Artisan Update, Beta Invites, No Achievements, Book of Cain, and PC Gamer

Artisan Pages Updated
Blizzard has officially updated their site with any and all information regarding the - Artisans Artisans.

Official Blizzard Quote:

As you adventure through the exotic expanses of Kehjistan and plumb the treasure-filled depths of the Tristram Cathedral, you’re going to attract the attention of townsfolk who hear of your destiny to combat the demonic invasion. Some of them will be inclined to help you in your fight for the survival of Sanctuary…and a select few will serve as long-time companions,taking to your caravan as you cross the world and ensuring you’re always well armored and supplied: the Diablo III Artisans.

The Jeweler, Blacksmith, and Mystic are equipped to provide you with unique benefits and services. Each of these gifted crafters has received their own page complete with story, images of the visual progression of their camps, recipes, and key features.

Find out about these valuable cohorts and other new Diablo III features here.

On each page, you will find a general overview of each Artisan. The - Blacksmith Blacksmith will be handling both repairing and forging weapons and armor for your hero. The - Jeweler Jeweler is able to combine gems, add sockets to items, and remove gems from sockets. The - Mystic Mystic can enhance your items with magical attributes.

Along with this general overview, the complete list of recipes has been added to each of the Artisans' pages. Here you will be able to find exactly what each Artisan will be able to learn, given you find the recipe, and the materials needed to craft these items. In addition to this, they have also listed the progression of each Artisan which maxes at level 10 or exalted. On the progression page you can see what level your artisan needs to be craft each item, the items they will naturally learn as they level, and the material and gold costs to gain the level for your Artisan.

Finally, images of the Artisans' wagons have been displayed to show the visual improvement as your Artisans level up.

Beta Invites
More beta invites have gone out today. It should be noted that some people have received their access without getting an e-mail from Blizzard stating so. If you have not already, check your account.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Psyqo72: Got my beta key today, thank the gods! #Diablo3

Diablo: @Psyqo72 Congratulations. The #AngirisCouncil see potential in you. Do them proud and protect the lands with honor. #D3Beta #D3

No Achievements
Achievements will be temporarily turned off for the next beta patch. This is being done so the team can continue working on the system. Blizzard also said to expect the next beta patch sometime next week.

Official Blizzard Quote:

In the next beta patch (currently scheduled to hit sometime next week), we will be turning off achievements to facilitate further service testing. During this time, characters will be unable to earn new achievements or complete any additional objectives of achievements already in-progress.

Please note that this will only be a temporary change, and that achievements will be available again in a later patch. We don't have an ETA for the release of the patch that re-implement achievements, but we’ll be sure to provide an update in the coming weeks.

Book of Cain
The Book of Cain is now officially available for pre-order. The Australian Blizzard Twitter also released that the book will be out on December 13.

Official Blizzard Quote:

...On a semi related note is coming out on the 13th December. I now know what I want for Christmas :)
Tomorrow, I will be interviewing Micky Neilson about the Book of Cain as well as reporting a detailed preview on what you can expect from the book.

PC Gamer Interview
PC Gamer recently sat down with Wyatt Cheng and asked some questions about Diablo III and its hardcore fans. You can check out the rest of the interview here.

Official Blizzard Quote:

PC Gamer: Did anything the players were doing in the beta surprise you? Did some guy just run around and kill stumps for an hour?

Wyatt Cheng: Some of the Skeleton King trips were pretty fast. We knew that the first time you kill the Skeleton King, you get a yellow item, and we’re not concerned, in the big picture, because later on you’ll be able to get yellow items from just about anywhere. But it definitely became the predominate way to try and farm (yellow) items. I think I saw somebody do a giant killstreak on the Jar of Souls event to get a huge XP bonus. He kited all the monsters from the entire dungeon into the Jar of Souls room, then started the JoS event and killed all the monsters from the level AND the JoS to get a huge killstreak bonus. That was pretty ridiculous.


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