The Female Manbeast [Barb]

Official Blizzard Quote:

The barbarian class page has been updated with a new piece of concept art depicting the female barbarian as well as a close-up view of her in-game model. Check out this new look at a relentless terror of the battlefield over at the barbarian class page.
Blizzard updated their site today with a new concept picture of the female Barbarian and a 3-D game model on the page. Like the female Monk, the ability to switch between the male and female version has been added to the Barbarian's character page. While the female version has been shown before, there has not been anything to this extent and detail. The female Barbarian had fiery red hair and muscles to match the male version. While not as veteran as the male version, the female Barbarian still looks like she can hold her own in a fight against the demons of Hell.

Hopefully the female version of the Witch Doctor and the male version of the Wizard will be updated soon.

Special thanks to enkeria for catching this news. Post courtesy of ScyberDragon.


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