Get Ready for Blizzcon, DiabloFans!

It's finally nearly upon us. In only two short months, the end of this October, Blizzcon 2010 will once again draw pilgrims far and wide to the gates of the Anaheim convention center. Stated as Diablo's year by Bashiok and others, we intend on making these coming months exciting and full of all that wonderful hype we've come to know and love (and often be disappointed by in years past when nothing Diablo-related came up, but let's forget all that).

A recent post on G4TV quoted Jay Wilson said:

Official Blizzard Quote:

I can say that this Blizzcon, in terms of Diablo news, will be the biggest one that we've ever had.

So get ready for Blizzcon 2010! Keep up-to-date with the latest Diablo news, speculation, discussion, and information here on DiabloFans, as well as some nice surprises we have up our sleeves in the coming weeks.

I almost forgot! Thanks goes to Tsukiyomi for this tidbit!


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