Diablo Tools: The New Old School

Alright everyone, it's Tim Allen time again... Anyone still interested in Diablo I? I know I sure am. I like to boot up my game every so often to get that feeling of nostalgia back. This is what started everything, oh so many years ago... Today DiabloFans would like to take another leap into the past and introduce to you the Diablo I SpellBook Calculator.

Superceb and the rest of the DFans team have been hard at work with fine tuning this awesome new and unique (I've never seen one of these before :P) tool at our disposal. This tool, like the Diablo II Skill Calculator, boasts interactive skill point allotment and real-time statistics with your current build. The current version is fully up-to-date with the latest HellFire patch, so everything you might need to know in regards to spells for the classic game is there.

If anyone wants to share that feeling of nostalgia, I'd highly recommend cracking open our SpellBook Calculator, wiping the dust off that D1 disk, and start playing...

In addition, please be sure to report any feedback, including bug reports and suggestions, to the board counterpart, the Diablo Tools Discussion forum.

EDIT: If everything looks all funky and the menu's are messing up, hit CTRL+F5 to refresh and everything should look fine.


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