Do You Fear the Grind?

Hey, it's an old topic, but it looks like we don't have much more going on, so without further adieu, topic necromancy for all!

Leveling in Diablo III? What do you want to see make a come back, or do you want something new? A fan over at that other forum petitioned, or rather suggested, an age-old formula for simplicity and character growth that's been around for nearly as long as the role-playing video game, itself:

Posted by Aveh:

Since they've [unofficially] announced that they've been experimenting with some large changes to the skill system in Diablo 3 there have been a lot of rumours and guessing going on about what they plan to do.

One suggestion that i thought was interesting was that your skills are "trained" in a way that the more you use them the stronger they get similar to the old styles of Ultima Online and a couple other games.

Official Blizzard Quote:

I think it's really cool in principle but doesn't always work out, and is certainly better suited to certain types of games. It's the very realistic concept of 'as you practice something you get better at it'. And that's easily understood through mechanics with very little information given to the player. You swing your sword, and hey, you skilled up in your knowledge of using a sword! You don't wonder where that came from, you know that as you play your character you'll become better at the things you like to do. That's awesome.

What ends up happening though, I find, is through the infinite goal of the player to make their character as powerful as possible as quickly as possible, it turns from a concept of reality into this twisted game of getting near a rat, putting a stapler on the crouch key, and going to work while your stealth skill auto-levels. Obviously that's an extreme case but it sort of points out a flaw in the system. You can and will do things that are very unnatural to gain skill levels that do not keep in the fundamental theme of roleplaying in which the system solely exists for.


As it applies to Diablo though, there are a lot of reasons it doesn't fit[...]

And he may be on to something. That same form of level-grinding could be considered detrimental to the whole fast-paced facade that the Diablo franchise has shot for. But is the grind all that bad? It was certainly present in Diablo III's predecessors, and it did give players things to do, even if they were the same ones. Over and over again. And again. And killing Baal again. *cough*

What would you suggest for some level-up up-scaling in Diablo III? Should anything change from Diablo II's system?


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