Diablofans Contest Round-Up

Over the last half month, DiabloFans has been Twittering the stages of a contest that allowed fans to gauge the popularity, usefulness, and character of every NPC in the Diablo gaming world. Check out Mephisto's Lament's authoritative thread to see the results.

The Fan-Favorite Diablo Monster contest is just getting started. The list, like the prior contest for rating NPC's, will include both Diablo I and Diablo II entries. To get involved, start by reading the guidelines here.

Thanks goes to Mephisto's Lament for two excellent and thorough contests!

Disclaimer: The opinions and statistics reflected by contests on this site do not necessarily represent all Diablo fans, all members of DiabloFans.com, or all of the staff members at DiabloFans.com.


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