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Alongside the update that added a skill calculator to the official Diablo III site, Blizzard also added in depth character pages to give you a better idea of how each class works. Although they obviously share some features with the class pages on the old site, there are some nice new features that show off the main differences between each class. Be sure to check out each page through the links below.

The first noticeable difference between these new pages and the ones on the old site has to be the Key Features bar on the side of each class page. It essentially compresses the reasons to play each class into a few short paragraphs, which also gives a very good idea of the playstyle of each class. For example, the - Barbarian Barbarian's page brings attention to the shouts that they can utilize to buff themselves and their allies, while the - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor page gives a short description of how pets add to the flavor of the class. Right beneath the Key Features is an in depth look at the resource used by each character, which brings attention to both the lore and functions of Fury, Hatred/Discipline, Spirit, Mana, and Arcane Power.

Each class page also provides the character's background. In a brief overview of the lore behind the classes, a short paragraph tells the motivations and objectives of each class to explain why they risk their lives fighting the Burning Hells, from the - Wizard Wizard's quest for fame to the - Monk Monk's desire to embody the will of their one thousand and one gods. For anyone who read the old character pages, there might not be anything new, but the background section could provide a welcome refresher nonetheless.

Shortly after the backgrounds, there are two extremely interesting sections. The first is the Unique Equipment section, which goes over the items that can be used by that class and no other. The Monk has the ability to use not only fist weapons, but also daibos that can be used to attack and deflect incoming projectiles. The - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter page describes the ability to use and dual wield small, fast firing pistol crossbows. The Barbarians are able to use their immense strength to wield massive weapons, enormously big two handed weapons that can be used to pulverize enemies. Barbarians also are able to use nearly every weapon available in the game. The Wizard uses orbs to augment their powers and wands to project their abilities through enchanted lengths of wood. Finally, the Witch Doctor can use ceremonial daggers that are normally used in human sacrifices and mojos, which are off-hand items that seem functionally similar to the Wizard's orbs.

After going over the weapons each class can use, the character pages also give us a glimpse at what armor progression will look like through 3D models at the bottom of each page. While we have seen progression concept art before, seeing the armor sets in 3D more accurately depicts how the look of your character will change as you progress from act to act and difficulty to difficulty.

Each character page also has a link directly to their skill calculator located at the top, sitting right next to tabs for active and passive skills. While the skill calculator might be all you need for exploring the skills for each class, these tabs do provide an excellent side by side look at each skill and rune effect without limiting you to looking at six active and three passive skills at a time. In these tabs, you are also allowed to search for a skill by name, and can click on filters to only view one type of skill at a time, such as discipline skills for the Demon Hunter or signature skills for the Wizard.

Although I'm sure reading that description was enjoyable, I can assure you that these new character pages are an extremely fun read for any Diablo fan. So as I said before, be sure to check out each page in its full glory through the links at the top of this article.


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