Blizzard Launches Monk Art Challenge

The female Monk has remained a figure of mystery and speculation for a long time now, with only bits of her makeup being revealed (see a great recap here: More Progress on the Monk). Fans have left her appearance to their imaginations, such as Tepes's concept (see right, original thread).

Aside from the haircut announcement back in October of last year, very little is known about her (see Diablo III, the Female Monk for more). It would seem her time is drawing nigh, and that may be a good thing: we have been waiting five months since the announcement of the male Monk for her arrival (see New Diablo 3 Character Class: The Monk!).

Today, Blizzard has announced it is getting close to releasing the ultimate version of the male Monk's counterpart, but in addition has asked for fan-made artwork:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Art challenge! We're a bit closer to revealing the female monk, but what do you think she'll look like? Draw/paint it and we'll RT the best

Sounds like some good things are in motion over in Irvine, and who knows, maybe your submissions will be seen in the official fan art section at Blizzard's website! Wouldn't it be great to see some more Diablo fan art framed in glory for a change?

Thanks go to necronergal for spotting this before it even hit our BlizzTracker!


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