeaponThrow: of Hurling & of Barrage
  • Skill_Barbarian_Whirlwind: of Vertigo
Demon Hunter
  • Skill_DemonHunter_Impale: of Razor
  • Skill_DemonHunter_BolaShot: of the Bounty Hunter
  • Skill_DemonHunter_HungeringArrow: of the Predator
  • Skill_DemonHunter_Chakram: of the Boomerang
  • Skill_DemonHunter_ClusterArrow: of Splinters
  • Skill_DemonHunter_ElementalArrow: of Blasting
  • Skill_DemonHunter_EntanglingShot: of Binding
  • Skill_DemonHunter_Grenades: of the Grenadier
  • Skill_DemonHunter_Multishot: of Volleys
  • Skill_DemonHunter_RapidFire: of Salvos
  • Skill_DemonHunter_EvasiveFire: of Suppression
  • Skill_DemonHunter_SpikeTrap: of Spines
  • Skill_DemonHunter_Strafe: of Prowess
  • Skill_Monk_CripplingWave: of Breaking
  • Skill_Monk_TempestRush: of Reflex
  • Skill_Monk_DeadlyReach: of Lunging
  • Skill_Monk_ExplodingPalm: of Bursting
  • Skill_Monk_FistsofThunder: of the Monsoon
  • Skill_Monk_LashingTailKick: of the Scorpion
  • Skill_Monk_SweepingWind : of the Wind
  • Skill_Monk_WaveofLight: of Radiance
  • Skill_Monk_Wayof100Fists: of Pummeling
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_AcidCloud: of Corrosion
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_CorpseSpiders: of the Black Widow
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_Firebats: of the Deep
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_FireBomb: of Blazing
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_Haunt: of the Wraith
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_LocustSwarm: of Pestilence
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_PlagueofToads: of the Jungle
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_PoisonDart: of Stinging
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_SpiritBarrage: of Phantoms
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_ZombieDogs: of Domination
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_WallofZombies: of the Lost
  • Skill_WitchDoctor_ZombieCharger: of Blind Rage
  • Skill_Wizard_ArcaneOrb: of Spheres
  • Skill_Wizard_ArcaneTorrent: of Shooting Stars
  • Skill_Wizard_Blizzard: of Hail
  • Skill_Wizard_ShockPulse: of Ruin
  • Skill_Wizard_Disintegrate: of Entropy
  • Skill_Wizard_Electrocute: of Striking
  • Skill_Wizard_EnergyTwister: of Wild Magic
  • Skill_Wizard_ExplosiveBlast: of Detonation
  • Skill_Wizard_Hydra: of the Myriad
  • Skill_Wizard_MagicMissile: of Evocation
  • Skill_Wizard_Meteor: of Comets
  • Skill_Wizard_RayofFrost: of Chill
  • Skill_Wizard_SpectralBlade: of Slashing

Official Patch 10 Notes
The Official Patch 10 notes have been posted

Official Blizzard Quote:


A number of significant changes have been made to key aspects of Diablo III in this patch. To learn more about these changes and why they were made, please be sure to read the "System Changes" blog, written by Jay Wilson.
  • All characters have been wiped. Please note that this wipe will also affect gold, achievements, items, followers, and artisans.
  • The Balance for all beta participants has been reset to 50 Beta Bucks
  • Core character attributes have been reworked significantly
    • Attack, Defense, and Precision have been removed
    • Dexterity, Intellect, Strength, and Vitality have been added:
      • Dexterity
        • +Demon Hunter damage
        • +Monk damage
        • +Dodge (for all classes)
      • Intellect
        • +Witch Doctor damage
        • +Wizard damage
        • +Health from globes (for all classes)
      • Strength
        • +Barbarian damage
        • +Armor (for all classes)
      • Vitality
        • +Health (for all classes)
    • Armor will now supplement Defense, as well as provide +Physical resist
    • +Chance to Crit has been added as an item affix
    • Player Life per Vitality has been changed:
      • Players will now start out with 10 Life per Vitality at level 1
  • Nephalem Altars have been removed and players can now swap unlocked skills at any point during gameplay via the Skills list. This will impose a 30-second cooldown on the newly-activated skill, during which time the skill cannot be exchanged for another.
    • Please note that the skills system is still considered a work-in-progress and will be undergoing additional changes in future patches. This iteration of the system is not final.
  • Scrolls of Identification have been removed and players can now identify an item by right-clicking on the item's icon
  • The Nephalem Cube has been removed and the salvage ability has been added to the Blacksmith artisan
  • The Cauldron of Jordan has been removed
  • Stone of Recall has been renamed to "Town Portal" and can now be accessed directly via the Skill bar UI
  • The fifth quick slot button has been moved next to the Town Portal ability in the Skill bar. This slot will eventually be to dedicated to potions, but can currently be used as a normal slot.
  • Skills will now display simplified tooltips by default
    • To view Advanced tooltips, press and hold the CTRL key when hovering over skill icons
  • The duration of the global chill effect granted by cold damage has be increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.6 seconds
  • Achievements have been re-enabled
  • Barbarian
    • Active Skills
      • Ground Stomp
        • Damage increased from 70% to 110%
      • Ignore Pain
        • Cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
        • Duration reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
      • Leap Attack
        • Damage increased from 70% to 100%
      • Revenge
        • Damage increased from 150% to 220%
    • Passive Skills
      • Nerves of Steel
        • Now increases Armor by 25% of your Vitality
  • Monk
    • Active Skills
      • Blinding Flash
        • No longer breaks on damage
        • Duration reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Wizard
    • Active Skills
      • Frost Nova
        • Damage reduced from 65% to 50%
      • Ice Armor
        • No longer increases your Armor
      • Wave of Force
        • Damage increased from 205% to 350%
    • Passive Skills
      • Temporal Flux
        • Slow amount increased from 24% to 30%
  • General
    • Leveling artisans in Normal difficulty now only requires gold
  • Salvaging
    • Common (white) items can no longer be salvaged and common crafting materials have been removed in all difficulty levels
    • Salvaging a Magic (blue) item will always give you a Magic material, as well as a chance to receive a Rare (yellow) or Legendary (orange) material
    • Salvaging a Rare item will always give you a Rare material and a Magic material, as well as a change to receive a Legendary material
    • Salvaging a Legendary item will always give you a Legendary material, Rare material, and Magic material
  • General
    • Attack, Defense, and Precision random affixes have been replaced with Dexterity, Strength, and Intellect
    • The base damage on slower weapons has been increased. This is because we’re also increasing the potency of elemental damage properties, and elemental damage benefits faster weapons more than slower weapons.
    • The drop rate of Magic items between level 1 and level 20 has been lowered. Single affix-Magic items are now introduced more slowly, and double affix-Magic items won’t appear until later in the game.
  • Vendors
    • Wandering Merchants now have a 50% change to sell a limited stock Rare item of any type
    • Amulets have been moved from the Collector to the Fence
  • Electrified monsters no longer spew lightning on death
  • Arcane Enchanted monsters no longer cast an extra arcane beam on death
Bug Fixes
  • Players should no longer be disconnected from when moving a stack of 0 items to the their Skill action bar
  • Rapidly moving around items in a character’s inventory should no longer cause those items to become unresponsive
  • Items that display full durability, but are still considered slightly damaged should now be able to be posted on the Auction House
  • Monsters that are killed should now always properly play their death animation rather than remain standing


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