New Class Skill Videos

It appears that a few skill videos, one for each class, have been leaked onto YouTube. Each video is similar to the Runestone Effects videos, where the class shows off some skills, except in this case we aren't checking out Runestone effects, we're checking out some skills that are shown off by each class! It seems as if Blizzard has some kind of skill-related announcement coming out soon, perhaps? The lack of audio is because they were likely ripped without it, so better quality videos may be coming in the near future directly from Blizzard. Click the spoiler to reveal each class video and list of showcased skills. - Barbarian Barbarian:
Male Barbarian
  1. Hammer of the Ancients
  2. Ancient Spear (Runed)
  3. Wrath of the Berzerker
  4. Leap Attack (Runed)
  5. Cleave

Female Barbarian
  1. Ground Stomp (Runed)
  2. Weapon Throw
  3. Seismic Slam (Runed?)
  4. Cleave (Runed)
  5. Whirlwind (Runed) - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter:
Male DH
  1. Fan of Knives (Runed)
  2. Multishot (Runed)
  3. Elemental Arrow?
  4. Strafe?
  5. Shadow Power + Rapid Fire?

Female DH
  1. Bola Shot (Runed)
  2. Impale
  3. Chakram (Runed)
  4. Rain of Arrows (Runed?)
  5. Vault (Runed) - Monk Monk:
Male Monk
  1. Fists of Thunder (Runed)
  2. Crippling Wave (Runed)
  3. Dashing Strike
  4. 7-sided Strike (Runed)
  5. Blinding Flash

Female Monk
  1. Deadly Reach
  2. Way of the Hundred Fists? (Runed)
  3. Wave of Light (Runed)
  4. Exploding Palm
  5. Tempest Rush - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor:
Male WD
  1. Grasp of the Dead (??? Runed)
  2. Locust Swarm
  3. Wall of Zombies (runed) or Horrify (runed)
  4. Plague of Toads
  5. Unknown

Female WD
  1. Summon Zombie Dog (Runed)
  2. Sacrafice
  3. Fire Bats (Runed?)
  4. Unknown
  5. Fire Bomb (Runed)
  6. Haunt (Runed?) - Wizard Wizard:
Male Wizard
  1. Hydra
  2. Shock Pulse or Electro Cut (Runed) or Arcane Orb (Runed)
  3. Arcane Orb
  4. Archon
  5. Unknown
  6. Disintegrate

Female Wizard
  1. Arcane Missle (??? Runed)
  2. Shock Pulse (Runed) or Electro Cut (Runed)
  3. Energy Twister
  4. Arcane Torrent? (Runed)

Special thanks to Tenhi for the list of skills. Be sure to check out our YouTube for more Diablo videos and content.


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