Female Monk Update

Well, there's no questions about it now; the Jace Hall Show did have the inside scoop concerning the female monk. The official Diablo III website has just been updated with two new pieces of artwork, and a 3D render of the female monk.

Bashiok was quick to update us on the official forums.

Official Blizzard Quote:

The monk class page has been updated with all-new art and the in-game model of the female monk. The monk class was announced at BlizzCon, but only the male version was shown at the time. The female option is now revealed on the monk class page.
Pictured to the right, is one of the two new pieces of artwork for the female monk. The second, is similar to the image we were salivating over several days ago, in the sense that it is a standing pose showing off the armored version of the monk.

Both images, as well as the 3D render, showcase the same armor style as the male monk (as would be expected), and personally, I think it flows very nicely with the current art style. It's simple, yet has a splash of color that will provide some extra eye candy in game. Something else I noticed that was similar between the two genders, was the beads they wear around their necks. Nothing has been said about it thus far, but perhaps background lore about the monks order will be tied into them in the near future.

On a sidenote, it seems that the pixie haircut is here to stay. I'm sure we'll warm up to it once we start eviscerating monsters in style, no other character got a haircut that rad.

Now, after having the official monk art revealed, I wonder if any Female Monk Fanart can compare...

(Also, props to Seniri and Shatterer for bringing this to our attention)


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