Cooling Down with Cooldowns

Over the past few weeks, we've had some new information regard cooldowns and how they will potentially affect end-game skills. Cooldowns, unfortunately, are a necessary evil in order to balance the game. Because Blizzard will be using 5 (possibly more with more classes in the future) - resource systems resource systems that all function differently, they cannot simply base it off of the resource system, like they did in Diablo 2, where all classes simply used - Mana Mana. For example, if Blizzard were to make a top-tier spell cost 100% of the players' resource, a - Wizard Wizard would be at a much higher advantage than a - Barbarian Barbarian, or a - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor. This is because the Wizard's resource regenerates automatically, a lot faster than Mana does, meaning they would almost instantly have a full globe again, whereas the WD would potentially need to find some Mana Potions, and the Barbarian would need to engage in battle to regenerate his Rage. A cooldown is potentially the only way to globally balance all classes equally across the board. Also keep in mind, having a cooldown will force players to create various builds to offset the cooldown of their top-tier skill, instead of having everyone in the community just dump all of their points into the top skill and be done. Knowing that cooldowns will be in the game and keeping in mind the fast paced Diablo playstyle, what do you think the maximum length of end-game cooldowns should be, without having players cool down in between battles?

  • 5 minutes
  • 3 minutes
  • 2 minutes (Blizzard's current setting)
  • 1 minutes
  • 30 seconds

In our previous poll, we wanted to know what ALT option you'd prefer to use while progressing throughout Diablo 3. The majority of you chose to go with the new D3 Default rather than the classic style of play (which came in third). It's interesting to think about the various things we've gotten used to in the previous games that D3 will be changing completely.


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