Diablo III Beta Client Leaks

I'm sure most of you are already aware, a lot of Diablo III Beta information has been leaked over the long weekend. As crazy as this may sound, no, the Friends & Family Beta has not started yet. Unfortunately, while Blizzard has stripped the actual data out of the client, it seems as if the Stringlist files (text) for everything past Act I still remain in the client. That in mind, it's very simple to datamine some information that spoils the story progression, for example, the secret level and the end of the game. When I first stumbled upon this information myself a week or two ago, I knew it was bound to come out sometime, I just assumed that we'd have a little bit more time before it did actually come out. Regardless, being in the official fansite program, I would prefer not to leak information that isn't already out on the net (yes, there is still information that has yet to be found), however it is our job on DiabloFans to keep the player base informed of all the happenings with the game. Here are some recent topics about the leaks:

And there are a ton more threads within our forums. All I ask is that you please be courteous when talking about lore and what not, use spoilers and spoiler warnings to forewarn people. As far as our news goes, as I stated previously, we will be keeping you informed of the current buzz within the community.


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