Cinematic Preview

... for there is always something peering back.

Today Blizzard released two pictures which look to be cut from a cinematic scene in Diablo III. One portraying - Leah Leah looking rather bewildered, and another introducing an enormous creature who doesn't look too friendly. With right around the corner, one could imagine this is a sign of things to come. With the Beta released and much about the game now on display at the Diablo III site, what else could Blizzard wow us with while not giving too much away? Could these images be leading up to our first look at the introduction cinematic, or a trailer of some sort? We'll have to wait and see.

Click for full-size image

Click for full-size image

Special thanks to Doomscream for promptly bringing these images to light.

While we don't have any solid information on this creature, we do have a portrait of it, which suggests it will have dialog in the game. One could also suggest this creature is the "greater evil" - Cain Cain speaks of, which supposedly constructs the - Grotesque Grotesques.

"The grotesques may seem slow and senseless, but they hide many dangers within their hideously malformed bodies. A set of spikes lurks beneath the monsters' flesh and foul parasites nest within them. It is said that these horrors themselves are constructed by a greater evil... a darkness that I cannot even fathom."

- Deckard Cain

Creature portrait


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