Diablo 3 Jeweler Preview

Diablo 3 Jeweler Preview
Only the Blacksmith is available in the beta but it doesn't mean we can't gather information through other means. Today I'll try to give you a small preview of what to expect from your friend the Jeweler! But before we start, the obvious and annoying disclaimer to cover my ass.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an official preview, this is mostly the result of datamining and it might not reflect what will be in the final game

The Jeweler is upgradable and can be found in town, just like the Blacksmith on the beta. He offers 3 different types of services:
  • He will combine 3 identical gems to create a new higher quality gem.
  • He will remove gems from an item, returning both the item and gems to you intact.
  • He can also add a socket to an item.
Obviously, adding a socket and removing gems from an items will cost you money but combining gems should be free.

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The average amount of sockets on a high level item is around 2-3 depending on the item type but a couple of helms, shields, or weapons seem to have up to 4 possible sockets according to the game files.

Also, a lot of gems are already in the game files and it seems to be a good time to list them

Amesthyst - Helm
Amethyst - Other
Emerald - Helm
Emerald - Other
Ruby - Helm
Ruby - Other
Topaz - Helm
Topaz - Other


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